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  • Locked SOLVED [RESOLVED] Legendary Animal trophies do not appear on the longhouse wall after submitting them to Wallace | POST HERE

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    @expressedzero68 lucky, I don't even have the first deer up there.

  • SimplyStepUp23
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    My legendary animal trophies are not showing up in the Longhouse for me. I have all but 3 done... Is this a bug? And if so can you fix asap please. I want to be able to see them. Disappointed in this..

  • McMortii
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    its not only the trophys which won't show up. I didnt get the axe for the wildcats of the weald quest...

  • Psych0_Trauma
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    @mcmortii there was an axe? I don't recall anything like that at all. Haven't seen it on any guide yet either.

  • Ibanez921
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    @psych0_trauma I was mistaken about this, I got some bad information on a walkthrough page.

  • FnIrish2010
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    Same issue on PS5. Only one trophy shows (the biggest wolf from the trio - second wall section to the right if you’re facing the longhouse exit opposite Ivor’s room). Killed 4 legendary animals thus far...

  • oNoZoYoMo
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    I killed all of the legendary animals, none showed up in my longhouse after speaking to the tanner... 😢

  • DadsStillgaming
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    This is still a problem im just keeping them in my inventory until its fixed game is still awesome either way

  • HaveFunInAC
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    Anyone with the case where you killed a legendary animal, marked as done mystic, but not able to loot it therefore it hasn't been crossed out on my legendary animal list either. I went back to the location and the animal carcass is there but still nothing to interact with.

  • JSRG1840
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    Have the console trophy on ps4 and the only one that has appeared is the white bear head. All the correct reward drops happened.
    Given how many other annoying bugs there are in this, I regard this as insignificant.

  • White-Wolf._
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    @henry3g Having the same problem

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    I've killed every legendary animal, including the moose in Vinland and the Ice Bear in Jotunheim, but none of my trophies appear in my Long House. I've turned the heads in to be made into trophies and it says they're in the longhouse, but nope.

  • Admatos92
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    Yep I´m having the same problem nothings appears ahah guess is just another bug to add to the alreay big pile of bugs this game has ahah Its sad really it´s a really good game it just needed more caring and attention before launch so this wouldn´t have happened xp Hope they patch all this up soon or there are going to be a lot of angry funs out there very soon xp

  • Soronjoro
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    In my household running off Xbox 1 we have one, the wildcats of the weald. We have killed them all I see folks talking about save and load tricks but that doesn't help when you have all of them turned in and you have completed the game.

  • TSTO1
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    Reporting in, I have this issue as well, on PS5. No trophies show. I have killed 4 legendary animals so far.

  • edfourtwenty
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    I killed 2 before 1.0.4 and the rest after the patch. Still not showing the trophy 😞

  • willow101017
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    I've killed all of the legendary animals in England, Norway, and Vinland, but only two trophies appear in long house (bear and wolf). [xbox one]

  • WolfenRJ
    2 posts

    I'm playing on the PS4, have the same issue, currently killed 5 of the legendary animals, and none have been displayed in the longhouse. I'm now hoping that once I've killed all of them, that somehow they will all be displayed.

  • choclabwfc
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    Same here, unfortunately. I only have two heads showing up. The Polar Bear and the Cat

  • pharmartist
    4 posts

    I'm suffering from the same issue. One thing tho when taking to Wallace he has always the same speech over my strol with his sister chasing a white elk. And Hithan is also stuck with the speeach about Dag. Don't know if the glitch is related. All this buggy mess is compromising my experience with this game... I never ever had to look up for so many bug solution in one game.

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