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  • Netspook
    261 posts

    Is it handholding asking for a quest tracker to remind me what resource and exactly how many I would have to bring to that offering site, instead of having to go back there maybe more than once because I couldn't remember?

    And what note on the map are you talking about? Because I have none that tells me anythng about a particular side quest location.

  • CMC.Serres
    5 posts

    @netspook yes it is handholding. You are basically asking for a way to avoid listening to the NPCs in the world and just get a notion like "Kill x, fetch y" and be done with it instead..

    The world events are so small..like most of them take under 5 Minutes and they are doable without even moving far away from the place you get them from! Why would you even need a tracker for that little sidestep you take when playing those events??

    Take RDR2 or GTA v and the Stranger Missions as a good example of the same sort of thing: They also had several mini events where you did something without getting any "Side Quest started" info. It's exactly the same with the World Events in Valhalla.

  • SofaJockey
    169 posts

    @netspook As has been mentioned, most events (mysteries) are self-contained and can be resolved immediately without coming back later.

    But if something does need to be returned to, a map marker will be left (and the mystery will remain uncompleted) on your map:

    (this example in Ledecestrescire is where I don't yet have a fishing rod, so can't yet complete a fishing challenge)


    There's more than enough 'record' to complete every 'side quest'.

  • Ubi-WhiteRoom
    Community Manager 20 posts

    Hey everyone,

    Thank you for explaining the World Events to Rachlily1971.
    Those are indeed side little stories that are not tracked as they can be solved simply by studying the environment.

    I would also add that some side quests, especially the ones from the settlement are actually tracked and visible in the quest log.

    I hope you will enjoy them! Some are quite... surprising. 😁


    Official Response
  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @rachlily1971 I finally found the dev statement on why they did it this way and now it makes perfect sense (it's included down further in the comments). Turns out they had a lengthy discussion on the topic and decided to go this way primarily because we're playing as a viking. My only other issue with that is, as a viking, we should be able to loot and pillage (including kill) anybody we come across without paying a penalty. We know that's not the case with every NPC so I don't think Ubi can have it both ways.

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @ubi-whiteroom I never thought I'd say this, but after 7 hours playing last night, I actually like the side missions/world events much better this way.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Hi forcefrank, I think its just the 'spin' they want to put on it for trying something different. I dont see 100% adherence to Viking Traditions in other areas of gameplay. Look at hairstyles, there are lots of bald and shaved styles for Eivor both male and female and npc vikings. Well as far as I know in those times having your hair shaved off was shameful and only done to the thralls/slaves. But they went with the shaved head look because it was easier.

    Apparently someone has said there are no 1 handed swords either, I don't know for sure about this but I'm assuming if the vikings didn't use them the Saxons sure did and they would have been prolific in the world in those times.

    So while I don't buy into ubisofts statement for why they have changed the traditional sidequest tracking I dont particularly mind this particular experiment at least not as much as I mind some of the other changes they have introduced with this game.

    Although I got distracted dduring one sidequest conversation and because there was no note in the journal it took a good few miniutes for my hubby and myself to find the npc in question and the quest description online. If you miss something you can be left totally in the dark. So Ive been saving a lot more. A wee world event tracker and description in the notes somewhere would be nice and a good compromise I think.

  • forcefrank
    91 posts

    @cell1e A tracker somewhere would be nice, I agree. At least in Odyssey you could go back and look at the letters.

    The map puzzles me as well. It's totally different than in Odyssey, and IMO, not in a better way. Some, not all, of the icons aren't listed in the description and I have no clue what they are. When I look at the map and move my cursor over things there's no description there either, I found myself struggling to ID components of my settlement until I just looked it up online.

    Then there's the raven. I guess I need to read up on it, but damn, there's no way to mark anything. I'm flying and when I pull LT I can see a green circle around what I assume is the target area, but what about marking. I finally figured at 1 AM this morning that I can put my own marker. Ubi seems to have taken away features in this game for some reason.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Yeah Im having the same troubles with the map and my raven. I feel sorry for Odin because he wants to be more useful. He's sitting on the bench at the moment.

    A few tweaks and these issues could be resolved easily and perhaps might well be yet. I have high hopes for some changes to this game, I think the map definitely needs work.

  • pigeonjim2015
    1 posts

    Not showing in a log is one thing (which i dont like btw) but the real issue is the lack of guidance when you get a side quest. Nothing get marked on the map to show you where to go and if you dont finish the quest when its given you have to go back to the start to get the information. It is a mess of system.

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