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  • Woog_TX
    8 posts

    Ugh, I take it back. I closed the game to come back and put in the forum entry but when I started the game again it locked up at the title screen as before. Sorry gang, I'm at a loss on this one.

  • ScorpionDK27
    14 posts

    @woog_tx i had the hope it would work...

  • emmaj95
    66 posts

    @woog_tx Just tried, didnt work šŸ˜ž

  • Woog_TX
    8 posts

    Looked in Security and Maintenance like the error asked and found this Hardware error.


    Hardware error

    ā€Ž11/ā€Ž12/ā€Ž2020 1:32 PM

    Report sent

    A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent
    Code: 141
    Parameter 1: ffffde0f68a76010
    Parameter 2: fffff8018d5b2298
    Parameter 3: 0
    Parameter 4: 2358
    OS version: 10_0_18363
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 256_1
    OS Version: 10.0.18363.
    Locale ID: 1033

    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID: LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys_Turing_SCG3D
    Server information: bd5d2f75-706a-4384-9318-526e598da316

  • Woog_TX
    8 posts

    So it's a video driver issue. Thanks Nvidia!!

    The driver is up to date with the one that came out on Nov 9. Version 457.30

  • Woog_TX
    8 posts

    I did a clean reinstall of the latest driver, reboot and issue continues. I'm not sure what changed between this morning and this afternoon but we can't play the game at all now. UBISOFT HELP!!

  • Woog_TX
    8 posts

    I submitted a ticket and gave them this post. Updates to come.

  • emmaj95
    66 posts

    @woog_tx Thank you! Any and all info is appreciated. Been a very disappointing three days.

  • CrazyDonkey88
    100 posts

    @woog_tx still thanks for the solution. We are all dissapointed about Ubi ant this technical issues

  • ScorpionDK27
    14 posts

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