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  • SwissChaox
    Original poster 6 posts

    someone pls help PepeHands

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1009 posts
    Best Answer

    Hello everyone,

    I'm very happy to say that the patch notes for title update 1.1.0 - releasing tomorrow - have now been published, and this issue with the missing legendary animal trophies in the longhouse is an issue fixed in this update! Here's the information provided in the patch notes for your reference:

    Legendary animal trophies will now correctly appear in the Longhouse.

    Thank you all for your continued patience regarding this issue, and for your understanding. I'd also like to once again thank everyone who provided images, videos and accounts of the issue for us to send to the developers; these were instrumental in the investigation and meant that we could get this fix prepared. Should anyone have any questions, further issues or concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Official Response
  • Jakspearow
    1 posts

    @swisschaox I’m having the same issue except that my trophies never appeared in the longhouse. Me and my friend are both experiencing this. I’m sad that this is the only thing I’ve been able to find addressing the issue after hours of looking and you haven’t been acknowledged except by me 😞

  • SwissChaox
    Original poster 6 posts

    yea its kinda frustrating tbh >.<
    cant find anything about it in the net...have legit tried everything to fix it, nothing worked sadly...
    and since i dont wanna start the game new after a fresh install to check if it helps, i guess i just can wait and hope the devs will fix it someday 😕

  • haarausfaelle
    4 posts

    I killed a few alpha animals and turned their trophies in. The NPC gave me a reward (i.e. a new tattoo something like that) and told me that the trophies would be mounted in the longhouse. Well, they seem to be hidden really well, as I can't find anything on the walls or anywhere else there.

  • DropEveryFear
    1 posts

    I'm having the same issue, thanks for letting me know that it wasn't only my game.. i killed the wolfs first and i was really excited to look at it..but couldn't find it.

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 420 posts

    @haarausfaelle Sorry to hear that your trophies are not displayed.

    Can you provide us with screenshots from inside the Longhouse showing that you do not have any trophies to display?

    Official Response
  • LeggaeShark
    2 posts

    Hi, same problem with me.
    Guess have to see if hunting all of them fixes it.

  • Fractal009
    63 posts

    Hello same here, i play on pS4 and it s annoying, can you plz fix it ???? Thx a lot

  • Artymis-5121996
    1 posts

    Checking in with the same issue, wasn't just me it seems. Hopefully will be fixed in the next patch update

  • SwissChaox
    Original poster 6 posts

    so i tested around a bit....
    i keeped the heads in my inventory and after some quests i saved manualy and tried to give them the hunter...if it didnt worked i loaded the save and continued to questing...soemtimes it worked and the heads were on the wall... meanwhile i have all animals..
    so just keep trying after u have some quest done...if it doesnt work load the safe and just continue and try later again

  • La-D1x
    4 posts

    So I don't see any of the legendary animals trophy in the longhouse, even after I have delivering them to the hunters hut, I also asked reddit, and it is on both ps4, ps5, xbox x series and pc.

  • Sonofstaber
    2 posts

    @swisschaox yeah, i have same problem. But i never even had trophy in the room. So far its my only bug in the game, but its kinda bad coz it really means something when you kill those. Those legendaries are not easy to kill at all.
    I really dont know how, or will they fix this problem.

  • Sonofstaber
    2 posts

    @swisschaox wait, so after few kills, later it displayed all your trophies, or just that one?
    If that is a solution i will try that with next kill.

    1 posts

    Same here killed 4 now and have never had any appear in the longhouse

  • LeggaeShark
    2 posts

    Okay, so i did a manual save before giving the pelt, and reloaded if the trophy didnt appear in the longhouse. So far it only worked on the new pelt but previous trophies didnt show up.

  • The_Joker_1106
    1 posts

    I've seen a few people now having the same problem - The trophies for legendary animal kills are not showing anywhere in the longhouse.

  • haarausfaelle
    4 posts

    @ubi-swaggins sure

    and here on the right could be the deertrophy, so the game is only displaying one of my trophies (if that's is indeed the trophy)

  • COMA1976
    1 posts

    I have the same issue on PC, I have killed 3 legendary animals but no thropys on my longhouse walls, also can't see big fish when you fish only empty hands on eivor

  • Divine.RezneX
    3 posts


    The heads of the Legendary animals are not showing up in the Longhouse.
    Only the drunk bear is visible.

    I've seen other people on reddit having the same problem.

    There is no mention of this in the known bugs post.
    Is this a known issue?



  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    i don't have any of my animals in my longhouse, although i've only killed the stag, dog & 3 wolves. so i don't know about the bear - this is really annoying as i thought it was a super cool idea to have your trophies displayed.. super disappointed when they just weren't anywhere to be found.

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