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    There is no more challenges after the end game story.

    I was prophesying that kind of posts less than one week after the game's release. I must have a gift (I wish I hadnt)

  • Tinteretto
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    The combat on Valhalla is nothing like that on Odyssey and all the scratching for resources is ridiculous. Not a patch on Origins or Odyssey and the load times are appalling.....

  • Petrnev12
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    I think you need to add more exclamation marks 😄 but seriously.. I dont see a problem with games being more demanding on hardware. its natural evolution, but also.. playing AC valhalla made me return to Odyssey which I consider better, mostly due to deeper skill customization..

  • Tinteretto
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    @muttroy Precisely. The creators should not have watched Vikings on tv before making the game. The combat sucks and is not a patch on Odyssey or Origins. The load times are appalling etc....

  • Asgardian02
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    if they would have watched vikings maybe we have gotten 1hand sword and better looking armor.
    In valhalla everything looks the same.

    So many fukcing bugs and glitches too. Odyssey had loads of bugs too, seems ubisoft is know for relasing games in that state.

  • sorgulu
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    I really love Assassin's Creed games, have played all of them since the beginning,I love the feeling most games incite with historical research, accurate locations, good stories, etc. I also liked the direction the games took with Origins and Odyssey. In Odyssey, I continued to play after 100% completion because of a number of reasons.
    Firstly, there were always contracts to take as a misthios, and some of them were long haul quests as you try to weaken a region to vulnerable status, or kill 15 bandits with polearms, 15 with sword, 5 with heavy finishers, etc.
    Secondly, the constant state of war between factions enabled a certain sense of dynamism and give yourself a goal. For example, help Athens conquer all the islands, or make Sparta the ruler of all provinces, that kind of self generated quests. Or just keep your wanted level to maximum and try to survive.
    Thirdly, bandits, pirates, daughters of artemis, the followers of ares, Spartan soldiers, Athenian soldiers, wild animals, and powerful bounty hunters made the world dangerous to traverse, and there was always a sense of action to roam both land and sea.
    Now I am talking about these because I kinda expected Valhalla to be a bit like that, a dangerous world in turmoil. I completed the game, but now there is no excitement in all of England. You can still take contracts (2 per day) and storm some hostile camps, hideouts and forts, but the world is generally empty. I feel like retired when I roam England and Norway.
    All in all, I played Odyssey for about 2000 hours without getting bored, but now I completed Valhalla (except for big mackerel and big flatfish) I'm trying hard to find a reason to get back to England.
    My suggestion would be adding dynamism to the world. Keep the war between Saxons, Danes, Picts and Britons going, with you in the middle. And contracts, more in quantity and more in quality, that would keep me interested.
    Thank you for listening to an old man rant 🙂

  • Argous_NIE
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  • Petrnev12
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    @sorgulu I have to agree on this one.. England seems dead after completing the main story and most activities.. we had reasons to return to Odyssey after completing the story.. the mercenaries, forts, endless quests, expanded skill tree.. Thats something that makes people spend money on the game, dont understand why the devs cut it in Valhalla..

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    @sorgulu Exactly my thoughts, word for word.
    So much immersion in Origins/Odyssey, and almost nothing in Valhalla.

  • guest-9ON5sMvF
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    Yeah I'm disappointed with Valhalla, after Odyssey I expected great things but was not to be.

    I've got Valhalla on the playstation and in my mind theres too many cinematics, I buy a game to play, if I wanted to watch a film I'd stick Vikings on.

    Secondly and probably one of the biggest disappointments for me is the bird... other than scouting ahead for hiding spots hes pretty useless.. I love the idea of the bird highlighting all the points of interest and all the enemy like in previous ACs. The fact he cannot do this is just ridiculous. Even an option to switch that function on or off or to have made it a "perk" you can unlock on the raven tree or something would have made this game a thousand times better.

    The skills to unlock again I thinks a bit crap because unless you have unlocked that tree you cant see them and most of them seem pretty useless..

    I think Ubisoft should discover a best version of the game (in my eyes, Odyssey) and stick with it control and hud wise and just change the theme and a few small ideas... the only problem with Odyssey I found was no matter what level you are your always 10 times weaker than the guy you have to beat.. I hate this as your not gonna get to level 35 and try beating a level 25 guy as you've already had to beat him to get to 35... this means instead of enjoying a good hand to hand combat with a strong enemy and having a more even playing field you have to manoeuvre him to a point where you can just fire flaming arrows at him and he doesn't fight back.

    Other than that you have to try and dodge or parry almost every one of his attacks in order to get 1 shot in.. if he hits you with 1 shot that's 25% of your health gone against you getting one shot on him and scoring about a 3% hit..

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