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  • MikeOxollen
    1 posts

    Sony x900e
    Xbox one x
    I cant even play the game the tearing is so bad I feel like I’m going to have a damn seizure. It’s Unreal they make you pay $120 for the “ultimate” edition when the only thing ultimate about it is disappointment.. but tbh, I expect nothing less from Ubisoft.

  • SaintlyStorms
    76 posts

    I'd like to add my name to the list although I don't get it during cutscenes, only lightly during exploration.
    Hisense 4K UHD 60hz

  • PiersSaunders
    8 posts

    @demoni81 The issue has been collected into the megathread, now we wait for an update. Hopefully a positive one, and not an implementation which when turned on cuts the frame rate to 30fps on the Series X.

  • guest-7mcVT36F
    1 posts

    Same here. Tearing is horrible. Xbox Series X, TV: Philips 49PUS7803/12.

  • uvbull
    1 posts

    @mattypollo yeah Access Denied 🙂 lucky us 😄

  • Simleads
    9 posts

    @pierssaunders Can you imagine the uproar if the FPS was cut to 30 😬

  • olegx777
    2 posts

    I confirm. Screen tearing on Series X while exploring the world

  • guest-G0k90lHo
    4 posts

    Having this same issue!

  • MagAlvaro
    1 posts

    Please say something Ubisoft.

  • SaintlyStorms
    76 posts

    Still no official word on the matter?

    This is becoming a bit of a joke now, Ubi.

  • twoshotforyou
    2 posts

    Hey Ubisoft. move to america, you're giving canadians a bad name with your false promises. And the massive fps drops when holding a torch hasn't been addressed since origins. so disappointed.

  • CrazyJay83
    1 posts

    Hi! Why Ubisoft selling this game with terrible tearing on series x???? And not on ps5. Where is the series x optimisation ???

  • Lipsman74
    3 posts

    @crazyjay83 cuz microsoft needed a "launch title" for series x/s since halo got delayed a year so ubi forced to relase what it had ready. Digital Foundary on Youtube just posted its cross platforn review and talked about the screen tearing a lot. Even on PS5. Hopefully that gets ubi moving!

  • CancelToDebug
    11 posts

    @lipsman74 I would love for it to be fixed but I've a gut feeling that some developers might just shovel anything out the door and expect all consumers to have a VRR or similar compatible display. Still no update on the official issues post...

  • PiersSaunders
    8 posts

    Digital Foundry have published their video

    It's not a good takeway for the XBOX series X.

    Hopefully we will get an update.

    The cutscene camera is also annoying, I was shocked when I started the game, does that need its own thread?

  • DemonI81
    16 posts


    It's on the official tracker issue tracker now? I guess I can't read because I can't find it.

    A megathread created by a forum member/mod is NOT acceptance by the devs of the issue.


  • vagmc1982
    10 posts

    I really hope there's already a patch in the works. The Series X version of the game is just running "ok". There's massive screen tearing which get's even worse when just holding a torch. Cutscenes stutter, the framerate under circumstances can dip to 48fps or worse. There are many bugs and so on and so on. I was hoping for a good and smooth experience on day one and I got 'this'. I don't understand how it was possible to release this game as some sort of 'next-gen entry' as a launch title for the Series X. Please sort these things out, you and we know you can do MUCH better than that.

  • PiersSaunders
    8 posts

    @demoni81 I didn't imply it had been acknowledged by the devs, and I'm well aware of how the forums work. The official issues thread has not been updated in over a week, so if it's not on that list, the issue won't be addressed 😞

  • Evilslicingpro
    3 posts

    PS5 player here, got the same issue, screen tearing is horrible especially in cutscenes, I am playing on a Sony Bravia 4K TV on 4K resolution. This combined with the audio issues makes game immersion impossible, I am putting it down until this has been fixed.

  • SaintlyStorms
    76 posts

    @pierssaunders Oh no my PS5 comes tomorrow and I was hoping to escape the screen tearing issue by migrating.. 😖

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