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    hm .. and how do you beat someone unconscious? I thought with just fists, but they still die in like 2 seconds once they drop ..

    I never tried autoaim, just noticed its there and i have no problems hitting running enemies on a horse .. but i do archery in real life so maybe i am using some hidden skill 🙂

  • azullFR
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    how do you beat someone unconscious?

    I went to Wandrie (because they are "low level") punched everyone there, some died, some not, I try to avoid to punch them to an obstacle (wall, etc.)
    I tryied with 2 Taranis cloth gear = no inconsciousness, only death 😞

    no problems hitting running enemies on a horse

    as I'm not English fluent : Ennemies on a horse, or you on a horse ?

    If you are on a horse, there is no aim assist, and if you are using a PS4 with a Sony PS4 controller ...
    in that case, to make more than 60% - 70% hits while both your horse and targets are moving = you have a good skill (I haven't) 😉

  • Jakeypoo12345
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    @petek i feel like the devs or someone at ubisoft gets confused when we point out that something is wrong with their gme its almost like they take a glance at negative reviews get offended not even read y people r upset at something and then guess (wrongly mind you) as to what they were even talking about to begin with... makes me wonder if they should fire a bunch of people and hire people based on skill and attentiveness to what the community wants rather than looks e.g. (they look gay or look black or look trans so lets hire them) its just very unprofessional

  • petek
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    @simplethumb Hi - again sadly I think predominently using the enemies weapon for finishers =less animation to do....... again I fear a lazy choice. Cheers

  • petek
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    @archsh3riff Hi - I just disarm all waepons and beat them til they drop. They still show "red" in Odin sight for me and then finish them with the horse. Cheers

  • longjohn119
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    @archsh3riff OK then let's see a video of you doing it that can compare to either one of the videos I posted earlier ..... What I mean by that is killing multiple enemies at full speed in a matter of a minute

    I can hit targets from horseback in Valhalla but not at the speeds I can do the same in Origins and Odyssey

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