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    I actually like the change. What I DON'T like is seeing weapons from Odyssey in Valhalla. That copy and paste of items from game to game seems lazy, like EA forgetting to remove last years logos in games when putting out the new one. I'm hoping it was just the difficulty working with COVID-19 that caused this happen and it wasn't intentionally done.

  • UltimatePowa
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    What re-used items exactly?

    With the roman structures, they are obviously different if you look close enough.
    Also it would make sense to reuse the architecture designs or even some weapons/armor from the previous game as to create continuity.

    It would not be acceptable if they were crossing assets from different games.

    Mario for example, the old school one, re-used the bushes as clouds.
    What has been seen can't be unseen.

  • CdnTDog
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    @ultimatepowa Mostly weapons & shields. Check out this video:

    . You can see a shield that I thinks was in both Origins and Odyssey plus a weapon he notes was from Origins. I've seen a couple other videos where they have come across a weapon from other versions of the game, just couldn't find them to link to. I don't mind those being optional(ubi reward or store) for those who like using things from previous versions, but would like to see all new weapons & shields in the game otherwise. Especially when they go to system where you aren't getting bombarded with loot, you would think they would be able to create all new items specific to this version and time period.

  • Cell1e
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    Unlike you, I and many others loved changing our characters gear often and made great use of each and every piece of armour and weapon that dropped. Remember; the transmogrofication system meant that you could use the look any low level piece of gear as a skin for the ugly or elss attractive but better statted higher level gear, the gear you didnt use got dismantled and used to upgrade your ship, favourite weapons and armours and create arrows for your bows.

    All of that without the need to grind for materials, just explore play the game and loot.

    You needed all that gear because to get the best ship upgrades took a lot of resources. Plus there were the lovely legendary drops and sets to be collected. It really was a work of art that game. I really cant understand how this game, with only 10? armour skins/sets could be considered better.

    Oh and while there is so much more to a game than the just loot, the rewards are a huge motivation for many players out there, especially people who adore rpgs and mmorpgs and are used to being catered for in variety of gear and cosmetic items.

    Thats a huge market that Ubisoft need to consider when designing their games, I bet they made a shed load of money on Odyssey precisely for that reason. Cosmetic items like skins, customisations sell. Im pretty sure that's why they decided to try the base building thing, another way to encourage players to customise and spend money in game and in real world. However they dropped the ball big time when they failed utterly to provide meaningful and satisfying rewards for many of the various activities and quests in this game.

  • TheGodlyBacon
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    @cell1e And what you just mentioned was an absolutely horrible system that, I say again, should have never been implemented in the first place. The requirements to upgrade gear (especially legendaries) and your ship were frankly absurd. It was a grind fest designed to make the player do runs on the Athens' wall for hours and hours to collect dozens of duplicates for material. Or... you know... fork over your money and skip the whole grind they purposely set up...

    Sounds to me like Ubisoft created a problem within the game, and sold you the solution (aka solution selling). This is the kind of nonsense that should NOT be an accepted thing in gaming, let alone single-player only games.

    The issue again is from Valhalla's lack of loot, not the system itself. Like I was saying earlier, AC Unity had this system nailed down years ago with far more options in armor and weapons. You were constantly unlocking unique gear from beginning till end. Why isn't thisthe case in Valhalla? Who knows, perhaps it's due to COVID screwing up everything and the publisher's refusal to delay the game, but it definitely needsto be expanded.

  • martygod12
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    @thegodlybacon The need of upgrading and variety in looks are two separate things .. I too didnt like the system in Odyssey where you had to upgrade your gear every two levels to stay relevant, but what I loved vas the variety the amount of customization you could give to your character (which was even greatenet by transmog system), you know that joy and anticipation where you were doing basically everything in the game and was like "oh man looking forward to what new amazing and uniqe weapon/armor style I find or get as a reward to further customize my look or add to my collection you know" and thats what I just dont feel in Valhalla, when I am about to do some side activity in Valhalla I am always like "do I even want to do it? I know I wont get any interesting reward at all for doing it so should I spend time doing it or should I just dont bother with it and continue with the story?" And that is the feeling I dont want to have in a open world game where exploration plays such a big role you know.

    I like Valhalla upgrade system more then Odyssey be sure of that, that you acutally need to upgrade your gear only few times and still be relevant is great. But there are only 10 armor sets in the game and most you find in chests, there are almost no armor or weapon as a rewards for doing things for playing the game you know. As I said before the game can offer much variety and content in other areas, yet in this one I would say important part of the game for many players It is so bland and poor and empty you know. I just cant understand the decision they made in this area.

  • Silbbermond
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    Ubisoft games, at this moment, are more likely "game-as-service" type.
    So the actual state of ACV could be easyly called "Unfinished" or "Product not ready yet" or "Need a lot of polish"
    We'll feel that we have a full and complete game in 6 months~1year.
    Wait for the promised DLC's.
    At least I'm hoping new sets and cosmetic items with them...

  • martygod12
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    @silbbermond Yes that is right but I cant imagine they will drastically change something In this area, the most they will do is that they will introduce some new sets with events and DLCs, and ofcourse many in the shop for the moneeey 🙂 Which you dont get by playing the game but they simply appear in your inventory when you purchase them.

    Sadly I think that game mechanics and design is set and it wont change much even after post launch. It they manage to pull it out somehow and introduce a proper reward system with new armors and weapons they would have my biggest respect and I will also gladly play the game againg from the beggining.

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts
    Look this:


    This gears in Odyssey is the legendary like the Valhalla today..
    You says "very rewarding", already had Odyssey!
    But today you just need to go the point in the map to get it...
    In Odyssey you need to do many conquests like win arena, kill all cultist, finish the history and exploring...
    If you not undestand yet why the Odyssey is more complete look..
    For example, you can use this gears likes agamenon to have bonus with fire damage and others..
    But you don't like the visual... but you can use transmog of other gear...
    The problem is not the new gears in Valhalla.. the problem is the Lack of other options to custom..
    So, its a downgrade in Valhalla!
    Maybe because the time to release the game...
    Hurry to finish the game... I don't know...
    But the Ubisoft try to justify the lack with the "more rewarding fells"!
    OMG! You really cant see????
    The actual Valhalla gears is the same of gears of Odyssey (link above), but with downgrade to customize atributes and visuals..
    So Valhalla is not better... it has a lack! Odyssey already had such items...
    They have uselles chests all around the map... but why?? just to find material to upgrade 10 gears?? I think they changed the plan during deadline.
    You could get this material destroing the random items...
    You you cant beleave the game is unfinished, look the bifrost bridge in Asgard.. there is full Greek statues!!! No time to model Nordic statues?
    You can see many things to thing this game is unfinished.

    Valhalla is empty open world with chests useless.. just materials to grind your gear...
    If you kill enemy, if you open chest, no matter.. you only find materials like leather and metal... How can you like this??? No reason to explore...
    I prefer to get diferent random gears to transmog (change the visual of my legendary set).
    If I dont want to use this equip, just destroy to transform in "leather and metal" (look, its please all)
    I can use the same gear all game long, and just upgrade this only gear... Its very simple and likes Valhalla today...
    I can sell this equips too.. money is good!

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts
    @dreadgrrl Yeah right? I am still wondering why there is no official response from Ubisoft in basically any topic in this forum. In old forum they were active and it seemed they actually listened. Here there is over 160 posts in this topic yet no response from Ubisoft

    they would probably give a silly justification. They wouldn't admit that they didn't finish the game or will fix it in a future update/dlc

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    And for the reason of most things you can only do in your camp, the cities are empty, without npc like blacksmith, traders and others.
    with the old odyssey system, there were vendors in the cities ...you could upgrade your gear in any blacksmith... now just in your stupid base.
    You need to raid to get material to construct your base to do things that would normally be possible in cities...
    Its broken the imerssion!
    Again, its an emply world.. Im sorry

  • Cell1e
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    I never found Odysssy to be a grind, I just played it fully and I had everything I needed as I played stories sidequests and explored. Those who like to just play story might find it a grind, in this system, its a grind too if you just play story because you have to activiely seek out those chests to get crafting materials which should just drop when you kill an enemy.

    It really annoys me to kill a high level enemy and see them lying there wearing THE best female armour ever and NOT be able to loot it and put it on my Eivor. The amours I have got so far (5) are so ugly and bulky and yet I see female fighters in the game wearing really nice, soft leather, amours.

    Check out this armour, wouldn't your wife (if she plays) prefer this to the ugly huntsman set?

    Crazy for them to design armours for npcs and not allow us to loot or find them. Frustrating city to see them exist. so close and so far away. 😞

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    @cell1e Yes all the armors are so bulky, puffy, you look like a beast in them, only 10 armors and most of them are ugly AF, all the nic armors are weared only by the npcs so you can just wishfully stare at them and thinking damn thats something I would wear ... but youre stuck in puffy costume with a facemask 🙂

  • FGx1988
    101 posts

    I like the idea that we can just have a few sets which we can find in the world and in combination with some "riddles" it was really a fun activity for me to find and unlock them. I absolutely not liked the necessary extreme farming in odyssey and that most of the items were absolutely garbage. The amount of Items is fine and as the bonuses are no longer gamechanger there is no longer a problem that you have useless items anymore. The problem that arises from the fact that there are only a few items is that you have a lack of diversification. You have around 10 sets which means you have even less options as in AC origins at this point. To be fair, most of them have an alternative look when you upgrade the items but to benefit from that we need a transmog system so there would be a few more options to individualize you character. But unfortunately even with a transmog system we will get by far not as much options as in Odyssey.

    ⦁ To fix this in Valhalla I would like to see that the transmog System include some color variants or "dyes" we can purchase at the vendors for the existing outfits and weapons. In that way you can decide if you want a green or a blue armor or if you want gold or silver for the armor/weapon. So you still need to find the armors and weapons to unlock the base gear and improve the gear to unlock more variant looks but you can individualize it in different color variations after that.
    ⦁ furthermore I would appreciate it, if the transmog system would also include some more variations. Some of the already existing outfits and weapons from some other characters and NPCs (Tyr, Thor, the draugr of ragnar, Zealots or even some random NPCs). Some of those outfits and weapons are really awesome and fit perfectly in an immersive way into the game and it is nothing new that Ubisoft has to create, they just have to make it usable for us. Some of those variations we could buy at the vendors and some we need to unlock as rewards for killing the draugr or bosses/Zealots or whatever.
    When both ideas combined will find a way into the game, there should be a huge amount of variations to individualize your character.

    So to sum it up - I don't want 400 sets and items in my inventory. The amount of items I can find is fine. But I would like to customize the few that I have found in a way as if I had 400 different varieties to choose from!

  • martygod12
    240 posts

    @fgx1988 Yes yes, no need to get loot/gear on every corner. But variation and diversity and customization options are too poor in the game. I dont know if you noticed or if you agree but most of the 10 armor sets look very simillar, they somehow have same base build only with different minor details.

    Also if they manage to place the new armors and gear decently as a rewards for playing and exploring the game that would be awesome. It would still be rare to get the new armors but there will be plenty of variety and options and exploration will actually feel rewarding.

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts


    this is the point ...
    as I mentioned earlier, the "400 sets" serve as fuel for you to change the look of your main set.
    It serves as a source of materials (when destroying) to improve your main set.
    It serves to make money selling them ..
    That already existed in Odyssey, there were the legendary items, which you can't even sell, only improve with materials like agamenon, achilles, arenas fighter, demigod set and others. but you could change the appearance for the random ones, you could change the customizable attributes. you can use only this set all game long!
    It was complete.
    You have tranmog, material and money in the same item reward.
    You can choose what is usefull for you.

    Now we have just over 10 gears, which are very flashy ...
    I would like to use clothes with historical accuracy, just like the npcs wear ..
    only our character wears carnival clothes ...
    This is even strange for the steath ...
    The npc Thor himself wears more discreet clothes than the armor that his name.
    The game can offer freedom with the Odyssey system.
    Now we need to grind trash chests to get material...

  • FGx1988
    101 posts

    @martygod12 I completely agree. Some of the sets are very similar to each other. And personally I don't like some of the improved/mythical sets. They have too much gold included and thats also a problem for me because it takes away a litte bit the immersion for me. For me it would be fine if we could purchase new shemes from vendors or even if you can collect them like you can collect tattoos or by killing enemys as a reward. I think there are much ways how we can get them if Ubisoft decide to implement some of our ideas.

  • FGx1988
    101 posts

    @jpabenites Yes, as I said I hate some of the sets too. They are too colorfull, golden and shiny and it takes the immersion away when you wear more gold as a viking than a modern days rapper.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    🙂 Yes Martygod that's exactly how I feel!

    I showed my husband the 5 game amours I have so far and even he thought they were horrible and he's not that bothered by characters appearance as I am. I always thought out of all the developers that ubisoft made the best armours for their games, the most beautiful designs, textures, materials and styles. In every AC game (I played them all) I always found amours I loved putting my character into.

    So far in this game with so little to choose from Ive had no luck, had to buy a cash shop set which is ok but still bulkier than Id like. especially for role-playing being a sneaky girl. 😞

    Are any of the later amours nicer or slightly less bulky I wonder?

  • DaelosTheCat
    167 posts

    In prerelease trailers they said stuff like "If you like a piece of gear, you'll be able to upgrade it and play the whole game with it". Something along these lines. I guess, they failed to mention that this is the only way we can play the game 🙂

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