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  • PronabeshStark
    4 posts

    @niconinja93 what u did? Exactly tell me the process top to bottom. I know nothing

  • Niconinja93
    3 posts

    @pronabeshstark Ok,
    The procedure will probably differ a little depending on your firewall but the overall idea should be similar.

    Open Comodo, then go to "general functions", to "Applications to unlock" then select the applications (*.exe) that you want to unlock.
    I can't be much more precise since it depends on the firewall you use.

  • Dr.Pinkfloyd
    8 posts

    after 1 month and update 1.0.4 problem still the same 🙂
    thanks ubisoft you are the best !

  • Druout1944
    4 posts

    Any update to this? I imagine Ubisoft is doing it on purpose so they can force users into online mode to stuff ads/microtransactions in their faces; issue is that some people have serious data caps and slow internet.

  • Niconinja93
    3 posts

    @druout1944 Have you tried to whitelist the *.exe files listed up here in your firewall and antivirus software ?
    Because it worked for some, me included... and now it's been about one week since I last played online...

    Though I agree that it is really annoying to have to do this kind of **** almost every time ^^

  • Heathrow.
    2 posts

    I think i solved the problem

    i hope it works for you too.

  • Deakon_F
    1 posts

    Hello! i had same problem. Started play AC Origins in Online mode like 5 min. till game load my dlc then i quit and start play in OFFLINE mode. After 80 hours in offline mode i downloaded program
    " game save manager" and i made backup my AC Origins. I decided to open AC origins in Online mode to get Trial of the gods Quest and after that i switched again to OFFLINe mode and my saves dissapeared. It shows only " NEW GAME". thats [censored] me of . So i restore my saved game in Game Save Manager and when i open the game my saves back !!! thats made my day xD so this program saved my life haha. hope this will help someone 😄

  • nielogujsie
    2 posts

    Greetings I have a problem I can not play Assassins creed Valhalla offline Any solution please

  • nielogujsie
    2 posts

    Greetings I have a problem I can not play Assassins creed Valhalla offline Any solution please

  • Quistis07
    1 posts

    What about the individuals playing ACV on a console? Not everyone has internet. I do have internet and used the quick resume feature on my Series X and I was disconnected from the Ubisoft servers and didn't know that would effect my save data. I lost three hours of game play. I put the game on the shelf until they fix the save file feature for offline mode. I might even return the game and get my money back.

    If Ubisoft keeps this online only save model, I won't buy anymore of their games.

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