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  • UnDyingUK
    10 posts

    @undyinguk sorry that wasnt very clear - I must have typed "as" with an extra "s" by mistake, but editing posts seems to have been removed in this new format.

  • WolfBlade_321
    2 posts

    The shelf at the back is blocked by the crate and barrel and burning down the house does not fix it no matter how long I wait. The crate and barrel also do not break by melee or any ability. Kindly tell me a solution or patch this bug as I am aiming for 100% completion and this one bugged mystery wont let me achieve that.

  • FlodavTheTall
    1 posts

    I have started quest The Twit Saga, Part1, I burned the house but then I had to find keys to open the door and find treasures inside but in my case I left the place because I didn't find solution. 
    Then I found soluce on internet I need move the moveable cargo. I came back to the house but Even If I "reburn" the house I can't move the cargo because it is blocked by barrels. See screen below:


    So finaly my quest is blocked.

    I suppose I would have succeed If I tried to move the cargo the first time I burn it.

    Thanks for reading my feedback.

    ps: the game is amazing, I hope developer will continue to improve it 🙂

  • itom213
    6 posts

    Same issue for me on PS4.
    Event can not be reseted after resync the whole area.

  • itom213
    6 posts

    Same issue here on PS4. Ubisoft should make those boxes breakable as a workaround.

  • Cocosoy
    9 posts

    @ubi-ginge Yes, I still have this issue. I will upload video later today, thanks for looking into it.

  • Cocosoy
    9 posts


    Here is a video footage of this bug:

  • Sciss0rman
    46 posts

    @cocosoy What happens when you set the roof on fire again?

  • Cocosoy
    9 posts

    @sciss0rman Nothing happens 😞

  • SayDowon
    1 posts

    In Ledecestrescire, there is a mystery concerned with Mom's treasure and setting fire in the house for notrh warrior brothers.

    But, maybe it's bug, player cannot move the wall so the mystey is not proceeded. undefined

    Please solve the above bug and reply. 😵

    Best regards,

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