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  • Emilyb799
    1 posts

    Everyone complains on Reddit but I see nothing on here. Why is the romance option gone after the quest ? Please fix the bug.

  • NinjaPandaEU
    1 posts

    Same problem here, playing on PC.

    I chose "Now is not the right time" at the end of the quest. Now it's gone from the log and the option to talk to her has disappeared.

  • KingRogers23
    4 posts

    This happened to me as well, I’ve found no lasting work around.. incredibly frustrating! I don’t want to ruin my first play through by going with an option with consequences that I know carry weight

  • DanielLupus82
    2 posts

    I have the same on PS4:
    After selected "not the right time", I managed to go back to the settlement, talk to Randvi "about us", but by that time I was still with Petra. Reloaded the save but dialogue option and finished quest gone.
    Even if I reload a save on the top of the tower right after Randvi left, the quest already gone.... No dialog option.

    Im 80! hours in to the game, and NEVER had any quest/dialog problems, so DEFINITELY the "Not the right time" choice that starts dialog/quest/settlement NPC problems for many people.

    One question: If I reload the save before the trip, and leave the Taken for Granted quest for as late as possible, not starting it before Sigurd break up with Randvi, then can I still start the whole romance stuff after she's free? Or I have to start Taken For Grated before their breakup, to be able to romance at all?

  • VanillaElls
    8 posts

    @weltenbruch2020 i been looking all over and posting aswell about this, why are they not noting this particular bug its quite serious.. the quest vanishes from completed log and randvi acts like the quest never happened after loading a save

  • VanillaElls
    8 posts

    Yes everyone seems to be having this problem ! I haven't seen any responses from ubi about it still, I just hope they acknowledged it somewhere

  • VanillaElls
    8 posts

    @emilyb799 waiting for this fix too. had to reload to before i started the quest and been avoiding since, multiple posts are finally on here about it. Loading any save after completion makes the quest vanish from completed log and randvi loses related dialogue

  • Weltenbruch2020
    16 posts

    There is an official post about this in the known bugs list on this board here. Over 30 people have reported it there already maybe you could consider doing that as well. The more people report it there the higher might be the chances of getting it fixed soon.

  • claud1o-
    50 posts

    Same exact issue on PS4 - I selected "not the right time", got the option at the table map to "talk about us" once, did not think it was the right time and then the option disappearred since.

  • claud1o-
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  • hayd014
    2 posts

    Seem to having a similar issue with this except im unable to finish the quest and I currently still need to drink with Randvi but I can still find her at the alliance table and cant even speak to her to continue the whole story.

    Im 35+ hours into the game and really dont want to restart. I really hope the Devs fix this soon as I was really enjoying the game.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1268 posts

    Hello everyone! Thanks for continuing to share your reports of this issue here in this megathread I put together. I apologise that it's taken a little time for me to reply after setting the thread up yesterday, but I'm here now!

    I've collected together the information provided throughout the thread and submitted a formal bug report to the developers, adding in quotes of your reproduction steps for their attention as well. If anyone would be able to provide video evidence of the issue, this would be very much appreciated so that I can forward this as well. I saw that Fungishrader posted about providing a video at the top of this page, but I'd gladly accept as many as I can get with any additional information you feel would be relevant, such as the quest / world event etc. you completed immediately prior to completing "Taken for Granted", or what you did during / after completing it that may have triggered the quest to disappear from your logs and the dialogue with Randvi to be prevented thereafter.

    @Weltenbruch2020 Thanks for pointing out that I'd missed the second half of the problem in the title!

    @PredatorBowStan You've mentioned having issues with the "Carrying the Torch" quest as well? Could you possibly make a separate thread for this issue and provide as much information as possible about when it started, any possible causes, and also include a video showing that the quest is missing? Thank you!

    Official Response
  • Weltenbruch2020
    16 posts

    @Ubi-Woofer : thank you very much for collecting all our data. while playing on PS4 I sadly wont be able to provide any video but here is what I did befor the bug and how I encountered it:

    Quests I finished right before starting the quest:
    - the east engla story arc
    - the settlement quest with the dead tattoo guy (Im playing in german, I dont know how it is called in english)

    How I encountered it:
    - first time: finished the quest, talked to her and took the "lets talk about us" option. decided I wanted to wait till later, quit the game, loaded an old save, quest was gone, dialogue option was gone too
    - second time: did all of the above but ignored the dialogue option, after I began the oxenfordshire story arc, saved and loaded the game the quest was gone again, so was the dialogue option
    - third time: did the "taking for granted" quest AGAIN (yes, im kind of dedicated), went back to randvi, did NOT talk to her, saved the game, reloaded it, talked to her and again: quest gone, dialogue option gone

    So far it seems I can do whatever I want, the quest will be gone and randvi will be bugged after I shut down and start up the game when the quest is finished....

  • darkclaymore77
    2 posts


    The same thing happened to me. I thought it was because I finished Oxfordshire since I haven't visited the settlement for hours. I just remember having the "Lets talk about us" option, but now it's not there anymore. I was wondering if it was a story mission thing, not sure anymore...

  • Weltenbruch2020
    16 posts

    @darkclaymore77 have you seen the new official post about the issue? maybe you could share some details there and we will get an hotfix soon.... https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/79454/taken-for-granted-disappears-from-completed-quests-and-prevents-npc-dialogue-post-here/38#

  • darkclaymore77
    2 posts

    I am on PS4 and have a similar issue/bug. I cannot provide any video since I don't record while I am playing.

    -Before I did the "Taken for Granted" Quest, I finished the Grantebridgescire Arc with Soma.
    -I chose the "Now is not the time" option during the quest. Back at the settlement I still had the "Lets talk about us" option when talking to Randvi
    -Afterwards, I completed the East Angila Arc. Luckily I still had the "Lets talk about us" option
    -Then, I finished the Dream sequence in Asgard and the Oxenfordshire Arc: Go back to report to Randvi about what happened to Sigurd, the "Lets talk about us" option isn't there anymore
    -Reloaded the game and still nothing

    I stopped playing the game since then trying to figure out what's going on, thinking if it is because


    the reason why the romance dialogue option disappeared/bugged. I don't want to load back because I've sunk in over 12hrs after the Taken for Granted quest.

  • Fungishrader
    16 posts

    @ubi-woofer Thanks for looking into this!

    Here's the link to the video of the bug in the longhouse (post Taken for Granted), happy to make another one if you have anything in particular you want to see

  • TwanzoTheGreat
    4 posts

    I’m have the same issue with the taken for granted quest not appearing in the completed quest lists and the dialogue option not appearing with Randvi.

    Any update on when this will be addressed?

  • TwanzoTheGreat
    4 posts

    Same issue

  • xFirewolf88x
    3 posts

    Before I did the "Taken for Granted" Quest, I finished the East Angila Arc.
    -I chose the "Now is not the time" option during the quest.
    -Back at the settlement I still had the "Lets talk about us" option when talking to Randvi
    -decided I wanted to wait till later, loaded an old save, dalogue option was gone.

    After doing "Taken for Granted" Quest a second time, saved right after asking her why they did not ride back together. "Lets talk about us" option was there when i saved.
    -Afterwards, During the Oxenfordshire Arc. "Taken for Granted" quest was gone and the "Lets talk about us" option is missing.
    -My previous saves after when i did the "Taken for Granted", dialog no longer has the "Lets talk about us" option.

    I have stopped playing as well since that is the character i want to have a romance with. 27+ hours in, and I did the "Taken for Granted" quest at 22 Hours into the game.

    I am also trying to get a Video, however i do not think you would want to rummage through 5+ hours of game play

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