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  • usrhlp
    5 posts

    @sgtdev I fixed both of these by going to the world. Then loading the atlas. Loading Norway. Then going back to the map and loading England again and retrying and it seemed to work.

  • BurakHawk
    1 posts

    try this

  • Xeth-
    1 posts

    Usrhlp's solution worked. What happened is Randvi is stuck waiting for you at the alliance map after you talk to Sigurd and he leaves, she cannot talk to you because she is supposed to be waiting for Valka to talk to her as you help her carry her stuff to her new place. So the game does not know how to resolve this, so going to Norway resets Randvi to be waiting for you on the Valka walk.

  • ApGOD48
    15 posts

    @xeth yes randvi stands where she is supposed to be but again after u start talking to valka for quest randvi disaapears from there so they both are bugged

  • missberryblue
    1 posts

    Had the same problem, but @usrhlp 's solution worked for me.

  • Rygor2020
    1 posts

    Unfortunately, usrhlp fix doesn't work for me (PC). tried it a few times from different save games. now I can't progress any further as I can't talk to Randvi. This game is very buggy.

  • StickBlack
    1 posts

    So fast traveling to Norway didn't work, but it reset Randvi. She disappeared after I walked Valka up the hill and Valka got stuck HOWEVER! What worked for me is I upgraded her tent (back left of settlement) and brought the crate that I'm supposed to carry to her hut by where the pot is inside. Then I used my mount to sort of push Valka all the way to her hut. It takes a while but after I pushed Valka all the way through her hut, the quest was completed and Randvi was once again accessible. I'm hoping this helps someone.

  • NukeEm00
    1 posts

    You have to talk to valka when randvi is out side having a conversation with someone, then Valka walks by and talks to her for a little bit then goes to her hut and complete task after that your good with randvi. if she is not there when valka walks by she gets stuck in the middle of the road and you can’t talk to randvi. You have to do the valka task first

  • guest-sJTsvBPw
    1 posts

    Hello everyone Im having issues with this damn game, any help would be appreciated. Ok after I complete ubba and Ivarr mission when colbert comes to raven home. I cannot talk to anyone blacksmith randvi seer nobody. Please help.

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1309 posts

    Hello there,

    Sorry to hear that you are unable to proceed with the storyline and apologies for the delayed reply.

    Can you please provide us with a short video of this occurring, so we can investigate it further?

    @guest-sJTsvBPw - As I mentioned a video, can you please demonstrate to us the issue, your completed and active quests, and your world map, so we can check? Additionally, can you please confirm the platform that you're currently playing on?

    Many thanks and if you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Official Response

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