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  • moved Is the game insanely easy ?

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    There are other threads saying the game is too hard.

    So no, it's not insanely easy, though some uber-players might like a 'nghtmare' difficulty, which is fair enough.

  • UltimatePowa
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    The game can be insanely easy if you cheese certain combos, like the hook and dual axe special attack combo.

    The most difficulty I find is trying to pull off a stealth mission without ever being spotted.

    When it comes to scaling, it is definitely needed as an option.
    I think most people here are fighting NPCs that are a lower level than them, rather than a higher.

  • Lord_WarpGuN
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    @dl_thunderr same here, i did a lot a things in norway before we saild away to england I'm on "act" 3 recommended lvl 50-55 and im lvl82 already ..,to easy 😐 (except some bosses and npc) i love the game but perhaps i should put it on hold until UBi fix it.

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    @detroitin2019 It got even easier... Thats the problem. Im level 50 and enemies 20

    That's what I noticed too: when you start to have 30-50 skill levels above your enemies (something quite common if you finish the main story arc in a zone after exploring) you one-shot basic enemies...
    I feel like in AC Origins with 50 points in melee mastery XD

  • TheGodlyBacon
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    @dl_thunderr The game needs to adjust the experience required to level up and also how they give away skill points like candy.

    Theres a lot of [censored] to fill up in the trees, yeah, but I'm also sitting on 100+ skill points in order not to over level myself and make the game's difficulty a joke. Currently running through the 160 power level areas, did a decent amount of exploring and I'm technically power level 265.

  • RazorChain
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    The game is extremely easy even on hardest. I went to power level 160 area on hardest difficulty when I was PL 71 and killed everything with ease.

    That said boss battles can be extremely hard on the drengr difficulty. This is mainly because of stamina. Stamina doesnt matter in normal fights but in boss battle it is extremely important. This means in boss fights you cant use heavy attacks at all. To add on top that the controls are very unresponsive when defending compared to Odyssey. This leads to very frustrating combats where you can almost one shotted because the combat timing of defense is so badly implemented. You don't realize this in normal combat because its so easy. On top of this because you have to dodge or parry multiple times in a row in boss fights will leave you out of stamina which gets you killed. All in all stamina is very badly implemented. It's meaningless in unless in boss combat and then you end up fighting bossess that will throw 5 projectiles and you can only dodge 4 times without running out of breath and even if you manage to dodge all of them then you are defenseless for the next attack the boss spams because you have exhausted the stamina meter

  • Vlerk2020
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    Skill tree makes no sense (origins/odyssey was MUCH better), stamina bar is broken and you can still SPAM attacks and the bow is overpowered / unbalanced.
    I posted some worries months ago by the combat system and combat in general, it's just to easy.. i can raid with just watching the enitire thing and only opening doors/chests.

    I stopped playing at the 28% progress mark few days ago.. i have seen enough and don't care anymore.

    Bow overpowered and silver making drinking abuse: spiffing brit video

  • Ehllfhire1
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    @dl_thunderr very easily.

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