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    Now, we just need to grind natural resources like metal, leather to improve the same itens...Very boring!!!
    I just would like to kill the enemies naturally during the missions and droping the loot to transmog, edit my builds and make profit... Like Odyssey!!
    If the Odyssey system was considered like "grinding", the actual Valhalla is a "worse grind" yet!
    Why to do incursions?? just to upgrade my stable and remains poor?! OMG!
    There's not motivaion to do (loot), just to the fight experience!
    Here in Brazil, we have a popular expression that says: "We don't change a winning team" (Soccer)
    Was amazing e immersive! No reason to remove..
    This system was like RPG as Diablo, Wow and other popular RPG/MMORPG..
    I Just can see the reason like a hurry to release the game..

  • Cell1e
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    Yes so sad that there is so little loot dropping, I love collecting armours weapons, mixing things up, dismantling, selling and upgrading my other weapons, armours, ships etc. Something went badly wrong with the team on this one. How can no one have noticed this was a terrible idea to remove armour and weapon loot drops?

    Also wondering how can I not be able to craft my own arrows on the fly? So disappointing that I am running through tons of trees but cant gather any of them and cant make my own arrows. It just doesn't make sense. I'm sure those viking archers all made their own arrows using the resources around them. I really hope they decide to fix this or Ill be a sad girl having bought the season pass and no desire to play it.

  • BogTheBuilder
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    @cell1e Aye. Ngl, I'm getting fed up with having to waste time backtracking across acres of open fking countryside to pick up three arrows from a random outpost or camp, just to waste them tryna kill the stupid boar that hunted me across the fields just to hit and run. I understand the reality of how expensive metals were for Norsemen, but if we were playing a historically accurate game about Northern Germanic tribesmen, it would be a little bit boring because of how slow the pacing would be.

    With that being said, I'm still peeved that I can't get a wonderful surprise looting RNG weapons and armour pieces from corpses. Feels bad, man.

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    Yep I agree. The lack of armor and weapons is mind-blowing to me. Don't get me wrong, I like the story, combat and locations but with the lack of equipment I don't see myself exploring and doing any of the side stuff. With the amount of armor and weapons that was in Odyssey and the amount of weapons in Origins, I don't understand why they would go away from the from the RNG.

  • BogTheBuilder
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    @w1dowmakers Aye. And why are the "legendaries" so boring? Sleipnir Shield - blocking temporarily increases back damage. What does that even mean? Like, backSTAB damage? And why is this thing worth 120 pieces of Opal?? Plus wouldn't you assign backstab damage to a dagger? Why the heck is it on a shield?

    This gear is ridiculous.

    *edit* like off-hand daggers. Why would anyone even wield a dagger with a large shield like this anyway? I am absolutely bamboozled right now

  • adkogz7
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    I can elaborate and delve into the topic, but I think four words is all I'm gonna say that tells all of it in a condensed way. My answer to "The Lack of Equipments and the return of random equipment system like Odyssey":

    -Oh God, please no!

  • BogTheBuilder
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    @adkogz7 You'd prefer Origins, but without the abundance of lootable weapons? Just skins for different aesthetics but nothing to build? I can respect that, but in an open world RPG that would be way out of place. It would make more sense for a smaller, more linear game world.

  • JPABenites
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    I really respect your opinion!
    But if enemies started dropping items, what would change in your gameplay?
    You don't need to be grinding .. just play normally and the items would come.
    You can seek the legendary and focus on them like today.
    And all drop would be used only as transmog (new skins) and money when selling them in the merchant. How would it harm your game?
    The system only bring greater wealth and immersion to an open world game.
    I kill hundreds of swordsmen and no one-handed sword in the game..
    Today, this enemys drops metals, leathers and others to improve my limited gears. This kind of grind is worse, isnt it?

  • martygod12
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    @adkogz7 And what would you want?

    I am not saying that there must be dropping gear on every corner like in Odyssey, but in Valhalla that is just another extreme. There is almost no gear whatsoever. I am 15hours into the game and I am still in the starting gear (raven) and I have only found like 8-10 pieces of gear and mostly weapons so far. And I have already found most of the wealth (tresures) in the starting region of England and quite a bit from the second starting too. So where is all the gear?

    Yes I am not that far in the game to make any conclusions, but there are some woriing signs regarding gear so far.

    From what I see it (and I hope i am mistaken) there will be like 20 armor sets in the game and thats just not enough for a game this big.

  • martygod12
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    @jpabenites Well at least the armor looks a bit different when you upgrade it, but I agree that it was a very poor decision that enemies doesnt drop any gear.

    I mean I am not saying that every enemy should drop gead like in Odyssey, they tone it down a gear is harder to find I am okay with thar, but they went too far with this.

    Whats the point of killing elite enemy guarding a treasure if he doesnt drop anything, you can just run past him get the treasure and bye bye. The same for bosses, the main purpose for killing boss is to get gear, in Valhalla it is really unrewarding, you kill a boss and get nothing for it.

    And I have read somewhere that even when you kill a zealot you wont get any gear... Just [censored]? Whats the point of killing them?, And if order members dont drop gear either whats the point of killing them? Just for the story? Well thats not enough

  • adkogz7
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    Okay, I knew this would come as problematic to people just because I just expressed what I said in my mind when I read the post, so I'll elaborate more. You guys deserve it. I hope I didn't made you upset.

    But first, to OP: Thank you for respecting my opinion. I know when something that you want so much, gets negative responses from some people, my intent wasn't like that, if you felt that way I'm sorry. This is my opinion so if you bear, please listen.

    Now to all who replied to me: From a personal point, I'm a guy that loves when a medium gives me a character with a certain iconic visual that I like, not the other way around where I'll make my character thus I could say I liked the old version of AC where it is an action adventure game, not the RPG style. So whenever a new AC is announced, if I like the game and character, I intend to play the game with the default outfit that was shown during commercial marketing. Generally, there are lots of various different outfits that are introduced in the game, and I almost always don't wear them. My only exception is the very early games where we get upgrades from blacksmiths (like the AC2's strengthening that visually enhances the default outfit, that kind of stuff...) and where we get the ultimate outfit by doing side activities for it (like the black Altair's Outfit in AC2), I tend to get them and wear. But I do these exceptions because it organically progresses with the character development and power & health development.

    However, recent RPG introduction into the franchise starting from Odyssey, we were introduced the random loot concept both weapons and outfits (In Origins I wear Bayek's Outfit throughout the game and Hidden Ones DLC with the Hidden One Outfit since no attributes affect gameplay). The problem is flashy looking armor sets or outfits in Odyssey is so divided into body parts, it's incredibly complex and the grind for it is unbearable, I couldn't keep up with the "Mercenary Outfit" that the game was promoted as the default outfit because for each part I have to grind so much and leveling up doesn't help. To add to the point, that outfit's natural progression was promoted as the final one being the "Spartan War Hero Set" but apparently you get them through killing bunch of Cult members so there is no "natural progression" like the old AC games, which is jarring for me. So I finally decided to ditch it and keep wearing whatever I see "green" numbers implicating bigger numbers because that is better. And in my story, apparently I became this character who changes clothes a lot (don't know how logical it is) and and a master in every weapon on how to use them instead of dedicating himself into one specific weapon, which is again not logical and this breaks my immersion from my side of experiencing a story. This is not enjoyable. I know you may say that there are various weapon sets and outfits in old games as well but those games never pushes you to change them it's your preference, but Odyssey's grind system forces you to change constantly and quite regularly, otherwise you can't keep up with mission level demands or map locations' level limits, so you die a lot.

    But besides my personal preferences, Odyssey type random loot is not what AC needs, if it was like the Skyrim type of upgrade which is basically "upgrade through dedication" it would fit better. From my PoV, different hardcore gameplay systems and diverse realistic combat mechanics should be the focus of these games, not recent "repetitive by-the-numbers RPG-esque item-based gameplay loop" that bores us in 2-3 hours. Plus, the constant cycle of "ingame to menu to ingame to menu to change weapons, outfits" becomes a chore in time which is just cumbersome because that's not why we play AC from the beginning. We want to experience a story, a character, the atmosphere of past times in past locations, we want to immerse ourselves with believable characters uninterrupted and constant loot drops in Odyssey totally ruins it. Ghost of Tsushima gives a solution all the above problems I talked about perfectly, and it's both weapon and outfit system can be understandable, it's skill-based and lethal, not like by-the-numbers based maths involves systems that recent Assassin's Creed RPG system forces us. That is the problem. If only they get influenced by some design choices from Ghost of Tsushima. That is the perfect AC game that is not AC. 🙂

    You may say that these arguments I bring are not good enough a reason for not having random loot drops, I write all these points above for this one argument: It's Ubisoft we are talking about, if they implement this random loot concept again, the grind will be there again, believe me, I have seen enough from them to not believe they will have a fair system. They will introduce so much grind just so that it will force us to buy those MTX cash-grabs and if you defy spending money on them, you have to bust your balls to get there. I hate it when the whole game is based around items or loots, where were the games where mechanics, level design and hardcore game designs were an importance?

    Valhalla from the looks of it, is the ultimate way for me to experience it the way I want it to, but objectively, it also was the needed refreshing that the franchise needed. Don't get me wrong I loved playing Odyssey, but was never a fan of constant checking on my level and attributes, it limited the whole exploration system into territories your level binds you to roam freely, whereas actually you just want to lose yourself in that world and its mysteries as you see fit. This is what Valhalla promises and delivers.

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts


    First of all, thanks to expose your opinion, I respect and undestand you!

    I can see that your main problem with the game was the transition from an action game to an RPG. This is totally understanding!
    I finished the entire Altair, Ezio's saga, Connor, Edward, Shay (classics).
    I have a great affection for these characters and their incredible stories! I really loved.
    So I understand how complicated it is when the franchise changed the style of the game. 
    It is like fast and furious that initially it was about clandestine races for an action movie with full explosions.
    These changes really divided opinions. Needs to public likes RPG games to accept these changes and many people gave up the AC.
    In Odyssey, the style of the game fully embraced the RPG system, like The Witcher for example.
    But in Valhalla they seem to have been shy about it, going back with these systems adopted by the franchise.
    I also agree that it is boring grind to level up to proceed in the story, its breaks...
    But currently in Valhalla, we have to upgrade the equipment with materials to get stronger, in addition to gaining experience to have more power and passive skills (see that they only removed the level marker, but it is still there)
    Therefore, they do not seem to have solved this by pulling out the items, but it forces us to collect material .. which is even more annoying.
    Example: in Odyssey, if you were level 50, the drops used to be at your level. So the items dont seem to brake the pace of history, the leval breaks!
    In Valhalla this doesn't seem to happen, you have to improve the equipment from the beginning (I may be mistaken). Its really seems to brake the pace.
    I imagine that this decision is more related to time to release the game (no expending extra time working with item modeling).
    If AC decided to be an open world RPG, it should behave like one. Even more after having learned in Odyssey as well as in RPG games from other companies.
    If GTA decided to be a racing game, it must behave like racing games, since the old public hates...
    Playing AC as a RPG, we have the feeling that "something is missing"...

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    Playing a immersive RPG:

    We sailed in unknown waters to the enemy base, we are thirsty for blood and battle... 
    We left our families behind with the promise of returning victorious and full of spoils.
    We killed everyone in a fort, destroying barrages, we arrived at the weapons quarter...

    -OMG, its a chest! of course its may have a great loot!!

    when we opened the chest, we found leather and metal!

    -OMG! t's just what i wanted !!! 

    -Now i can improve my starting bow again!! (sarcasm)


  • martygod12
    247 posts

    I got you, just now I found some key in the old tower which was supposed to open a door somewhere, I have spend 5minutes looking for the doors and when I have finally found them, there was a chest inside filled with leather and iron 🙂 Just why even bother doing this stuff

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    Hello people, how are your gameplay? 😊

    I decided to do a be a little analysis regarding the items and improvement.
    Im motivated because the posts justifying the change to be positive due to the grind.

    Let's go guys:

    It is important to remember that the level system has been removed from the game.
    However, it is hidden behind the system of passive skills and power.

    How is today in Valhalla - Few items, they start with weak attributes and require improvement.
    So let's say that you decide to improve the raven set, you will need to gather materials such as metal and leather, go to the blacksmith to improve.
    Let's say that in your gameplay, you find the hunter's set and decide to switch to it.
    You will need to improve this new gear too (again collect lots of resources)
    ITS GRIND, GRIND and GRIND for each gear !!

    If Valhalla had an Odyssey-like system- You start with the initial raven set, if you WANT it, you can improve it and stay the whole game with it (collect resoursces likes today).
    However as your power goes up (accumulation of EXP, even the game does not admit there is a level system), better items will droping, and you don't have to spend time with leather and metal, NO GRIND!! Because you ever get gears with your "level" already improved.
    In practice- You do your missions normally, without the need for GRIND MATERIALS, just kill enemies in the missions that drop items according to your power (accumulated EXP), in addition to giving you new looks for transmog.
    Everything would be more rewarding! Today you kill score of enemies and get only boring materias...

    You could either stay with the same starting gear (who prefers the current mode) or switch to increasingly strong (already improved) drops
    You only need to grind gears if you really want to collect all transmog, but its not necessary to continue the history!

    So, the CURRENT system is more GRIND than if there were DROP gears, because todays you need to be grinding a lot of material today.

  • DeathBurnout
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    This is a much better system. 150 hours into Odyssey, the loot could not be any more pointless. Now finding new gear is always exciting and more meaningful.

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    With 150 hours in Odyssey you are already well advanced, it really doesn't make much difference. I agree with you. Just useful if want the transmogs..
    But there is no such dichotomy in Valhalla of "looking for exciting gears" or "drop gears".
    Ideally, BOTH things should happen at the same time like Odyssey! There were the random and the legendary (which you had to look for).
    Now you behave like Indiana Jones finding overpower gears in the map, like thor set, excalibur, mjolnir, very very rare itens almost free OMG!
    And you cant find normal Saxon's gears (it was very immersive and real).
    You kill Saxons a lot and nothing yet...
    It was amazing to defeat the cult to get a legendary gear or just defeat a stronger enemy guarding a chest to get a nice one handed sword (transmog or new atributes), it was freedom!
    You cant get any one handed sword in AC Valhalla yet, its wrong!
    What do you think about invade a quarter with many chest, score of enemy and not getting any armor or weapow, just materials to upgrade your same gear, each part many times?
    Leather and metal you can find in nature, its more easy than enter in a war. fishing is more profitable too (joke)
    Where is the realism? Vikings invaded and looted the Europe, its history!
    We just invades to get material to upgrade the gears and material to creat our base (to change the mount, cut hair and others)
    Think about the transmogs in Odyssey, and the capacity to change the atributes likes Efesto forge.
    (Now AC is a RPG, and needs to behavior like RPG's and as a RPG, Im feeling "I miss something", Im sorry guy)
    But I understand you, and Im really happy that you can fun even this problems.

  • martygod12
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    @deathburnout But AC is RPG now and in massive RPG like that there must be more gear to find around, not just one set tied to two different regions via the treasure chests. Its fine to look for it as it encourages exploration i am fine with that, but there must be also some gear as a quest rewards or after boss kill etc. etc. maybe that will be the case in the later point of the game, but so far Valhalla is missing that and it bothers me a lot.

  • JPABenites
    Original poster 95 posts

    Valhalla seems to be unfinished yet.
    The game is incredible and deserved more attention from the developers.
    Of course its not a bad game! but be better like a Massive RPG!
    (Since it was willing to be a rpg)
    Probably they were in a hurry to release!

  • FlashXAron
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    SIMPLE NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    really hated that stupid unpersonal LOOTER equipment ...

    would prefer to find special smiths, who could improve your prefered gear with small bonuses
    maybe to combine that runes at a special workbench to different combinations ...

    but not that stupid thing again, where I have to scrap every hour ten equipment I NEVER EVER CARED

    I love now, to look for special equipment. or search maybe for special crafting recipes to improve my items ...

    But Ubisoft is already doing that in all their games

    WELL DONE and please continue that way and never ever again for that terrible LOOTER system

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