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  • strigoi1958
    23 posts

    I really like the level of detection. I love taking my time crouching in long grass and very slowly picking off a lot of guards one by one. To make certain I do not get detected when assassinating, I sometimes whistle to bring a guard to where I am, but move around a corner and whistle again to bring him to a place where I am certain to kill without being seen. It takes time but it is very satisfying to go through a whole fort or outpost undetected.

    In distrust areas, the moment I get any indication I have been spotted I move out of sight, blend in or crouch and move. but then I use odin vision almost constantly, always checking guard locations and avoiding them or climbing up high. For me it is part of the game, designed to make us more thoughtful about how we go about being an assassin, silent, hidden as long as possible. Which is good for me, because combat is not my strong point, early on I died so many times because Ilacked, armour, health good weapons and... the necessary keyboard skills 🙂 to fight off a few enemies, now I have improved my combat because my gear allows me to stay alive long enough to learn defence not just attack. But for me, stealth is the most important part of the game, especially an assassin game. I should add I play on pc and it may be different on a console but, yes detection is still quick but it suits my playstyle.

  • FrozeRusKoT
    4 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Cell1e
    158 posts


    Yes I agree wholeheartedly, so glad others feel the same as I do, the assasin skills are so downgraded. 😞

    Im also missing so much the tools I had in previous games, the darts. Now the arrows are used for that but only if you have adrenaline? I have to try and keep adrenaline for blwoing up doors to get the crappy loot so i cant use any of it for sneaking about and poisoning lots of folks.

    Wheres my poison, sleep and beserker darts? I used to love hitting the guards with a bezerker dart and sit back and eat popcorn while the guards eliminate each other for me.

    In origins I loved hitting one guard with poison and watching all others go investigate and get poisoned too. I would go through all my darts when clearing a camp, a lot of fun that I'm missing so much here.

    Gosh this game is really nice in some places but doesnt feel like an assasin game at all. (ps my assasin characters always felt like heroes to me but my viking assasin feels like a theif and a murderer, vikings are horrible bloodthirsty bad guys, my character feels like such a anti hero.)

  • Nikko345
    11 posts

    I would make that you can aim in bushes without getting detected (or make and ability in the skill tree for that). The main purpose is that you can tell your raven to distract someone without aiming at him and getting detected (cause guards in this game detect you too fast and from too far away, yes. I would make that they detect you this fast when you dont have the cloak, but make it harder when you have it.) . Plus, if you fire a bow too near them, they already hear it, so it will be nice that we can do this to use our raven or wolf or just to check damage on a guard.

    About walk speed, there's a bug on keyboard where walking with the cloak makes you walk with the slowest speed. If walking speed without cloak seems slow, well... it's because it's meant to be slower than running.

    About detection while assasinating, its normal that they detect you if they see a misterious figure taking down another guard. The problem is that they see it from too far away, as i said earlier.

    The final thing that i would fix it's the chain assasination not working when you kill a guard that is on a chair or doing something (i think sometimes you cant even do an air assasination on them) which sometimes makes you fail the whole infiltration.

    (Sorry if i made some mistakes writing, english is not my main language)

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    I can't really understand the points made here. Stealth is way more improved I feel like. Maybe, considering the game has so many bugs in other parts, it also has bugs here for some? Sad that the game is so buggy that you sometimes don't know if it is a bug or intentional game design 😕

  • ValtyrNine
    87 posts

    @souldrinkerlp I think the main issue people have is that there is really nothing between being revealed or in stealth. You're just either detected or not detected. There's no "searching" period anymore for some reason. I don't even know why there's a yellow bar on the enemy alert UI because it instantly goes from white to red 100% of the time I'm assuming. Enemies will magically know where you are at all times when you're detected, and once you've gotten out of their range they simply forget about you completely. It's not like in the old games where the stealth was much more dynamic and enemies would spend time looking for you after you went to hide, or would get suspicious of you then come closer instead of full-on whipping out their weapons and attacking you once they realized you're there.

  • bitebug2003
    84 posts

    @valtyrnine yes I agree, while they do search they it can take a while for them to stop searching - Especially in Distrust Zones.

    Personally I think the Distrust Zones are broken - I can't walk past an enemy without them being suspicious which is just silly.


  • ValtyrNine
    87 posts

    @bitebug2003 I've literally never seen an enemy search unless I hid in a bush and whistled for them. They'll go to look at dead bodies but that's not "searching" since they won't actually look for the player, they just stare at the body then go back to where they were.

    The problem with distrust zones is the same as the general stealth. There's no "alert"/searching period. In the old games, a white bar would come up where the enemy wouldn't react to you in any escalating way. The white bar was the period where they might be looking around, telling you to back off, or other things they can do from where they're standing without moving. After the white bar, the they'd go into "search/alert" mode, with the yellow bar. The yellow bar is when they'd actively begin to move towards you, the "get over here, you!"/"I need to talk to you" dialogue type stuff, or when they'd walk over to poke around in hay stacks or bushes. Once they were close enough to fully identify you, they'd then go red bar and attack.

    In this game it's: white bar is actively coming after you and yelling at you, yellow bar appears for a split second to indicate they're becoming aggressive, then immediately red. They're ALWAYS aggressive. Which they shouldn't be, that period of standing around doing nothing that was there in the old game isn't there anymore.

  • Nikko345
    11 posts

    @valtyrnine I have seen them searching when they find a body. They sometimes call for help and other times they check the body alone and then search for you in the bushes and hay piles for 30 sec or so.

  • IamCadenz3090
    6 posts

    @dani6six may i ask, if like myself, you play with limited HUD, etc.?

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