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  • j0ker2155
    2 posts

    I can't finish this either. My map has an X over Soham and I can't find any more enemies. I've ridden around the entire area but can't find anything and can't talk to the npc to finish the quest.

  • Mogar328
    Original poster 7 posts

    @zyborgrsa This is just behind the main hut. He was in a stance almost under the walk way. I first cleared this area with a raid before doing the mystery, and there was no one left. Did the mystery, still no one. So I gave up and did other things... Later I came back with the blind guy and I spent a bit trying to find one guy sitting here in a fight stance with no one around, eagle vision didn't pick him up at all. I'm going to assume it was either a placement or visual bug, your missing guy could be anywhere.undefined

  • ZyborgRSA
    5 posts

    @mogar328 Wish it was the same for me, have explored every island close to the hideout, run through every bit of grass I can find, done aerial scans from raven and still can't find the guy that's hiding. Can only assume he's gone on holiday somewhere.

  • BudLite_
    1 posts

    Here is a screenshot of where the one mysterious NPC was found on my map, it is exactly where I am standing, and no he did not come up on the map. It seems as if though there is a glitch where they spawn one person in randomly if you have already wiped out the camp and he does not show up while using Ravens vision or anything. NOTE: I believe the NPC spawns in different locations for everyone

  • SStoj
    14 posts

    I'm having the same issue, have searched everywhere on the island around the hideout and even across the water in the nearby vicinity but just cannot find anyone to kill and the quest giver refuses to speak to me to progress the Mystery.

  • wsBABYFACEsj
    1 posts

    Easiest way finish the mission is to call in a raid, once you kill every speak with the blind man.

  • SStoj
    14 posts

    @wsbabyfacesj The problem is many of us experiencing the issue did the raid before the Mystery, so everyone is already dead, and there's no way to call a raid in a second time. The blind man is not recognising that everyone is dead and refuses to speak to progress the quest.

  • soulsurviva007
    32 posts

    I have the same issue with no respawning npcs. I was however able to complete the mystery by lighting the 3 braziers and then walking toward the highout slightly. Hope this helps. Am on ps5

  • SStoj
    14 posts

    The issue is still persisting for me as of Patch 1.1.2.

  • Storspelaren
    1 posts

    Had it happen and took a while but finally found the last enemy to kill. The bug isn't that the npc don't realise that everyone is dead, its more that One enemy can dissapear and be almost anywhere on that Island. Couldn't find it first but when I went back for a earlier autosave I finally found the last enemy walking around om the Island. Or yeah He found me.

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