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    @bielik01 Imagine the brainstorming session at Ubisoft when they decided to not allow melee weapons...

    “So, should we allow melee weapons on horseback?”
    “No, that’s not historical, even though that’s exactly what we did for the games that took place hundreds of years before this one.”
    “Well, what do we do instead?”
    “Eivor can kick people and animals... that sounds like what a Viking would do.”
    “Wait, what about the horse, can’t it kick too?”
    “No, horses don’t know how to do that... they only know how to gallop and step on stuff. We can have the horse ram breakable things like a boar, because pigs and equines are totally the same thing.”
    “Great! Let’s do that.”

    Later in the session...

    “Hey, check this out! We can give players an armor that makes Eivor look like Sauron!”
    “I see no problems with this... send it out!”

  • wSmk
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    Fight enemies who are sitting on the horse, not interested. Causes:

    • The enemy's horse is immortal..
    • The health of such an enemy is overstated. It takes too long to kill, even if you hit all the vulnerable spots.
  • MetalDawn71
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    @thenorfolkian @Ubi-Borealis

    I agree with this. When I played the Siege of Paris, I went up against one of the Frankish Nobles. Gerswinda, a heavy cavalry on horseback. I wished that I could even the odds a bit by getting on horseback and attacking with a sword or a spear of some sort instead of kicking! I even tried that. I got knocked off by her spear. Trying to hit her with a sword or one of my abilities, was like trying to hit a fly with a fly swatter. Each time she hit me with her spear, it took nearly half of my health. It's very frustrating. You could make using melee weapons for Eivor a skill?

  • petek
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    @thenorfolkian Not forgetting Eivor can shoot a bow on horseback better than a Mongolian Trick-shot Steppes Rider! Shouldn't be surprised I guess.... one handed swords.... na let's give them great swords a few centuries early for authenticity;-) Ubisoft please learn... if it's not broke, don't fix it!

  • GersonTF
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    why would you try to fight anything from a horse? A swipe while running by, maybe. But an actual whole fight? I’m not saying they were right to take it out or I care but I never fought to death from horseback because it was too clumsy and slow compared to just unmounting and killing whatever it was. I think you can still bow from the horse but yes, not same as swinging a weapon. I personally like the kick for what I use it for. I’d be fine if they gave you mounted option action of weapon or kick.

    My god! Ever heard about the power of chivalry fighters? YOU can like, YOU can preffer, YOU can "think", but MOST of us would like to fight mounting our horses - or whatever. Please Ubisoft, addres this situation, right?

  • RietN7
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  • hjv2009-2
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    How is that an answer at all to why we aren't allowed to use melee weapons from horse back? People have used whatever melee weapon the had at hand from horse back since man started to ride. As stated in the Wikipedia entry you linked to. You don't really think the Vikings were the only people so inept at riding that they had enough of a challenge just trying to hold on to not fall of the horse, not to mention wielding weapons from horse back on top of that?

    Granted the old Norsemen didn't make much use of fighting cavalry before they settled in France and England. That was because of the lack of farming surplus in Scandinavia didn't make it possible to feed enough horses to keep regular cavalry units going. Thus they had to mainly rely on ground infantry tactics instead, and use horses primarily for transport. It didn't have anything to do with them lacking the required equestrian skills to fight from horse back.

    So why on earth Ubisoft let the Mediterranean people from even earlier times in Origins and Odyssey do horse back melee while removing it in Valhalla beats me. It's not only illogical, but very annoying on top of that. It worked and a lot of people enjoyed it, including yours truly. So why remove it at all? I would really like Ubisoft to correct their error asap.

  • hjv2009-2
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    Yeah. I totally agree. Removing that mechanic was both stupid and illogical. While some material factors limited the Norsemen when it came to utilize cavalry tactics on the battlefield you can be sure that they knew how to ride and melee at the same time as well as the Mediterranean people did back in the times of Origins and Odyssey. In addition Eivor is supposed to be exceptional and quick on the uptake. So there is no reason why it's not at least included as part of the skill trees. Just like using bow and arrow from horse back.

    Some people state they didn't care for melee from horse back and don't miss it. Each to their own. Still we are enough players who enjoyed it that it should not have been removed. To me it was both disappointing and frustrating to find that the best I could do on horse back was to deliver a useless kick.

  • hjv2009-2
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    I really hope the dev team has had time to reconsider their error by now and has fixed it in the upcoming patch. At least by including horseback melee as a new skill in the skill tree.

    To suddenly not being able to do horseback fighting in Valhalla, after having it available in the two previous installments, is an insult to people's intelligence and really annoying.

  • hjv2009-2
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    Because it's fun. That's why. 😊 I also enjoyed using it to whittle down the bounty hunters a bit before dismounting and finish them off.

  • tcarlisle2012
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    It makes even less sense now. There are several battles in the story where you have to fight an enemy, and they are mounted. So they get to sit atop a horse and basically be unreachable to most attacks, AND they get an advantage point for their own attacks.

    One would think game studios would learn from player base reactions. Players often are vocally critical when a game allows the NPCs to do things that the player cannot. For example, in a game where an enemy sniper can go prone, but the player cannot play as a sniper and go prone, etc.

  • petek
    Original poster 87 posts

    @tcarlisle2012 Totally agree on the "enemy can do it but I can't" as something that has always annoyed me. I can only assume the removal of Mounted Melee was a lazy decision. Need new animations for weapons that were not in Origins etc... It still baffles me. Yes mounted Melee in Odyssey and Origins were not perfect but they were a good realistic mechanic. Even if they introduced it with with only the weapons they had animation from in Origins would be an improvement. Also the Slepinors challenge highlights it even more - you can not even inflict much damage ramming your mount at speed on an enemy..... ridiculous. There's a lot I like about Valhalla but sadly just as much that I feel they missed open goals on. Cheers

  • longjohn119
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    Even bows on horseback is broken in Valhalla when compared to Odyssey and Origins ..... Try this in Valhalla and all you'll end up with is wasted arrows

  • petek
    Original poster 87 posts

    @longjohn119 God I miss the mounted combat from those 2 games! I also really miss having craftable special arrows or permanent perks on bows and weapons.....

  • archsh3riff
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    if you cant aim on horse, toggle on autoaim ..

    also .. this week there is challenge to kill enemies with horses .. kicking is obviously not an answer, killed few with kicks, did no count.
    Running over them, nothing ..
    so how are you supposed to kill with horse?

  • lemmie88
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    so how are you supposed to kill with horse?

    It should be running them over. It gave me credit for trampling chickens.

  • petek
    Original poster 87 posts

    @archsh3riff I ended up beating enemies unconscious and then galloping over them on the ground. Does 1 point of damage and finishes them off.... ridiculous game mechanic! Cheers

  • Simplethumb
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    In AC Odyssey I used mounted combat on and off, not every fight, but sometimes I would start a fight on a horse (bounty hunter spotted me, attacked me, so I'd use it to my advantage, like in real life) then maybe jump off behind him or in front of him to 'catch him by suprise' so to speak. It added flavour/variety to the game to keep it more interesting, so every fight wasn't the same. The game needs that when like 80% of the game is fighting. (With the rest being 10% climbing and 10% game crashing/loading, lol)

    Even the combo's with weapons aren't as good as AC Odyssey. In that game you could mix light and hard attacks to get slightly different moves/strikes which helped keep the combat fresh and interesting. Now (with the sword) all you do is normal horizonal swipes and maybe a spinning swipe with heavy attack, so the combo's always seem to look the same (oh and a stab at the very end of a combo or after a sidestep).

    I'm also getting really sick of seeing the same finisher animations, either magically instantly putting my weapons away to use theirs to kill them, or somehow magically having 2 axes in my hands to finish them. Oh and choking out the big guys *groan*. Yeah, it looks cool maybe, for the first or second time but now it's just boring

    There seems to be a lot of things missing from this game that was in Odyssey, so in some ways it's a step backwards. I'm still enjoying some of it but no where near as much as Odyssey hooked me. Also the crashes and gettings stuck in scenery is major off-putting.

  • longjohn119
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    @archsh3riff Autoaim is broken in the game and has been since day one ...... The only thing that works is that snap to target ability and half the time it locks on a tree or post ruining an aimed shot

  • longjohn119
    937 posts

    @simplethumb A lot of that comes from making the game work on a PS4 or Xbox One which has limited CPU power and memory available and they hit the limit years ago ... What that means is if they try to add a new mechanic or feature then they have to take something else away to 'make room" for it both in terms of memory space and CPU cycles. You have a fixed memory "budget" and a fixed CPU cycle "budget" to work with. Once developers drop support for last gen obsolete hardware, which is taking even longer this time around because of the chip shortage limiting potential sales, then many of these issues will go away .... for a couple of years then we'll be right back in the same scenario. That's why I've been saying for the last 5 years that a 7 year development cycle for consoles is just way too long in the 21st century when every other tech sector (smartphones, CPUs, GPU.s etc) are on 1- 2 year development cycles. While I have seen some talk from Phil Spenser about shorting the development cycle for the Xbox I haven't heard anything from Sony about that at all

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