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  • magusz87
    Original poster 7 posts

    Found the jewel maker... again NOT where the clue says they are...
    Instead of being between the baths and the church, it's located on the OTHER side of the church, OPPOSITE of the baths...

    Whoever wrote these clues does not know how to give directions...

  • SEB00ST
    1 posts

    Hey 🙂

    I was wondering if someone was "mad" enough like me yet to give this a try!

    I'm really curious as to what you earn once you deliver all 4 of them, so keep me updated! 🙂

    Good to know these locations aren't so accurate... Thanks for sharing.

  • magusz87
    Original poster 7 posts


    I finished all 4, the one in Glowecestrescire was a major pain to find due to not knowing where Sabrina's Spring is (it's NE of the Fast Travel point in the center of the Glowecestrescire map, the delivery location is the hut a short walk north of the spring)

    The final reward is...!

    Yanli saying that you deserve compensation.

    That's it.

    You don't actually get compensation... she just says that you deserve it.... idk if the reward comes later or what... but suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper disappointing.

  • magusz87
    Original poster 7 posts

    To summarize each location:

    • Stone Slab

    To the woman who owns the farm just southeast of Lincolnscire's southern bridge
    It's basically the farm house just south of the South bridge from Lincolnscire, not really SE, but the easiest location to find out of all four.

    • Jar of Rosewater Mead

    To the hermit hut at the feet of the mountain, north of Sabrina's spring in Glowecestrescire.
    From the center Fast Travel point in GLowecestrescire, go East-North East to find Sabrina's Spring, from there, go North to find the Hermit's Hut. Super land locked, so you have a LOT of running to do while carrying the jar.

    • Crate of Bowls

    To the jewel maker in Ledecestre, between the church and the old Roman bathhouse.
    Instead of looking between the Church and the Roman Bathhouse (which is to the East of the Church), go West of the Church, there's a building with open doors with people working inside, one lady on a sword, a guy on a bell. Not what I would call "jewel makers" but whatever. This one is the hardest to find due to the horribly inaccurate directions plus the fact that no one here looks like a "jewel maker."

    • Anvil

    To the blacksmith in Lunden. His workshop is near the church, close to the west gate.
    Not as inaccurate as the last one, basically if you go North from the West Gate or West from the Church, where those two lines meet is the Blacksmith and his Workshop.

    Best way of doing these is to grab the item you want to deliver, take it to your boat, get in, drop the item near where you steer, then sail off to the closest point where you need to make your delivery.

    Reward for each is 40 silver...
    Reward for all four is... Yanli saying that you deserve compensation. /shrug

  • SH4RPIE2011
    3 posts

    @magusz87 You sir, deserve so much praise for this post. I was about to lose my $#!+ Because I couldn't find any of these spots. Thank you again @ubisoft need to fix this clue

  • SH4RPIE2011
    3 posts

    @sh4rpie2011 do you just put the stone slab inside the house and hope for the best?

  • FattyHaggs
    2 posts

    @magusz87 the slab...easiest? Its driving me mad. Where is the south bridge? There is no south cis its a waterway. Im so lost on this. I cant find anything saying south bridge. Hope u can help n pinpoint. Mad i tell u..madness

  • matchstickct
    7 posts

    To answer about the specific spot to place the items:

    You will be given a prompt saying something like 'object must be placed on ground to complete mission' or something like that when you are in the correct spot. And if it's successful, the person you are delivering to will say some stuff and take the objects away.

    p.s. I also go no reward for the mission even though the lady at base said something about 'compensation'.

  • Devind2020
    2 posts

    Stone slab is South of the bridge that is South of Lincoln. Not southern lincolnshire

  • puffthekat
    1 posts

    @fattyhaggs it’s the bridge right outside of Lincoln

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