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  • assassin's creed valhalla freezes but has sound

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    I take it back, I'm able to play about 10 minutes and then it freezes.

  • o.e.norman
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    I had the same issue over and over, and I tried several recommendations in this thread.

    I then lowered the graphic card settings slightly, from OC (overclock) to a less aggressive silent mode, and have been running the game for several hours now. I cannot guarantee this was it, but I'll keep you posted.

  • itzjonjon69
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    @o-e-norman 100% what fixed it for me was reducing my RTX 3090 core clock speeds to +74 anything past that would cause the game to freeze. Interesting thing is it's only this game that's affected by it.

  • BendelaBoombr
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    still freezes 12/3/2020 even with new drivers from nvidia 457.51.
    Ubisoft could give us an answer on that.

  • RedIndianRobin
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    Drivers can't fix [censored]. This is definitely on Ubisoft.

  • Legionary_Ant
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    @yazx_ My game freezes since launch, so nothing to do with patch 1.04

  • YazX_
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    ok installed new drivers although there is nothing about this game, went to NCP, noticed "Image sharpening" option is not set to off and some options are not set properly, so i re-set all settings to what it used to be, have been playing for two days, multiple sessions with long hours, didnt hit any freezes so far, perhaps its just luck, i need to play more and see if the problem is from that, for reference here is my NCP settings if anyone would like to try them:


  • jeleniomyszon
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    So I guess I'm just lucky, because I've already played a few hours on these new drivers and still haven't had any problems with these freezes 😕

  • anakvunky
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    ever since the latest patch 1.0.4 my game also have this similar issue, every 10 minutes it will freeze. I try to update Nvidia driver, downgrade Nvidia driver, nothing works.

  • Coach811981
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    So i've been monitoring my freezes/crashes and have counted 11 of them so far over 200hrs of gameplay. Not a catastrophic number by any means but enough to be annoying nonetheless.

    All crashes so far have been soft crashes so i was able to get back to windows and kill the process.

    I can play for hours with the problem never surfacing and then it will crash at a random time. I found that if it crashes it usually happens within the first hour of gameplay but there have been exceptions.

    They were either CTD or freezes with sound in the background like many of you have mentioned.

    Strangely ive had alot of the freeze/crashes in distrust areas (happened in Cent, Wincestre, Ledecestre and smaller area called Wandrie)

    Anyone else had that issue? It seems like a very odd co-incidence and i highly doubt it would crash in those sort of areas but stranger things have happened it guess.

  • BendelaBoombr
    Original poster ubisoft:x-posts, 42

    @coach811981 in my case it crashes anywhere, from norway to england, realizes that it runs faster when i am close to lakes or running water

    sometimes I play for more than 4 hours without problems, there are days that it becomes impossible to freeze every 15 seconds.

  • o.e.norman
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    I have now been playing for several hours, reducing the clock speed definitely helped.
    Obviously, it only removed the symptoms, it did not fix the cause. The game stability should be improved, imho.

  • TexasStuBaby
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    @bendelaboombr Happens to me at random times. I may go several days and it not happen, but then when it does, it happens frequently. Video will freeze, ambient audio will continue. I have to ctrl-alt-del to bring up the task bar to be able to quit. Seems like it happens during heavy action, when I'm in a fight. It's interesting how this is going on and yet it doesn't seem to be in their "current issues under investigation" post.

  • YazX_
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    @bendelaboombr Seems like it happens during heavy action, when I'm in a fight.

    Thats what i thought at first, but i hit 3 freezes while i'm doing nothing, one of them while doing a leap of faith, the second while riding mount in open world, the third is while looking for an entrance to get a collectible in the open world as well, other 3 freezes happened while fighting and heavy action, so its random and i cannot find a common scenario.

    i got 91 hours on record, i can confirm that freezes started to happen after patch 1.04, before the patch, not a single freeze or crash.

  • D3uZ
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    So this still happens since game came out for me.
    And I just had a fresh windows 10 installment yesterday..
    As well my pc is pretty good here are my stats:

    Cpu: Intel i9-9900K
    Gpu: Asus Rtx 3080 Tuf Gaming Oc.
    Ram: Corsair Vengeance Pro 32gig.
    Drive: Samsung Evo 860 1TB.
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

    Please explain how so many people have this issue still after the "big patch"? mean not only that, but I also get error messages still by watching other peoples screenshot ingame.
    I play a lot of games, and Valhalla is the only game that given me these "freeze" crashes. Everything just freezes yet sound etc still going. And I need use taskmanager to close the game..

    So yeah I have this issue still today at date: 07/12-2020

  • Ragnar_Lodbrok-
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    Having the same issue with freezing and ambient sounds still playing. Have to close the game via task manager. Started after the 1.04 patch. Prior to that, not one crash or freeze.
    This was the reliability error and the two problem reports I found around time of each freeze:


  • doug2255
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    Just purchased and downloaded earlier this morning. Been virtually unplayable to due this issue - freezes up and sound loop remains active. Already restarted (ctl-alt-del) about 7 times, all resulting in a min of 1 minute to a max of 10 minutes of play before the "freeze up".

    Sounds like we are at Ubisoft's mercy until they provide a patch for this - very frustrating

  • Coach811981
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    I see these errors every time in the event viewer as well.
    Crashes are random, can go hours without anything (even days) then all of a sudden it pops up.

    Very annoying.

  • a2s7
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    @coach811981 Exactly the same issues and two of the areas explored and everything after the patch 1.04

  • YazX_
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    ok guys, finally game froze and closed, so i went to event viewer to check whats causing the problem, it is Nvidia drivers stopped responding and recovered which means driver crash, when it used to freeze and not crash, nothing would get shown on event viewer.

    i rolled back to version 457.09 which is WD:Legion game ready driver NOT VALHALLA, has been 2 days no freezing, performance wise its not bad and very close to Valhalla driver.

    driver has support to all released 3000 series cards except for 3060 Ti

    anyone with AMD card facing similar issue??

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