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    World of Valhalla is just empty, there are no suprises for exploration, you know excactly where you find mats, where you find gear, where you find side quests and artifacts, all Valhalla exploration is just running from one dot to another. You know exactly where everyting is and know exactly what you get for completing side activities .. NOTHING

    Valhalla is a good AC game, it is a good story game, but it is terrible open world exploration game.

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    The map could be small like other AC games ... In Valhalla it is a huge and empty world .. they were shy even with sidequests..
    If you get all chest points in 1 region, look the large emply area...
    I invade places without the slightest desire, because there is nothing there ...
    and poor Eyvor says "vamos saquear!!!" (I play in Portuguese, I don't know how is in English version, but that's the meaning in my language, "lets loot")

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    Look this:


    This gears in Odyssey is the legendary like the Valhalla today..
    You says "very rewarding", already had Odyssey!
    But today you just need to go the point in the map to get it...
    In Odyssey you need to do many conquests like win arena, kill all cultist, finish the history and exploring...
    If you not undestand yet why the Odyssey is more complete look..
    For example, you can use this gears likes agamenon to have bonus with fire damage and others..
    But you don't like the visual... but you can use transmog of other gear...
    The problem is not the new gears in Valhalla.. the problem is the Lack of other options to custom..
    So, its a downgrade in Valhalla!
    Maybe because the time to release the game...
    Hurry to finish the game... I don't know...
    But the Ubisoft try to justify the lack with the "more rewarding fells"!
    OMG! You really cant see????
    The actual Valhalla gears is the same of gears of Odyssey (link above), but with downgrade to customize atributes and visuals..
    So Valhalla is not better... it has a lack! Odyssey already had such items...
    They have uselles chests all around the map... but why?? just to find material to upgrade 10 gears?? I think they changed the plan during deadline.
    You could get this material destroing the random items...
    You you cant beleave the game is unfinished, look the bifrost bridge in Asgard.. there is full Greek statues!!! No time to model Nordic statues?
    You can see many things to thing this game is unfinished.

  • Netspook
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    Everything in Valhalla feels like a chore, and for what? Spending a LOT of time farming a few types of materials to upgrade the same gear. And I'll probably stick with the same gear from beginning to the end, because who know much more of these chores we will have to go through simply to get mats to upgrade yet another set. That is, if I can get myself to complete this...

    Btw, it's the same with the settlement. Huge parts of the contents are artificially locked behing grinds, so we need to do all the boring raids to farm even more materials to build the houses to unlock it.

    How anyone can say exploring "feels rewarding" when most of it is simply about farming mats, is a mystery to me. I've never expected Ubi to implement such a lazy system, the last two games were nothing like this bs.

  • Mwhita89
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    I think I’m done with Ubisoft...

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    in this part of the game, you’re supposed loot from enemies to take to the brothers and impress them ...
    What are those things on the floor?
    including 1h swords!
    Note, in the game's own story there is loot ... and we can't take anything but the few gears .. Vikings looted a lot in real history...


  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    Before they say they only got silver (Finnl interested in silver)
    There was a change of angle showing a shield, and everyone was looking it. Oswald said that this would be ideal for gifting the brothers.
    Eyvor still says to take anything of value.

    However, we still have empty hands. no Loot in game...
    "Where are your god now?" (joke)

  • PierreAngelique
    28 posts

    Its a polarizing issue amongst fans, it seems, but I am with you. I loved the abundance of loot and for Valhalla I feel they went to far in the opposite direction. There is an argument for hand placed loot but the quantity of loot is pretty anemic in this game. I suspect this approach is advantageous to them because its less work and they can make money selling cosmetic items in the cash shop, as if it is a Korean mmo or something.

  • martygod12
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    And the worst part is that if you actually want to have some historically accurate gear and look the part in the game you are stuck with your default gear what you have from the beggining. There are only 10 sets in the game and most look so out of place that it feels like you have invaded the world somewhere from Skyrim or something.

    Where are some leather, chainmail, iron armors? Why there are no armors like Ubba, Ivarr or other viking NPCs have? Why there are no armors like the enemy NPC (anglo-saxons, danes, bandits etc.) have? There are so many cool models in the game yet none of them is wearable by player. But we get some weird mentor set which helmet is a face mask ... [censored] a face mask what is that?? Is that some Covid-19 easter egg or what???

    In odyssey you have plenty of common historically accurate hoplite style armors fitting the time period so you had variety and customization in looks and you could still looked apropriate for the time period. Seriously I dont know what they were thinking with Valhalla.

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    @pierreangelique Well If they think that I will support their lazy work with another money they are wrong. I much rather go through the story in default outfit not doing any side activities and than be done with the game. It already pains me that I spend 60e for this.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts

    @dbgager Yeah I was wondering that 😞 But maybe dlc or expansions? I bought the seasons pass and in Odyssy they implemented a lot of interesting system changes in their dlc and expansions. Maybe they will bring in some new systems when we go to Ireland?

  • Ehllfhire1
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    @jpabenites nothing to do with 13 outfits just the 1999999999999999 pieces of junk that is not easily gotten rid of.

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    @ehllfhire1 Its just grind for mats, I dont even loot the non wealth chests anymore there is no point. Definitely not worth trying to find a freakin entrance into underground for five minutes only to get a chest with some leather and ore lol.

  • kaleygh78
    4 posts

    @jpabenites i agree. A lot of stuff in this game makes me wonder [censored] they were thinking. Like the horrible skill tree. Or a hundred other things 👎

  • DreadGrrl
    165 posts

    This new armour and weapon system is very disappointing.

    One of the greatest things about Odyssey (and the old forum) was the incredible level of engagement it resulted in.

    It was terrific. There was so much enthusiasm, and players were working together. We were crunching numbers and testing builds. There was active discussion between players. The forum was an exciting, interesting, place.

    We lost a lot with Valhalla, and I don’t know that we actually gained anything.

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    @dreadgrrl Yeah right? I am still wondering why there is no official response from Ubisoft in basically any topic in this forum. In old forum they were active and it seemed they actually listened. Here there is over 160 posts in this topic yet no response from Ubisoft

    They really made Odyssey to fit all the players and that were great, I really dont know who they actually pleased with all that "changes" in Valhalla

  • FGx1988
    101 posts

    @martygod12 I think they will focus on bug Tracking and fixing in the first weeks. That would make sense to me, because it is more important that everyone is able to play the Game. I am pretty sure they will come back to some of our highly discussed topics later. In some of the reported bug topics Ubisoft has already responded

  • UltimatePowa
    61 posts


    This isn't Skyrim lol

  • UltimatePowa
    61 posts


    I hated Odyssey man, mainly because as soon as I got a decent piece of gear, it was outdated.

    I wouldn't mind more variety of loot, if they kept the mechanics the same as what they are now.
    Constantly having to change out gear is annoying, but a steady stream of potential upgrades is nice.

  • TheGodlyBacon
    10 posts

    @jpabenites no thanks.

    Valhalla's system is much better as it actually rewards exploring and finding weapon chests, unlike in Odyssey where you just had to find the golden question mark amidst the sea of grey ones. It was easily the least fun I ever had playing that blasted game, opening up all these chests and getting the same spartan breastplate for the 57th time.

    Do I think Valhalla would benefit from having more gear in general? Of course, that would be great, but the RNG and loot system is not something I felt EVER had to be implemented into this franchise. What they started in AC Unity was fantastic, and should've been the model going forward.

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