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  • Saint.Balthazar
    19 posts

    @turtledisc Got this resolved by fast traveling to any Sync point and going back to the location where the enemy carries the wealth. They should've respawned and ready to be killed 🙂

  • Saint.Balthazar
    19 posts

    Hi guys,

    Managed to circumvent this one by fast traveling to any sync point and returning to the location where the wealth is supposed to be.

    The enemies should now be respawned so you could kill them again and get the loot


  • chewie-nl
    9 posts

    @jortyjort69 im missing 1 wealth and been to all 28 places and killed all carbon carriers, none count somehow

    1 posts

    I had to quit the game, go to a sync point, then go back. Restart raid and should pop up.

  • Stallion2615
    1 posts

    I don’t know if others are having this issue at least in ledecestre but I’m missing one of the wealth locations as well as when I loot a carbon Ingot off of a Goliath the game doesn’t recognize that I’ve collected the wealth and now it’s permanently stuck showing me I need to collect it.

  • J1m1n1
    11 posts

    @prelawdock0385 This exact same issue happened to me. Fast traveling did not work. What I did was stun kill the goliath. This is a known bug that has not yet been fixed. Ubisoft needs to get on this.

  • Larry61840
    1 posts

    Originally my map showed ingot inside church below floor, no way to get there. Fast-travel away and again went inside church - same as before. This time I went to several dead soldiers down the hill and when I looted one, I got the ingot. Wow.

  • SirGwydion
    1 posts

    Same problem here, different camp. Wealth is showing on the map and points to a dead body. The body has no option to loot.

  • FellbladeX
    3 posts

    I just completed the game and realized this bug is preventing me from getting the completionist achievement now. There is a body in Vinyard with the wealth on it. I have done the entire game and very disappointed I cannot unlock this achievement, I literally did everything else in the game.

  • livefastdieGG6
    1 posts

    @saint-balthazar i had the same thing happen. I have saved and reloaded a few times and can't pick up the loot from the enemy. Really frustrating.

  • UbiExcellent
    Ubisoft Support Staff 756 posts

    Hello everyone! I'm extremely sorry to see that you all are facing this issue with not being able to collect the Wealth in Sudwella Monastery. Our teams are having a difficult time with reproducing this on their end, and are requesting the following for their investigation:

    • How are these enemies being killed? Stealth or non-stealth?
    • Video footage showing this issue would also be helpful!
    • We'd also like to review the save files for PC and PS4 users if possible. These can be uploaded to a support ticket, so our teams can review them further.

    Official Response
  • Saint.Balthazar
    19 posts

    @ubiexcellent It would be hard to reproduce now that the workaround for this is now available.

    However, as far as I recall, I am in-conflict fighting the enemies on that camp without any stealth and for some reason after circling-back to get the ingot, there's no prompt.

    Hope it helps!

  • TambourineMan_
    4 posts

    I reproduced this in a similar fashion. I killed the yeoman carrying the ingot outside the church. He either ran out or spawned outside during the raid. I collected everything in town during said raid and, although I dont remember how I killed him, I can be reasonably certain it was a stun kill. I also have the auto loot perk. I have yet to be able to employ the workaround, as I havent been able to respawn the soldier. He may be dead outside the church, as others have stated, but the marker continues to point to the church.

  • TambourineMan_
    4 posts

    I've reproduced the issue a second time after the yeoman respawned. This time I killed him from stealth. The carbon ingot appeared to have been added to my inventory, although I'm not sure if my total actually increased from doing so. However the ingot continued to appear uncollected on the map and in my area goals.

  • TambourineMan_
    4 posts

    I've uploaded a video of the reproduction as described, here:

  • TambourineMan_
    4 posts

    I tried a 3rd time, this time I snuck around the guards but killed the yeoman in a similar fashion to the one above. This time, the wealth was collected. Unfortunately that means I dont know if I the previous times my inventory actually increased. I can confirm it did this time though.

  • jasonmicron
    1 posts

    I got the wealth from this particular bug, but Sudwella is perennially showing up as a RAID location. I've cleared it three times. There is no loot to get anymore.

    Between this and Cyberpunk 2077, I just have to ask - why do these things keep happening? Release the game as intended, and do minor fixes afterward if needed. Sigh.

  • Katz_kun
    4 posts

    I'm experiencing a similar bug in Suthsexe, on PS4. I assumed I had done everything in the region and somehow had forgottem about that one treasure, but the nickel ingot in Embert Blockade is entorely unlootable. Reloading a save isn't possible at all as I cleared that part of the map in the very beginning of the region.

  • Jurld
    17 posts

    Had the same thing happen to me at the marauder camp in the first Norway region. Super annoying.

  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    Carry the body to a road that is used by other troops, set a trap on it and they should trigger and reset it hopefully. Same for Vinyard.

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