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  • anaake_art
    6 posts

    Same thing started happening to me from today. Previously I was able to alt-tab without any difficulties and now it does what you've mentioned. It's really frustrating, I guess no alt-tabbing until this gets fixed~

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 340 posts

    Hey folks,

    Can you provide any video of this issue happening on your PC, so I can pass it onto the team for further investigation?

    Official Response
  • ilmara
    2 posts

    @ubi-swaggins I have the exact opposite issue. I start the game, load a save and the game runs at ~22fps. I have to alt-tab then restore the game to get ~60-75fps. Drivers are up to date (Nvidia RTX 3090 457.30)

  • Freyaulven
    1 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Hello! Took me a while to get it recorded because Nvidia capture was recording the wrong screen, so the video looks a bit wonky 'cause I had to put it on my 16:10 screen, but here is the video. I would HEAVILY like to note that this does also happen not just with alt tabs. It has happened to me where I simply pressed ESC to pause the game, having a steady 45 fps, and then came back around 4 minutes later to 20-25 fps. It also, for some odd reason, happens fairly often when I fast travel to docks. Sometimes, it can even be triggered mildly by cutscenes. And just in general, as you play, at least in my experience, the game slowly goes from 40-60 fps to 20-30 until I have to restart the game, this often takes about 30 minutes.

  • Sir_Noob_Wulf
    4 posts

    @ilmara I think I figured out why. The game is using waay more Video memory than it should. For example In my card ( a modest 1050Ti) In the menus it says that the game is supposed to use 3200 mb of video memory. And that is what it does for the most part. In fact I am getting a steady and locked 40 FPS. But then sometimes that suddenly spikes to 4000 (Which is close to the amount of total memory i have and starts lagging and the framerate drops to 22-23. After that even if the VRAM usage drops, it still lags anyway and the only way to fix it is to restart the game. it gets super annoying after a while.

    I was able to recreate this by putting environment details on high which actually does cross my VRAM threshold and got the exact same performance. The game seems to be using vram unnecessarily.

  • vanarlen
    14 posts

    for me alt-tab works most of the time, but sometimes (apparently randomly) the game is stuck at way under 30fps after alt-tab back into game. only fix is to restart game.

    Ryzen 3700x / 5700XT / 32GB RAM.

  • MirkwoodBro
    3 posts

    @freyaulven Same thing happens to me, though it happens when I just open the in-game menu and then return to the game.

  • MirkwoodBro
    3 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Also happens to me when I simply open up the map, inventory screen, or other in-game menu. Then when I go back to gameplay the framerate drops to 15-20fps, and drops further the more times I go into the menu and back. I'll try and get a video of it.

  • WolfLord626
    5 posts

    I have this problem too, whenever I tab out and back in it drops from ~50-60fps to ~15-25fps. And only going back to the main menu or restarting the game fixes it.

  • anaake_art
    6 posts

    I was finally able to record the worse frame drop after alt-tabbing, the only fix for this was closing the game and reopening it again.

  • Althar93
    Original poster 4 posts

    @anaake_art Looks like this issue got fixed \o/

    (PC) Addressed a VRAM/RAM leakage issue when alt tabbing to desktop.

  • kilyan82
    11 posts

    I'm in borderless and al tabbing doesn't drop my performance

  • Phalaenora
    1 posts

    not fixed. Still getting fps drops after alt-tabbing from ~55 fps to ~25 fps

  • Kiron74
    2 posts

    I also have the same issue, any news about it? Did someone fixed it?

  • ethanwdp00
    1 posts
    for me alt-tab works most of the time, but sometimes (apparently randomly) the game is stuck at way under 30fps after alt-tab back into game. only fix is to restart game.

    Ryzen 3700x / 5700XT / 32GB RAM.

    I am having this exact same problem. My specs are basically identical to yours (3700x, 5600xt, 24gb RAM, 1440p display) and the game runs fairly well until I alt-tab one too many times and gets worse the more I alt-tab out. I hope this gets fixed soon, with this & the constant crashing I feel like I should just give up on the game entirely.

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