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    @bielik01 Imagine the brainstorming session at Ubisoft when they decided to not allow melee weapons...

    “So, should we allow melee weapons on horseback?”
    “No, that’s not historical, even though that’s exactly what we did for the games that took place hundreds of years before this one.”
    “Well, what do we do instead?”
    “Eivor can kick people and animals... that sounds like what a Viking would do.”
    “Wait, what about the horse, can’t it kick too?”
    “No, horses don’t know how to do that... they only know how to gallop and step on stuff. We can have the horse ram breakable things like a boar, because pigs and equines are totally the same thing.”
    “Great! Let’s do that.”

    Later in the session...

    “Hey, check this out! We can give players an armor that makes Eivor look like Sauron!”
    “I see no problems with this... send it out!”

  • wSmk
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    Fight enemies who are sitting on the horse, not interested. Causes:

    • The enemy's horse is immortal..
    • The health of such an enemy is overstated. It takes too long to kill, even if you hit all the vulnerable spots.
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    @thenorfolkian @Ubi-Borealis

    I agree with this. When I played the Siege of Paris, I went up against one of the Frankish Nobles. Gerswinda, a heavy cavalry on horseback. I wished that I could even the odds a bit by getting on horseback and attacking with a sword or a spear of some sort instead of kicking! I even tried that. I got knocked off by her spear. Trying to hit her with a sword or one of my abilities, was like trying to hit a fly with a fly swatter. Each time she hit me with her spear, it took nearly half of my health. It's very frustrating. You could make using melee weapons for Eivor a skill?

  • petek
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    @thenorfolkian Not forgetting Eivor can shoot a bow on horseback better than a Mongolian Trick-shot Steppes Rider! Shouldn't be surprised I guess.... one handed swords.... na let's give them great swords a few centuries early for authenticity;-) Ubisoft please learn... if it's not broke, don't fix it!

  • GersonTF
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    why would you try to fight anything from a horse? A swipe while running by, maybe. But an actual whole fight? I’m not saying they were right to take it out or I care but I never fought to death from horseback because it was too clumsy and slow compared to just unmounting and killing whatever it was. I think you can still bow from the horse but yes, not same as swinging a weapon. I personally like the kick for what I use it for. I’d be fine if they gave you mounted option action of weapon or kick.

    My god! Ever heard about the power of chivalry fighters? YOU can like, YOU can preffer, YOU can "think", but MOST of us would like to fight mounting our horses - or whatever. Please Ubisoft, addres this situation, right?

  • RietN7
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