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  • AndyRBL
    6 posts

    @jimmate where did u find the quest lady? i have the antlers but i cant find her anywhere...

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3625 posts
    Best Answer

    Hey everyone!

    Allow me to apologise for the delayed update. Thank you for continuing to update this thread with your thoughts and experiences.

    @Moonlitwings makes a great comment, and it's something I can agree with based off my own personal experiences with the game. Like many of you, I wasn't able to find any reliable deer hunting spots in Norway - and antler drops were even rarer. I did manage to get one or two antlers, but the majority of antlers I collected came from reindeer within England. There's some good hunting spots near the Rouecistre Blockade in Cent, and around a lake south of Readingham Abbey in Hamntunscire (as some of you have already shared within the thread!) 😊

    Additionally, reindeer don't drop hoovers. You should only be able to collect leather and antlers from them. Deer hooves come from much smaller deer (which do still have antlers). As Ubi-Woofer mentions in their earlier post

    "the deer you need to hunt have a large rack of antlers and a mane-like ruff of fur around their necks that distinguishes them from the smaller deer and does. "

    @CarlHenrikL - Could you let me know where you are trying to find dog fangs from? If I recall, there aren't any dogs in Norway that you are able to hunt for dog fangs. A good spot for dog fangs is also the Rouecistre Blockade in Cent! You shouldn't need dog fangs for the Mild Hunt quest either.

    @z97darkstar97 & @hroozenbeek - You might want to check out this megathread regarding the missing NPC in "A Mild Hunt" for more information about this. You can also find more information regarding the Daughters of Lerion in our megathread list as well, z97darkstar97!


    Official Response
  • Revenskrev
    20 posts

    Those having issues could try the tested and true savescum trick. Save before killing reindeer (make sure it's not a deer), load if antlers are not dropped.

  • jimmate
    2 posts

    @andyrbl back in the camp in norway. fordron or whatever it's called, don't think you can hand it in when you get to england. but you can use the deer antlers for hunter deliveries

  • D3m0nS92
    4 posts

    @lanssolo same problem. Any fix?

  • burns26
    2 posts

    @zlaxtiel Hmm this must have been what I did....I've been killing them for ages and stuck at 2....

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1029 posts

    Hello everyone! 🙂

    Thank you for reaching out to report this issue with male reindeer not dropping antlers for the "A Mild Hunt" quest.

    I went on the hunt for antlers myself just last night, and while it did seem impossible at first, I think the antlers are just a rare drop. After killing between 15-20 male reindeer, I eventually collected the three antlers I needed. When hunting the reindeer, please make sure you're hunting the large deer with antlers and mane, not a doe (female deer) that are smaller. If you continue to experience issues with procuring the antlers, please keep track of how many you're eliminating and let us know. It would also be helpful to know whether you have already spoiler as well! Personally I had already done so and still managed to acquire the antlers.

    Sadly, though, I couldn't find the quest giver to give them back, so I'm in the same boat as many of you on that front! To those experiencing this issue, please rest assured I've reported it to see whether it is intended that the quest giver disappears after completing a certain action, going to England and returning, etc. 🙂

    Official Response
  • JenovaQProject
    8 posts

    @zlaxtiel Then they should let us get rid of the quest somehow. Mark it done, whatever.

  • Kdamme
    3 posts

    I have the same problem

  • ValagarAloevain
    3 posts

    @zlaxtiel the picture you posted was of a deer and not a reindeer, they have a different set of antlers

  • comicexpress
    4 posts

    @zlaxtiel yep, I have killed a couple dozen, not one antler, but this after killing the legendary elk.

  • OTG_Gilamunsta
    32 posts

    Drop rate is still an issue for me as of today. I've killed about 20 reindeer so far (and yes, I know the difference between Rudolph and Bambi, thank you very much), and still no drops. Don't care about the quest anymore, but would like the antlers for hunter turn-ins...

  • Rensrecluse
    3 posts

    @isatisangel can confirm it's the biggest deer and they dont spawn often only those drop antlers

  • Frosthound030
    124 posts

    @rensrecluse yup, there’s your full sized bucks (red and white tails) you see everywhere which don’t drop antlers then there’s the reindeer (big suckers, think Santa’s reindeer) once the player learns to identify the reindeer and their locations antlers are easy findings

  • Frosthound030
    124 posts

    @otg_gilamunsta also i noticed better drop rates for rare items if you use the hunting bow and hit their weak spots, ie a clean kill

  • grungeandgaze
    1 posts

    The problem persists in England, I managed to get the three in Norway, but I've killed countless deer in England and have yet to get any antlers, these are needed for hunting requests in Raventhrope.

  • Atkuna
    12 posts

    @grungeandgaze i've killed like 10reindeer around hamtunscire or whats the name 7 drops for me. sooo havent experienced any bugs with that to be honest. make sure its a reindeer and not a deer. i've hunted most of mine around the text " hamtunscire "on the map and north from that good luck guys.

  • Banakiwi
    3 posts

    @zlaxtiel not a bug, today (many hours after i killed the legendary elk), i found a reindeer IN ENGLAND right next to my camp on the shore. Killed it and got an antler right away. It was only the third reindeer i killed (and also found) so far, the two others were next to Valka's hut in Norway, but they never respawned as long as i was in Norway and they didn't drop any antlers for me.

  • Sempophai
    10 posts

    I could not get 3 reindeer antlers for the initial hunting quest, despite killing over 50 reindeer who visibly had antlers. I now can't get any to drop to hand in to Wallace either.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    @sempophai Hey! We can look into this for you.

    • Is this for the "Mild Hunt" quest?
    • Have you already left for England, or not yet?
    • Were you able to acquire any antlers?
    • Are you able to provide a short video to present the issue?

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • Sempophai
    10 posts

    @ubi-raziel It was initially for the mild hunt mission, but, having given up on that mission due to lake of antler drops, I find I can't get any for wallace either, having killed a lot of reindeer that visibly have antlers, but never drop any.

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