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  • Gummybear803
    1 posts

    Same issue. Though I also noticed "A Little Problem" does NOT even show up in the Completed Quests listing. If this helps Ubi any, who knows.

  • NetQvist
    Original poster 37 posts

    @gummybear803 Yeah I don't have it in the quest completed log either. I do remember the ending dialogue and getting the popup of Quest Completed though. Guess there is some way to break this quest specifically since it's happening to quite a few people now.

  • NetQvist
    Original poster 37 posts

    Just had a friend confirm that his quest failed the first time and then he redid it and he got the ability, here's his quote:

    "I had to do the wolf quest twice to make it work. I noticed on the first try the wolf wandered off and wasn't there at the end. on my second try I saw that she ran after a deer. I shot the deer and after that the wolf went back to the kids and I got the proper reward"

    "and I chose a different name as well just to be sure" (Mouse when failed, Chewy after, so the name isn't the issue since Chewy is what I picked)

    So I suspect the quest has an issue with the wolf being too far away when the end of it triggers.

    Could you Ubisoft please confirm and add this to bugs so I can stop bumping this thread

  • cherrymin
    1 posts

    I have the same problem, i'd lose about 8 hours of progress to get it now.

  • VenrisSFO
    15 posts

    Same problem :(.

  • guest-UunOLqiF
    1 posts

    Hey, so I just completed the side quest a little problem and I never gained the ability mans best friend. Is there a reason for this or is this just a bug that didn’t register me completing the quest? Is there anyway for me to still obtain the ability after completing the quest?

    p.s. This is one of the main reasons I was excited about this game.

  • SolidStealth25
    1 posts

    @guest-uunolqif I have the same issue on PC, finished the quest and the Wolf is even in my settlement but I didn't get the ability.

  • Themgrir
    1 posts

    The ability book located in the Crepelgate Fort right outside Lunden is blocked by a shelf that you need to move to drop down to the area the book is located.

    That self is locked, it cannot be moved and after several different attempts to move I am convinced it is this is some sort of glitch.

    I have seen players post videos going to this same area and moving that shelf to get the book so I know that's what's you're supposed to do.

    Please advise, the shelf does not move in my game. I have restarted several times and have even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Problem persists.

  • soundersfan84
    16 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • soundersfan84
    16 posts

    I redid that quest a 2nd time after going back to a eariler save and it worked this time.

    Workaround is to save before doing it and reload if it bugs out. (for future reference) and that goes for any quest.

    No idea why it glitched out in the first place.

  • soundersfan84
    16 posts


    actually i take it back. It was never marked as finished quest. It didn't show up as a completed quest. When i went back to try it a 2nd time on a eariler save and completed it. It was marked as a completed quest.

  • bigfitz05
    1 posts

    I’ve completed the quest to get man’s best friend ability. The wolf who I named Chewy is in my quarters but I do not have the man’s best friend ability. Is there a fix for this? I would like to have the ability before I finish the game. Thanks.

  • effiecentmisio
    1 posts

    @netqvist same here.. i have competed the quest, no wolf ability, don't have the quest in the "completed quests" list..

  • falo2k
    23 posts

    Didn't even know I was missing this ability until now. That sucks. Completed the quest but no ability available.

    1 posts

    I'm also having the same issue!

  • Danarus
    4 posts

    @netqvist I've also had the same issue. The wolf was too far away... played for another 5 hours before realizing the issue. Going to reload an earlier save sadly. I hope stuff like that gets fixed... I gave up playing Watch Dogs Legion the other week because it is so buggy it is broken - lost 25 hours of progression on that game.

  • Asbel-Lyhant
    19 posts

    Completed this quest but didn’t unlock the ability? Anyone else have this problem?

  • Asbel-Lyhant
    19 posts

    Completed the quest yesterday but only just realised I didn’t get the ability? It said ability unlocked on my screen but there’s nothing there?

  • Praetorian255
    3 posts

    I ask to Support, who's ignoring our plight.
    To be recognized, do we have to flyte?

    But seriously, I can understand that 'a missing ability' is less of a priority when other players' games can't even start or crash ever so often.
    Nevertheless, it would be nice to know that it's at least logged somewhere on a list of "things to fix".

  • RaddNasty
    1 posts

    I too have this issue, I hope that a patch is inbound so I don't have to lose so much progress

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