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  • Anorax3
    7 posts

    @zhead_ I have also noticed the same issues you are describing. Eivor's voice is extremely loud and other characters voices are very low. I am using headphones connected to a Sound Blaster Z video card. Thanks for posting about this.

  • chalupazbatman
    2 posts
    @zhead_ Sorry to hear that you have not been having a good time with the audio in-game.

    Can you provide any video examples of audio problems you have listed? We can send these off to the team so they can take a closer look?

    You don't even need to go that far into the game to even notice the audio issues that everyone has been commenting about.. Here's a video at the very beginning of the game the guys says "Eivor, here's a tune for you! One to liven your step." Proceeds to play and there's literally zero music coming from him playing.

  • TheRealDaemon
    21 posts

    Assassin's Creed is one of my favourite series. I got the ultimate edition to play on the Series X and after an hour I can hardly keep going. The game sounds absolutely atrocious. This issue is definitely not exclusive to the PC. Think I'm gonna put this off until it gets fixed. So disappointed.

  • ForestWhitaker
    1 posts

    Can confirm pretty bad audio on PC, sounds tinny and muffled, weird dialogue balance etc. Please please please fix.

  • LordPhoenix82nd
    11 posts

    @ubi-swaggins The biggest issue is that the audio is all extremely compressed. It sounds like the bitrate is around 64kbps which is very low. I mean, even Odyssey was around 100gb later on. Valhalla is only 45gb so there's a lot of headroom to improve audio quality and texture quality too

  • CaptainStarPaw
    51 posts

    @ubi-swaggins FYI: Here's a comprehensive thread that also includes a technical analysis www.reddit.com/r/ACValhalla/comments/js3hw1/pc_audio_producer_hobbyist_here_what_on_earth

  • Konather
    1 posts

    i'm so glad i got this for free when i bought my CPU. If i had paid for this cr*p i would be very mad (also why are you censoring cr*p?). What kind of multi million dollar circus is this where THIS big of a mess up is allowed through to launch?

    now for the actual constructive part:
    i've seen solutions on reddit where you are supposed to change surround to stereo.

    my personal biggest problem is that all of the audio as mentioned before is SUPER compressed sounding. like i'm listening to the game over the phone! Not only this, but also the audio doesn't sync properly to the mouths of people even slightly and all of the mixing is WAY off. for example the footsteps are way too loud and the dialog is only discernable if you boost it.

  • Ryusennin
    106 posts

    Spatialization as a whole is very poor.

    Rivers and waterfalls barely make any sound, and most SFX seem to be mono and/or front-centered.

  • Steve0076
    1 posts

    Just wanted to throw my hat in and say the audio's noticeably poor. More specifically for many dialogue instances, from the main character to random NPCs walking around. A character 2 feet away from me could sound like he's across the room and vice versa. Cheap sound in general otherwise.

    Very odd to see this in a AAA title, never had an issue on any other Assassin's Creed games.

  • ReznoRMichael
    2 posts
    is a short video showing some dialog issues.

    Good example. This is just sad and I don't know what went wrong in the process of creating audio for this game. I hope they will at least reexport all the audio in a higher bitrate. I have a feeling that just talking through my phone has better quality audio than the voice recordings playing in this game.
    Bad audio quality really brings me out of immersion from a game, and I don't think I will buy Valhalla until I will know that they fixed the sound quality.
    That is also unacceptable that the reviewers didn't even mention these obvious (to us at least it seems...) problems.
    I played and completed every AC game, and they had always at least decent sound quality (with few exceptions). I really practically expected that the audio quality will get better in Ubisoft games over the years, not worse!
    Why are the graphics improving every year, but at the expense of audio quality? I've seen this issue in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice as well (very low bitrates of audio, ~70kb/s average OGG for 44.1/48 kHz stereo files). It really doesn't even take so much disk space nor any difference in calculation time to play it to justify all those bitrate savings. At least I don't see any reasonable reason except saving disk space to do such things to players. Maybe someone else does?

  • zhead_
    Original poster 31 posts

    @ubi-swaggins plenty of examples are starting to surface in youtube, even in videos that are not related with the sound issue (prob because people didn't even noticed it). Ill leave hee another example

    @1:02 just after the jump is quite easy to notice how bad the landing sounds, huge volume, muffled etc. This is just an example that shows the problem is everywere, from dialog to fighting.

  • halcyonrift
    25 posts

    I am contributing to this thread to make Ubisoft aware that I am experiencing these issues, and I have an open ticket. This needs to be a prioritized issue, not just a minor investigation as it's destroying my immersive experience.

  • Morfor91
    6 posts

    Really tried everything today to fix the Sound issues but absolutely nothing works, i hope so much that there will be a fix asap, really want to play this game, but the weird sound destroys everything for me 😞

  • Zorek67
    13 posts

    fun fact of 14/11/2020, they just updated the "known issues" thread but nothing about audio appeared in the list. Hahahaha what a band of clowns.

  • Lukensen87
    16 posts

    Just started having issues with game's audio too, Eivor's (male) voice is much louder than most NPC's, second problem is that there is almost no music at all, also sometimes sound of the horn is completely muted..
    I would love to see HQ/HD sound AND texture pack, like Watch Dogs Legion had, please Ubisoft make it happen.

  • diiorio
    40 posts

    @lukensen87 the only way to coutner that poorly done aspect is to have your sound system do auto balance or auto level of sounds to make them equal.

    hopefully ti will be fixed. also can set it with the dolby access app.

  • Zorek67
    13 posts

    @diiorio it doesn't fix the problem entirely, still with auto balance you can't hear waterfall, combat swings and any fighting sounds. So it needs to be fixed by the game devs not by the users.
    Not hearing fighting sounds just kill the mood for me and I can't stand to play ACV for more than an hour or so...

  • ALonelyWanderer
    9 posts

    PC and possibly all platforms, looks like a general audio/music system bug (playing on 1.0.2 version):

    The sound effects stop working for a couple of seconds sometimes. You can't hear footsteps etc.

    The music is definitely too quiet and even when setting other effects to lower % and music to 100% it doesn't help. Feels very unbalanced, especially during raids you can barely hear any music which is sad because it's one of the best things in the game.

  • Saz3rt
    3 posts

    Posting here too. I've also made a topic but seems nobody cares.

    Do you guys also have the sound issue where Eivor just screams too loud when climbing things ? Or jumping?

    This is like killing totally the game and my ears.

    I've stop playing the game and can't even touche it until they fix this.

  • LordPhoenix82nd
    11 posts

    @saz3rt I'm not having the that large of an volume imbalance, but Eivor is definitely a good 4-5dbs to loud

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