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  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 646 posts

    Greetings everyone! Thank you for letting us know that you have not been able to remove these items from your inventory! I have provided a list of the four that have been mentioned so far on this thread, however if you encounter any more, please add them! Also, just in case, please try verifying your game files to see if this will resolve it and remove the completed quest items. >> https://ubi.li/siyYy

    Editha's Crosier
    A Warning to Warlocks
    Ornir's Key
    Wilf's Parcel
    Oxenefordscire Hoard Map

    Official Response
  • kevbell92
    1 posts

    I’ve also got a few stuck in my quest items:

    “A Warning to Warlocks”
    “A Mild Hut”
    ”East Anglian Arm Ring”

    Another thing that bugging me is that when you unlock a door with a key and that building has two locked doors you need to unlock both before the key goes form your inventory, so annoying


  • ibinpots
    6 posts

    @ubikobold hey thanks.. btw.. can also fix the opal map glitch where the opal you already obtained doesn't remove the marker on the map? i think it happens when you obtained the opal then loaded a save file BEFORE you obtained the opal

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    Apart from Ornir's Key, the Eatun Barn Key in Oxenefordscire also stays in my Inventory even though I used it.

  • Finalflash07
    19 posts

    Problem seems not to be fixed with today's patch

  • ibinpots
    6 posts

    @finalflash07 yeah.. still have that damn oxenefordscire map. quick question. have you encounter opal bug that doesn't remove on your map even though you already collected it?

  • Tasha-Soriah
    164 posts

    I still have the Oxenefordshire hoard map stuck in my inventory even though i just got the treasure. I can also confirm that various other things have stayed in my inventory under quest items, i dont know which ones are intended and which ones are not though.
    Also the icons for opals are still staying on the map even though i have collected them already in a previous save/playthrough even after the update.

  • OGAngryHulk
    10 posts

    I still have "Arrows Recuitment Coin", Tool Order, Waterlogged note, king burgreds offer and a warning to warlocks along with the others that were already mentioned.

  • DrKreeq
    1 posts

    I verified the game files and I still have the "Eatun barn key" in my inventory even though I opened the chest that requires this key.
    Can it be fixed somehow or something? I really care about it because I don't want to have a bugged game~.
    Please Help!

  • Lloydus26
    3 posts

    Cattle Meat, from the Yuletide Event.

  • Jlh7109
    1 posts

    are you ever going to fix these bugs or just compile a list of the trash you refuse to fix? i see its been a bug for nearly 90 days now. thats pathetic, EA would be proud.

  • BruceHillRacing
    41 posts


    It is a bit shocking that this is still an issue, not in last part of February and basic bugs haven't been seen to.
    Helix store has had a bit of love.
    But lets be fair, you are not the brightest company if you want players to use the store yet provide no repeatable content to play that might encourage them to use said store. Also just overprice the digital items that are worthless so noone buys them then waste more Dev time creating more stuff.....Its a pathetic vicious circle of greed.

  • mschlagenhaufer
    1 posts

    Still having this issue of quest items stuck in my inventory after patch 1.2.0. Have you any information the team is working on this?

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts
    1. Ornir's Key
    2. Eatun Barn Key
    3. Ulkerthorpe's Captain's Chest Key
    4. Ochre Caves Chest Key

    These keys are also glitched. They remain in my Inventory but I already opened those chests.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 646 posts

    Hey everyone. I am so very sorry for my delay in getting back to you all! I greatly appreciate each of you adding to the list of which Quest Items and Chest Keys are remaining in your inventories. I have forwarded all of this information to the Game team as they look into this issue. Also, since it appears that some of the Items and Keys vary from player to player, could each of you create a Support ticket and attach your save files? Then return here and provide your ticket number. I will then send them to the Game team to assist with this. Alternatively, send your most recent Manual Save to the cloud. However, just let me know when you've sent it to the cloud, and make sure it is a Manual Save, not an Auto Save.

    Official Response
  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @ubikobold I always have Cloud manual save; gamertag is "ImaginaryRuins".

    If you could pass this message to the corresponding staff member(s), could you tell them that:

    Ulkerthorpe's Captain Chest Key, despite the fact that it disappeared from Inventory after opening the lock BEFORE the main quest, during the main quest (assaulting the fort where the chest of the key was), the key was magically given back to me just when I was approaching the fort. (Repeat: this issue happened during the main quest of that scire).

    And if I may make a suggestion on how to deal with the issue:

    How about adding codes which check the keys in the Inventory & their corresponding chests in the world. If chests are opened, then automatically remove the keys from Inventory.

  • UbiKobold
    Ubisoft Support Staff 646 posts

    Thank you for your suggestion ImaginaryRuins, and I appreciate this information about how the key disappeared before, and then re-appeared back in your inventory during the Main Quest. Can you provide the name of that specific Main Quest?

    Also, for all that experience this issue of a Quest Item or Chest Key staying in your inventory after the Quest or Event is completed, please provide the name of the Quest/Event that corresponds with that item. For example, if you still see 'A Warning to Warlocks' in your inventory, what was the name of the Quest that should have made this item disappear?

    Official Response
  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts


    Ornir's Key is not for a quest, but a wealth in Rygjafylke, Deserted Chalet. The key was guarded by 3 wolves.

    (This is NOT my original video)

    Eatun Barn Key is again not for a quest, but a small wealth in Oxenefordscire, Eatun Barn.
    (Again this is NOT my original video)

    Ochre Caves Chest Key is, again, not for a quest. It is for a small chest in Glowecestrecire, Aelfwood. The chest is inside a cave which is inaccessible unless doing the main quest in Glowecestrecire.
    (at 37:43, the tiny gold dot to the North of the cluster of wealth, again this is NOT my original video)

    And finally the Ulkerthorpe's Captain's Chest Key, it was wrongly given to me during the Old Friends quest, the "Find and kill the Pict Chief" part when charging into the Ulkerthrope Fort. There was a notification of receiving the key at the top right hand side of the screen, just when Eivor approaches the fort front gate.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts


    Here, look at this video at 15:55, the Captain's Chest Key just magically appeared. It is again NOT my original video.

    Please Ubi-Kobold could you pass these videos to the relevant staff members?

  • SpirantCrayon22
    422 posts

    The collectibles and quest items confuse me. There's overlap between the two lists so maybe there should only be one section in the Bag; some things I can see why they're there, some I can see why they might be retained, some should surely have gone, one is clearly a broken thing, there's one that surely should appear there and it's odd that only two have a home in Ravensthorpe. I've done the game completely. I have a ton of things that are collectibles and quest items, listed below.

    Revenge Note
    Mysterious Note
    River Raid chest key (1)
    Note Targeting Eivor
    Revenge Note
    Loch Clunbre Hideout Chest Key
    Wenloch Abbey's Door Key
    Dertemor Chest Key
    Armory Key
    Skegi's Beard Chest Key
    Ulkerthorpe's Captain's Chest Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 7
    Ochre Caves Chest Key
    Spalding Bandit Lair Door Key
    Isurium Aldburg Chest Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 8
    Belesduna Camp Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 9
    The Rigsogur, Page 10
    The Rigsogur, Page 6
    The Rigsogur, Page 4
    Evesham Abbey Key
    Captain Key
    Mysterious Key
    Ravensburg Door Key
    Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them, Part III
    The Rigsobur, Page 5
    Eatun Barn Key
    Meldeburne Door Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 3
    Beodoricsworth Door Key
    Ledecestre Door Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 1
    Ornir's Key
    Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them, Part II
    Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them, Part I
    Utbech Chest Key
    Walden Church Door Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 2

    Quest Items:
    Letter from Beoswith the Bard
    The Krakumal of Ragnar Lothbrok
    Quill's Hideout Key
    Annotated Manuscript
    Goodwin's Research
    The Quill's Manifesto
    Running Diary
    The Magas Codex, Page VI
    Seer's Concoction
    Hemming Jarl's Grave Good
    Pict Chief's Spear
    Worn Pictish Heirloom
    Saint George clue
    Saint George clue
    Gwilim's Pouch
    Tha Magas Codex, Page III
    Hunter's House Cage Key
    Dugr's Clues
    Rouecistre Blockade Tower Key
    Stenwege Camp Inner Compound Door Key
    Pictish Orders
    A Mysterious Password
    Official Seal
    The Magas Codex, Page II
    Central House Key
    The Magas Codex, Page V
    Mad Ramblings
    Briton Dagger
    Tool Order
    Arrow's Recruitment Coin (1)
    The Magas Codex, Page I
    Waterlogged Note
    Cordelia's Dagger
    [blank - see below, the count is 1]
    East Anglian Arm Ring
    Regan's Dagger
    Goneril's Dagger
    Editha's Crosier
    The Magas Codex, Page IV
    BBB Membership
    King Burgred's Offer
    Pending Deliveries
    A Warning to Warlocks
    Cattle Meat (1)
    Valuable Ring
    A Mild Hunt
    King Aelfred's Orders

    The one noted that's broken, I've put "blank" above, is a black square with a count of 1. The descriptive text is simply whatever the "mouse pointer" was hovering over before. So it might say "BBB Membership" then move the cursor and it'll say "Briton Dagger". It's been this way since early in the game.

    The one item that looks like it should be there is the cross Aelfred gives Eivor. It's the only collectible I remember, more or less.

    Related to all this it seems that more items probably should end up in Ravensthorpe.

    Anyway, I thought this might help as the inventory is cluttered with stuff that is essentially useless. Perhaps it's not been pointed out perhaps I have a broken save-game.


    This is Xbox One, latest version.

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