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  • Hawke0325
    16 posts

    My season pass disappeared from store section on PS4 and it was installed and everything. Then after this update it was taken off after I paid for the ultimate edition to get that. Am I gonna have to buy the season pass again?!

  • Hawke0325
    16 posts

    And then I notify them of the issue and tell me to restore the licences (that has not worked at all) this is messed up. Ubisoft fix the season pass or give the expansions for free

  • reddragon_8684
    1 posts

    I was trying to purchase the season pass for Assassins creed valhalla but the only one available is for the ps5. Is the season pass only available for the ps5 or are there problems with the ps4 season pass?

  • MentallyFooked
    7 posts

    @reddragon_8684 im having the problem on ps4

  • MentallyFooked
    7 posts

    I got a reply from Ubisoft to say they are aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

    I understand that you have redeemed the Season Pass on PlayStation 4, but did not receive it.

    This is a known issue that some players are experiencing and it has already been passed to our developers to be addressed.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Should you have the any additional queries, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Mrbonejang45
    1 posts

    Why can’t I purchase the season pass on my ps4?

  • De4uc2es0
    1 posts

    So i got the standard edition on ps4. Wanting to buy the season pass and it's says I'm not entitled lol....but i can't upgrade to gold or ultimate because psn says i already own Valhalla. C'mon man!!!

  • dffmnh6
    1 posts

    Hey ubisoft when i redeemed my season pass mine said that its not available in my region any tips?

  • Jaden_X
    1 posts

    Hey Ubisoft, so I just purchased the Ultimate Edition Steelbook of Valhalla for the PS4. I redeemed the code that it came with but all it did was just give me the Way of the Berserker Mission. It did not show that the Season Pass is purchased or any of the Ultimate Edition Content available. Is there something you can do to assist?

  • Crete22
    12 posts

    Since the Yule festival patch. The season pass itself doesnt show up in the in-game store, as for the ps store, it simply says that Im entitled for the season pass on ps5 (even though I'm on ps4). I have pre-ordered the ultimate edition way back in August. I did manage to download all the content and use it in-game. But can you confirm that I will be also able to download the up-coming expensions despite this season pass situation?

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