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  • Sadguru81
    4 posts

    Can confirm the significant screen tearing on the series x. Has it been acknowledge by Ubisoft yet? This needs to be patched - PS5 doesn't seem to have that issue.

    Ubisoft, please keep us updated.

  • KonradBcn
    1 posts

    Same problem here in Xbox One X and OLED Panasonic 4K HDR TV. Even in the starting cinematic of the game with screen tearing. So annoying...

  • notonlyhuman
    4 posts

    I have a Samsung MU8000 so I don't have VRR.
    Cannot play the game at the moment because the tearing.
    If no patch comes in then we're screwed....

  • jeffclaire083
    9 posts

    Yup same here, running on xbox series x on a LG OLED c7. screen tearing when ever there is a building (s) around and here and there while roaming the land. I even tried the game on my Xbox one X on the same tv and I get the same issue. Only game I've seen this happen in. Gears 5 and Forza 4 (both upgraded) work flawlessly on my series x

  • Super_Uschi
    2 posts

    Here as well: Philips Ambilight 58PUS7304 / 12 + Xbox Seriex X - absolutely extreme screen tearing, which destroys the whole game fun. Especially in dark scenes or when several people come together. Also partly in cut scenes. I noticed that the tearing is different and depends on the place in the game.

    Sorry - but Valhalla is currently not playable!

  • PiersSaunders
    8 posts

    Same here on my Sony Bravia 55XD9305 - as a PC gamer on the TV tearing is always when the frame rate is higher than the 60hz refresh. I really hope this can be fixed. and not because they tried it and the game would drop to 30fps, that would be bad!

  • vagmc1982
    11 posts

    I have the same issue as you all. The tearing is so frequent that it's hard to ignore. I'm sure a patch will fix it. Hope we won't have to wait too long🙏🙏🙏

  • jinjojuice
    3 posts

    Having played through odyssey and origins on xbox one x without any screen tearing i was more than gutted to see this on valhalla on my brand new series x.. If this is the price to pay for 4k/60 than give me back 1080/30 please because screen tearing is awful.

  • B00MSIE
    401 posts

    Anyone else noticed that the screen tearing is not always there? Even in the same environments (for example the long house). I have a feeling it seems to get worse at the same time that I get a lot of can’t reach the Ubisoft server errors and/or the corrupt save games occur.

  • ashi2018
    1 posts

    Just to make this post grow, same issue here, horrible screen tearing, in town or as soon as too many npc stack up.

  • guest-ZvSD95Mb
    3 posts

    Screen tearing in populated zones / heavy combat happening here as well on Xbox Series X. I have a vizio E70 f1 that does NOT support VRR.

    Sadly, it seems this issue is not nearly as prevalent on the PS5 version, likely because vsync is enabled there (since no VRR support) whereas in the Xbox code, vsync is clearly disabled (since xbox supports VRR and is being used as a crutch). Give the user an option to enable Vsync please!

    That's my best guess, but I'm just a user!!!

  • jeffclaire083
    9 posts

    I tired posting a video in another thread https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/79188/screen-tearing-on-xbox-one-x/12?_=1605298505200 but I'm not able to, telling me I don't have enough privileges or something to that affect, but my phone sucks so the video didn't do the screen tearing justice lol

  • CancelToDebug
    11 posts

    Since Ubisoft haven't bothered to even acknowledge this issue I will have to do what others have said and I previously ignored; I will vote with my wallet and not purchase future Ubisoft games if this problem isn't resolved.

  • MattyPollo
    9 posts

    Some already shared this link earlier, but it looks like support responded to this issue here:

    So hopefully it will be addressed.

  • Ehllfhire1
    86 posts

    @vagmc1982 that money was better spent on an actual pc not a wannabe pc.

  • NinjaslayerX
    4 posts

    I'm playing on the Xbox Series X.
    I've noticed screen tearing through some gameplay sequences. I haven't pinpointed an exact scenario yet so no test case unfortunately.

    The more annoying bug I've experienced three times already is my screen goes black, the gameplay continues since I can hear it and my TV shows input info. The input info usually shows after I've switched inputs or when HDR has just been enabled and also if I change the resolution in the Xbox settings.

    This has happened three times so far and I've only just reached Fornburg.

    I've played Forza Horizon 4 to test the TV since it runs at 4K60FPS HDR just as Valhalla but haven't received an issue there. I spent a lot more time on there and multiple sessions. So far it's just AC.

  • NinjaslayerX
    4 posts

    @simleads Yeah same here.

  • NinjaslayerX
    4 posts

    *Another Bug
    The white light shining on my character flickers while I'm changing tattoos. It doesn't seem normal so I'm making a note of it.

  • ImNoHeretic
    1 posts

    Hi Ubisoft

    Any word on a fix for the screen tearing in AC Valhalla on Xbox Series X?

    I would really appreciate a fix for this 🙏

  • NinjaslayerX
    4 posts

    In raven mode some icons appear for a second and disappear.
    If I exit and reposition the icon will be there to interact with.

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