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  • Ubiplayersoft42
    3 posts

    I stop playing after 2 hours. The screen tearing is terrible, totally get me out the game. I'm playing on an LG OLED 4K HDR10 that can run at 60Hz. WD Legion runs just fine, so please fix this.

  • Ubiplayersoft42
    3 posts

    same here, it's terrible 😞

  • MikeSan.
    4 posts

    Same for me, it's really disturbing to play the game with that issue. 😞

  • Lipsman74
    3 posts

    Same issue here. Odyssesy runs PERFECT on series x. Fix VALHALLA!

  • mattpeckham
    3 posts

    Same exact problem, Sony X900E.

  • kodiak1013
    1 posts

    Same here, series x with tcl 55p607, not so bad in scenes with similar light but scrolling up and down in areas of different light it gives me a headache after a bit. Keep my assassin looking down more and it makes it bearable, then I can't enjoy the amazing views lol.

  • twoshotforyou
    2 posts

    YES PLEASE FIX THIS UBICRAP. never will i buy your games day one. glad i sold my copy already.

    1 posts

    @ubiplayersoft42 I second this. It's immersion breaking to the extreme.

    1 posts

    Never noticed so much screen tearing before in a game. Please fix it

  • MisterZorin
    1 posts

    I have a 4K Dell Ultrasharp monitor that doesn't support VRR. I also see screen tearing on the Series X version of the game. I hope Ubisoft will solve this as soon as possible!

  • SirChevron
    3 posts

    I keep seeing these horizontal lines moving upwards from the bottom of my screen. Playing on an Xbox One X with a 40" 1080p TV.

  • Wwaldir
    6 posts

    @wlinn751 I'm experiencing the exact same issue using an LG B7 65"

  • vagmc1982
    10 posts

    My question is : Why does the SX doesn't use full vsync? The PS5 runs flawless with it enabled. Both console's performance is pretty similar..Doesn't really make sense to me. Dear developers, why did you make this descision causing that much issues on the Series X?

  • MirkoID
    9 posts

    Hi guys,

    I've the same issue on Xbox One X on the 4K Panasonic TV. AC Valhalla is the first game with screen tearing issue, I've never seen in the other AC game during the years. At the first approach with the game I've seen something wrong.
    I hope the Ubisoft developer team can fix this!

  • TheJamvilleYeti
    2 posts

    Seeing it on xbox one x in all towns with more than 2 people and during fights. Got a 4K 60hz. Its not fun to play right now. Been hyped for this game for a while. Guess ill wait a little longer til this gets fixed.

  • chicohh
    2 posts

    Can someone from Ubisoft tell us this will be fixed with the next patch? Its really embarrassing that this game was released with such terrible screen tearing. No way this is acceptable! Samsung KS8000 owner here.

  • mskills
    10 posts

    Same problem here, Xbox Series X and TV Sony x900e, terrible screen tearing! Never saw something like this in AC games! Need to be fixed!

  • Mongrel77
    1 posts

    I was excited to play this game only to have it get ruined by constant screen tearing on the series x
    and apparently other consoles. There is no way VRR needs to be forced upon the many people out there that have great TVs, but simply lack this feature. I'm happy with my oled C8 and this issue needs to be addressed. Not acceptable at all.

  • stuntg0007
    7 posts


    Sony Bravia KD65X7505D don’t think it supports VRR, haven’t noticed any tearing tho

  • Tom_x48
    1 posts

    Same issue. Really hope it gets patched.

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