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  • Lipsman74
    3 posts

    @crazyjay83 cuz microsoft needed a "launch title" for series x/s since halo got delayed a year so ubi forced to relase what it had ready. Digital Foundary on Youtube just posted its cross platforn review and talked about the screen tearing a lot. Even on PS5. Hopefully that gets ubi moving!

  • CancelToDebug
    11 posts

    @lipsman74 I would love for it to be fixed but I've a gut feeling that some developers might just shovel anything out the door and expect all consumers to have a VRR or similar compatible display. Still no update on the official issues post...

  • PiersSaunders
    8 posts

    Digital Foundry have published their video

    It's not a good takeway for the XBOX series X.

    Hopefully we will get an update.

    The cutscene camera is also annoying, I was shocked when I started the game, does that need its own thread?

  • DemonI81
    16 posts


    It's on the official tracker issue tracker now? I guess I can't read because I can't find it.

    A megathread created by a forum member/mod is NOT acceptance by the devs of the issue.


  • vagmc1982
    11 posts

    I really hope there's already a patch in the works. The Series X version of the game is just running "ok". There's massive screen tearing which get's even worse when just holding a torch. Cutscenes stutter, the framerate under circumstances can dip to 48fps or worse. There are many bugs and so on and so on. I was hoping for a good and smooth experience on day one and I got 'this'. I don't understand how it was possible to release this game as some sort of 'next-gen entry' as a launch title for the Series X. Please sort these things out, you and we know you can do MUCH better than that.

  • PiersSaunders
    8 posts

    @demoni81 I didn't imply it had been acknowledged by the devs, and I'm well aware of how the forums work. The official issues thread has not been updated in over a week, so if it's not on that list, the issue won't be addressed 😞

  • Evilslicingpro
    3 posts

    PS5 player here, got the same issue, screen tearing is horrible especially in cutscenes, I am playing on a Sony Bravia 4K TV on 4K resolution. This combined with the audio issues makes game immersion impossible, I am putting it down until this has been fixed.

  • SaintlyStorms
    78 posts

    @pierssaunders Oh no my PS5 comes tomorrow and I was hoping to escape the screen tearing issue by migrating.. 😖

  • Sadguru81
    4 posts

    PS5 vs XboxSX:
    Xbox Series X is objectively the more powerful console and still runs at at an average lower resolution at a significantly lower framerate with significantly more screen tearing.

    Ubisoft, this is embarrassing. Patch this thing - this is not acceptable.

  • mskills
    10 posts

    Real SHAME
    We NEED a PATCH asap!

  • LoneSpymaster
    13 posts

    This is unbelievable, xbox series x as powerful as it is has a lot of visual issues. Is it possible to fix this? It really ruins the experience. It needs an update ASAP.

  • Sadguru81
    4 posts

    I think ubisoft has some explaining to do:


  • DCruption
    4 posts

    The tearing is an issue on Xbox One X too.

  • SaintlyStorms
    78 posts

    @sadguru81 That's shocking

  • SingleFile
    2 posts
    @sadguru81 That's shocking
    and sad... can’t believer the series x version runs the way it does. I’m a sucker. I need to stop buying these games.

  • Sadguru81
    4 posts

    At this point, the whole "4k at 60 fps" is just blatant false advertising.

  • AnberlinGuy
    1 posts

    Ya I tried switching to hdmi 1.4 which runs it at 4K 30 hz. Which fixes the issue. However I should not have to sacrifice HDR and 60fps. So for now I’ll just suffer. Considering how significantly more power the series x is it should have no problem. It’s a real bummer 😕

    2 posts

    @anberlinguy They also lied and said the Series X version would be native 4k@60 and clearly its not.

  • Troopercooper80
    68 posts

    Anybody using a hdmi 2.0 monitor with amd freesync (premium)?
    And does that make any difference at all?

    I see most people here use a TV without VRR or Freesync who get tearing, so im wondering if you'd still get tearing on a monitor with freesync hdmi 2.0 or perhaps 2.1 if you have a monitor with that.

    It should be noted that Sony already provided a full dev kit for the ps5 consoles back in 2019, where as microsoft only provided an incomplete dev kit beginning / mid 2020. (also called a basic dev kit)

    It could easily explain why you see such an appaling difference on the XsX versus the ps5.
    Got nothing to do with 'teraflops' or power, just lazy programming and software from both Ubisoft (look at the legions mess) and lazy microsoft who need to get their software in order.

  • arn0low
    14 posts

    Fix this garbabe please !

    This is just utter trash right now !

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