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  • Anmixx
    21 posts

    @anmixx Yeah, sounds like you encountered a huge bug there if you weren't even able to do the quest.

  • R4MPZY
    13 posts

    @anmixx Yeah... Good thing Ubisoft did some thorough beta testing.. oh wait

  • Roye209
    15 posts

    @ubi-woofer Thank you so much for the update. But at this point, honestly I've lost interest.

    It doesn't help that we only hear from you about every 7 days. I understand you and the devs are very busy, but I like others expected a great level of urgency for such a HUGE GAME BREAKING bug. This bug literally breaks the story.

    It makes no sense that it's taken this long to fix and reply to frustrated (and rightfully so) customers. I've bought almost every Assassins CREED game but this may just be my last. This game is incredibly buggy and while I appreciate the effort in creating something so grand and ambitious, you guys intentionally put out a broken product.

    It's really a shame because this could very easily have been one of the best if not the best games of the year. At this point I think I will just wait for Cyberpunk 2077 next week and drop this game for good. I can't invest another 40 hours into this knowing there's a bug like this. Especially since we have absolutely no ETA on when this will be fixed or zero feedback from the devs in 2 weeks.

    It's not your fault and I truly appreciate you responding to me and the rest of us here but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely disappointed in both this game and how this bug has been handled bu Ubisoft. And the worst part is that there's probably thousands if not millions of people playing this game right now not knowing this huge bug exists.

  • megadeth1a
    2 posts

    Yup same exact problem they need to fix this. Especially after that awful ending.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    Yes, the quest disappeared from my log as well despite having completed it - after a reload it vanished.

    In fact, ALL settlement quests (the bakery, the hunter house, the children's searching for the wolf, Randvi) disappear from the log after a reload.

    Ubisoft, I know you are busy, so I can wait, BUT please at least say you know it and WILL fix it, properly. Your patch claimed to solve issues but some, like the duplicate armor and legendary animal trophy not appearing, are still present.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    I don't intend to romance Randvi as I want the best ending, so that is not a big problem for me, but I perfectly understand how irritating this is, and in fact all the settlement quests also have the same issue of disappearing from the log after a reload.

    Thankfully, the Man's Best Friend ability upgrade remained in my case.

  • Kieralae
    3 posts

    Completed Taken for Granted with "now is not the time", saved and reloaded with no possibility of relationship dialogue with Randvi now 😞

  • zeehyrs
    1 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @kieralae One thing I noticed is that, for the other settlement members' romance options, they are still present despite their quests having disappeared. However, Randvi is the only person whose option disappears altogether.

  • shyam3010
    84 posts


    Such a shame, isn't it? We all paid a premium price for the game but instead of being able to enjoy it, we have to sit on our hands and wait for them while they take forever to fix the bugs which should've been resolved prior to release anyway. I've never experienced anything like this before.

  • Roye209
    15 posts

    @shyam3010 My point EXACTLY! It's so disappointing. How ironic is it that the quest that causes this bug that hasn't been fixed for weeks is titled "Taken for Granted." That's exactly how many of us loyal Assassin Creed fans feel.

  • Winged.Snake
    1 posts

    Hi ! Can you confirm that even if the “romance option dialog” (heart) disappears when you talk to her after telling her “now it’s not the time”, you will still be able to start the romance at Gunnar’ wedding ? The fact that the romance dialog option disappears after a while make me wonder if the game has “taken note” of my answer... I will be very frustrated if I cannot romance her at the end because of this bug...

  • W0ffeh
    13 posts

    @roye209 Can one even call this Assassins Creed anymore? Don't take me wrong, I love this game but the only "assassins creed" that is part of Valhalla are very minimal to say the least

  • IIINorCal707III
    1 posts

    Its now December 4th & this still hasn't been patched? Come on Ubisoft...get it together, we want to ❤ Randvi, not finish the game & then have the option when were done playing the game, whats the point in that..

  • guest-tlsYXTjy
    1 posts

    Having same issue here

  • PierreDey
    2 posts

    I can't even start this quest, even though I have already completed five different alliances. There is no dialogue option about it when I speak to her.

  • Undeadelvis85
    1 posts

    It happened to me also, luckily i have a manual save during the quest itself so i rolled it back once i realised. To me the completed quest seems to get deleted once an autosave is loaded at any time after completion if said quest, which in turn stops the romance dialogue. One this occur it effects every save apart from any done during or before the taken for granted quest. I also did the east anglia arc as my 3rd alliance. I'm holding off completing the taken for granted quest and continuing the story until this is fixed.
    Any updates in any upcoming patch which may resolve this?

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    Hey guys, after finishing the game, the romance option for Randvi is somehow back when talking to her over the Alliance Map table.

    This can be a kind of solution but yes it should be looked into because the option to romance her should be available any time after the Taken for Granted quest.

  • R4MPZY
    13 posts

    @undeadelvis85 I reloaded a save from before i did Taken for Granted when i had this issue, but after doing some raids or continuing the story the quest simply disappears.

    I reloaded all my saves to right after i turned in my 3rd pledge and you see the quest mark above Randvi, so instead of doing the quest i went on to do some raids and the quest still disappears

  • laurainy
    1 posts

    Hey guys!
    I guess this bug still hasn't been fixed, but somehow I found a way around it.
    I'm on PS4, and what I did after I discovered this quest is broken;
    - stopped playing for nearly a week as I was super upset about the quest being broken and was planning on returning after the issue had been dealt with
    - went back today and loaded an autosave straight from main menu made right after the wedding over at East Anglia
    - went to Randvi to tell her we have succeeded at the pledge, then went to the alliance map and pledged to Oxenefordscire


    - had the option to start the Taken for Granted quest, so I made a manual save (1) and went for it
    - made another manual save (2) before going to the bandit camp
    - completed the camp, made the next manual save (3) after terribly sucking at the drinking game
    - made the fourth save after choosing to romance her later, and went to check completed quests - KACHING! the quest was there

    When I returned to Ravensthorpe after looting the Sunken Tor, I had the option to "Talk about us" with Randvi. Now, I assume the game should allow this throughout, but as I feared I would never get the chance to talk about us with her again, I chose to do it right away. I might have effed this up regarding the ending, but honestly, I'm just happy I got to proceed with this. Also, after I have finished this game, I might come back to it to see how things are after the bug has been fixed. So if you don't mind talking about you with her right away, you could try these steps to get the quest working somehow.

    Before I quit for nearly a week, I had the same issues people have told about here; only could pledge alliances with Randvi after choosing to romance later, and the quest disappearing completely from completed quests.

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