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  • SOLVED [RESOLVED] [PC] Disguised Eivor moves at the slowest speed regardless of settings when using the "walk" input | POST HERE

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  • TryToBeHappy
    20 posts

    + 1 with this strange problem. I hope that Ubi will fix this as soon as posible.

  • haileylucrezia
    2 posts

    @mr_queenie Hi i agree! Problem on PC with keyboard! Needs to be fixed. Adjusting walk speed in options menu does nothing!

  • Kupferklos
    2 posts

    Heyo. Im not sure if theres any news regarding an upcoming quick little patch
    But i would love to see this fixed *before* being halfway through the game.

    On PC using your cloak to disguise is absolutely not usable. You walk around waaaay too slow, to the point when someone starts noticing you you feel caged and helpless and have to run away so you dont get spotted. Its really ruining an otherwise great feature id love to use more!

  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts


    hi there, i got my recording software to work for reporting another bug so i thought i may as well show this one as well. here you go. as you can see she's SO much slower with hood up, i have my walking speed maxed out, too. this makes walking around distrusted areas really difficult as you have to alternate between running and walking if you want to get anywhere.

  • OneFromHell
    6 posts

    I agree that the walking speed while cloaked is way too slow. Ubisoft, can you please fix this? A snail moves faster than the character while cloaked. (On PC using mouse and keyboard).

  • EglooKen
    1 posts

    This bug has been "bugging" me (hehe) ever since day one release, and can u pls make it so that the cloak and hood wont automatically be off when detected?

  • jhbaird4
    2 posts

    thanks for the response! I am playing on keyboard and mouse.

  • TaliesinWard
    15 posts

    I have walking speed set to 10 in the options menu and the speed is perfect IMO, however whenever I pull the hood up the walking speed drops to what I assume is the lowest speed setting. I have a gamepad (but prefer to play AC games exclusively on M/KB) and have tested with both. Hooded walk speed with the gamepad is noticeably faster than M/KB.

    I don't know if this is intentional (I assume it isn't) but it kills social stealth and roleplay for me.

    2 ways this could be fixed:

    Easy way - allow the "walking speed" setting in the Options menu to affect both hooded and non-hooded walk speeds.

    Harder (but way better) way - currently when you have sneak (c) toggled you can choose from 3 different speeds: walk, run and sprint. It would be awesome to have the same apply to walking, for example: CTRL to toggle walking mode, SHIFT to switch between the user defined walk speed and the default (1) walk speed. Have this apply to both hooded and non-hooded movement in the exact same way for consistency.

    I know there are more pressing things to work on but if you guys could do something about this I know there are a lot of players out there for whom these changes would have a massive impact from both a gameplay and immersion/roleplaying standpoint.

  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    @Ubi-Baron @Ubi-Swaggins @Ubi-Spud terribly sorry for directly pinging you guys, but i know that you're very active and @Ubi-Ginge has not been online since the 13th, i fear that since this has a "official response" no one will check it otherwise

    When using a KB&M Eivor walks painfully slowly while you have your hood up, and the speed is unaffected by the "walking speed" setting. this makes traversing distrusted zones really difficult because you literally can't walk away fast enough to avoid detection, but if you run you get instantly detected. this only occurs when using a KB&M as far as i can tell as i've had others say this isn't the case when using a controller, and it fixes even if you plug one into a PC. i do not have a controller to test this, or use that "fix" but it should be super easy to replicate this bug, and hopefully fix it. i'd really appreciate if this was passed onto the dev team as it's really impacting my actual gameplay negatively, i'm almost certain this is happening for everyone but i think people assume it is intended behaviour and are not reporting it, everyone i've actually seen talk about it say the same thing.

    this is in my opinion a very detrimental bug to gameplay as it makes any distrust area atrocious to play/move around in, and i think that not many people are reporting it because they think it's intended behaviour. but it is not - someone actually commented on my video (must of found it via just google searching as i do not have actual subscribers) saying that it only happens when you have a keyboard & mouse input, he tested changing to controller and it worked at the correct speed, really hope that you can pass this on because it's super frustrating and should be really easy to replicate and hopefully fix

    here is the video


  • Sirius348
    1 posts

    pls increase the walking speed when eivor is putting on his/her cloak!

  • Morganthus
    2 posts

    @sirius348 Indeed!

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    +1 to this. I expected the walking to be faster, especially when I have to constantly toggle between walk and run when I'm with the wandering group of monks for the blend option.

  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1091 posts

    Hello all,

    Thank you for your continued reports and feedback regarding the walking speed of Eivor when in disguise on PC. From the videos provided I realise this may be troublesome for managing stealth effectively, so I'll be passing these onto the devs for their review. If I hear anything back, I will let you know.

    @chaosandcoffee Just as a quick heads-up, I deleted your duplicate thread on this topic after finding your posts here. I have however copied across any useful information into a previous message. It does not help us when you create duplicate threads as this creates additional sources for us to check when trying to understand a particular issue. A thread is not ignored if it has an official response - it is checked as soon as possible for updates as with all the rest. If you can find an existing thread for your issue, please post in this and wait for a reply in the future. Thank you. 🙂

    Official Response
  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    thank you for your response. i did not mean that threads with a response wouldn't be looked at, but i was worried that it wouldn't be looked at by staff other than the original support who commented, who hadn't been online for around a week at the time - nothing against them, just afraid it would fly under the radar, my bad

    i will not make any duplicate threads in future - i just really didn't want this to go unnoticed as it's probably the biggest actual gameplay affecting bug plaguing me, as it occurs at all times instead of just for one quest etc. i do apologise and will wait patiently now that it's been acknowledged

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1091 posts

    @chaosandcoffee All Support Staff working on the forums will check as many threads as they can - we don't have ownership of particular threads, so to speak, so there's no need for concern if you notice a particular agent has not been online for a few days 🙂

    I appreciate your apology but honestly, don't worry about it! It's just a heads-up as we're trying to get as many "megathreads" going as possible to keep reports of particular issues together and centralise information. 🙂 I'll be adding this topic to the list in case any other players on PC would like to share their experiences too.

    Official Response
  • Mccray10
    3 posts

    I havnt messed with the setting but there is a setting for walking speed in the game options. I hope this helps

  • Lafrendgio
    30 posts

    @sirius348 seems fine on a controller. I think there's a speed setting for kb&m

  • OneFromHell
    6 posts
    pls increase the walking speed when eivor is putting on his/her cloak!


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