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  • Akira1364
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    You could at least set it to not show them in Odyssey, I'll note, whereas Valhalla's map utterly lacks all manner of filtering for some reason.

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    O, that doesn't mean that I'm totally impressed with this game. Yeah, it has its moments that remind me of my favourite Assassin's Creed game, Black Flag, and the fact that I'm a fan of Vikings, The Last Kingdom, etc., but it's getting more discouraging to play this game. Furthermore, I pre-ordered this game, several weeks before the official launch, and I'm now at three (3) CE errors, with two of them in the last 24 hours. That's almost two and a half weeks later, after the official launch, and I'm now anticipating this game to crash.

    Theoretically, discs over digital content? I have 1 game on disc, "The Division", and I don't get this CE error crap. The rest of my games are in the "Library" (digital downloads), and it's hit or miss about game crashes/freezes. What in the blue hell?

  • dubbillionaire
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    Honestly I do not mind the community pics so much. Some are really cool and helps you discover places you may not have gone yet. Usually less than 30 show up at any given time so it isnt horrible but I do agree they need to fix the bug preventing you from hiding them and the loss connection to servers issue. I hate to halt my progress halfway through because of these issues but it looks like it may be months before I return and finish my first playthrough.

  • forcefrank
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    @dubbillionaire I hate the damn things and they're still showing up. I was in Argot last night and rolled my cursor over one to get to a synch point and saw something that ruined the next part of my quest. Why can't we just turn the stupid things off?

  • Bob__Gnarly
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    Yes remove them or make it optional at the very least.

    I tried deleting them individually, but they just come back.

  • JCar4327
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    @bob__gnarly The better option would be that if you turn off photo mode in the options then you never have to see a community photo ever. I have hated this feature since it came out; what was worse is they had an achievement for it in Odyssey. To me this is like someone posting a photo of their lunch on Facebook; you know what happens to people who post pictures of their meals on my Facebook, they get unfriended. I could care less about what other people are doing in a single player game.

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