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  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Doubt we hear ever again something from the mods. And an official statement, never ever.

  • cronucks
    4 posts

    @lann094 To give you the TL;DR, I have received a response from the ACCC, essentially informing me of my rights for my specific situation. They do not resolve disputes directly – that was an erroneous assumption from my part. However, they suggest to contact my local government authority to resolve this dispute, in my case the Consumer Affairs Victoria. The next step for me is to write a formal complaint letter to Ubisoft, which is a hassle and haven't gone around to it yet. But I will. If the answer (if any) is unsatisfactory I can then lodge a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria. Great fun, looking forward to it. /s

    In their response, the ACCC then tell me they make note of these things to 'inform [their] enforcement work'. What that really means is if they receive enough complaints they can start lobbying the federal government to pass legislation for systemic and industry-wide remediation. For instance, you might be aware the ACCC is currently negotiating a media code with the tech giants, which the federal government supports. Or the Steam refunds I mentioned in an earlier post. This is why we need Aussies to complain to the ACCC about Ubi refusing refunds while being cagey and dodgy about the whole situation.

    In other news, I have been hassling support every now and then and they are still refusing to refund me. However, they continue reiterating that the issue is being investigated and ask/thank me for my patience until this is fixed. I have asked for an ETA but said they couldn't give me one. They also persistently dodge answering why this issue is not in the list of known issues.

    Best of luck in this continued and frustrating effort of patience everyone.

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Hey ubisoft, i have alot of change left for all the microtransactions, but first you have to fix audio.

  • patashik
    3 posts

    I found this thread by accident.
    I installed AC: Valhalla today and was very surprised by the quality of the mix, let alone sound quality. Being a sound hobbyist with professional audio rig and Genelec monitors to boot, I can't play this game any more because of how horrible the mix is done.
    First of all, the bloody sounds of steps. Loud, rough sound chases you everywhere. It is the loudest FX in the entire game and you hear it all the time. When there's a battle, the epic music volume is so modest, you can barely notice it. I'm pretty sure it's mixed down like a sausage, very smoothed and without any dynamic range. Sounds of crossing swords are just the sounds of cutlery during The Last Supper, very simple, frugal and quiet. Atmo sounds, such as wind, sea and environment I couldn't hear it at all. Sound of steps on the other hand.....
    First, I went to Audio settings to optimize audio mix myself, but you can only turn down the volume of steps along with atmo and fx, so there's no way to fix it!
    Ubisoft, seriously, it's that bad and I can't believe you actually haven't noticed that or simply ignored.
    Let's be realistic here. The game was released 3 months ago and made its profit already. No one will fix the audio, just because bunch of audiophiles and owners of better audio devices than other 90% of customers think it's bad.
    For me, though, it's unplayable because it just gets on my nerves.

  • patashik
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • ooblix_
    2 posts

    There's not going to be any update because there's nothing "broken" - it's 100% working as intended from the developers perspective.

    I'm sure the mods/support had good intentions asking for more details from us but at the end of the day the studio decided to make the audio as bad as it is and "investigating" is going to uncover anything the developers don't already know.

    Pretty much the only chance we had was if reviewer's docked points for it. Which they didn't because they probably play games on bluetooth shower speakers. Ubi and most big studios only react to metascores and sale numbers.

    Ubi didn't care before release and it's obvious they don't care now. Just have to move on and assume whatever business decision drove Valhalla's audio will affect their future games. I mean, this is their big series, if they don't care here it's a bad sign.

    Maybe one day a channel like Digital Foundry but for audio will come along. If we could get people pointing out garbage audio the same way they do bad visuals it'd go a long way.

  • patashik
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Ryusennin
    65 posts


    Unfortunately, Digital Foundry is a joke when it comes to sound design analysis (or lack thereof).

  • Raski0611
    107 posts

    Hello ubisoft, can you hear me?

    I know, sry, bad joke.

  • zhead_
    31 posts

    I made a BIG effort to play the campaign. I will not be touching this title anymore for obvious reasons. This is how you miss € from someone that could buy the DLCs.

  • HieromAlex
    27 posts

    fingers crossed for the patch tomorrow
    otherwise we will have to wait another month et hope again

  • Gugus_
    1 posts

    Hello people!

    I wanted to add something that I have not seen discussed or mentioned in patch lists before about an audio bug (on PS5, reproduced 100% of the time). The forum display of messages in one thread is also not helpful, so maybe it was noted before here before. Anyway:

    When moving in between the map room and main room of your Main hall in the settlement, you can hear Eivor's foley sounds cut. It is because the listener closer to the camera is considered in engine in a different room with collisions preventing Eivor's sounds to go through the door (or room collider). So if you leave Eivor close to the door, move a bit, and the camera is in the "other room", the character will make no audible sound (you can hear it when running through as well).

    Other than that, I guess everything has been discussed there before already, I don't know if it is because of budget, time, covid-related, engine, etc, but the sound design in this game is really flat and empty (and that makes me sad honestly).
    Every movement has no effect layer on it, foley sounds are over-mixed so it sounds goofy in cutscenes, the only beefy elements like finishers or old games' sound effects sound very loud in comparison because of it. It just feels like it misses a whole bunch of designed elements in the middle of the mix to make it sound original, moving and impactful in a thoughtful way.

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @hieromalex well nothing related with this issue on patch notes, so good luck! Leta grab some marshmallows and wait a few months more

  • HieromAlex
    27 posts

    yeah... nothing changed. I even think that it's worst, or it's just me who forget how bad it was.

    anyway, we have a month ahead before the new patch. so in the meantime can someone explain me the meaning of the confirm-kill animation ? we can see Evor using a little axe on top of a dead body, and doing... I don't know what for I don't know why. that's strange. and why the time around Evor is slowed down during this animation ?

  • Shuar
    34 posts

    @hieromalex bummer

  • WhiskeySlim91
    1 posts

    I just started playing today on the PS5 and had to immediately turn the game off and try for a refund on the PS Store to no avail. The audio immediately gave me a headache and pulled me 100% out of enjoying the game. Valhalla will probably remain unplayed until they've fixed this. It sounds N64 era bad. I can't believe it shipped like this.

  • RomaVictor09
    3 posts

    Please god someone tell me when this is going to be fixed. Ubisoft ... are you listening? You haven't even listed these audio problems on your official list of bugs.

  • Vishmaw
    1 posts

    Valhalla has the worst audio I have heard in a video game in YEARS. Everything has a weird echo on it and sounds low quality.

    Using a Audio Technica R70x that is EQed along with the Geshell Audio Archel 2.5 and JNOG DAC and its just awful.

    Everything in this game sets off tinnitus and the mix is all over the place.

    This needs to be addressed as it completely kills the game for me. I bought it from Ubistore so I cant get a refund, feels like I got ripped off. I cannot play it more than a hour or so before I have to take a break as my ears cant take it. Really disappointing to not see any clear acknowledgement nor any pledge to resolve it.

  • dylanfuller96
    1 posts

    I noticed the same issues starting the game, but due to my love of the series played through it anyway, until last patch and now my sound is almost completely missing. I have no SFX volume at all and when Eivor or anyone speaks it sounds like I'm in a cave. This is the stuff that needs to be addressed, it affects overall gameplay not just single things (river raids).

  • cdytoby
    1 posts

    My Devices:
    DAC: Toppping D50s
    Amp: JDS Labs Atom
    Headphone: AKG K712 Pro
    OS: Windows 10
    Additional: I have both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Softwares purchased on windows

    I know video games always have less audio quality than music and movie industries, but this kind of Audio Quality is not acceptable in AAA game standard. I rather sacrifice additional 30GB Harddrive space for audio assets with higher quality in order to get better experience.

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