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  • SpirantCrayon22
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    I get a strong impression they have reached a limit on non-game-breaking bugs, that they're not going to do anything about them. Be nice to be proven wrong but the absence of comments on a few where there has been repeated discussion could be telling.

  • Yesin069
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    I dont think this ever will get fixed to be honest. The inventory system is a mess. The runes fill up the most space because they wont stack and cant be organized and there are so many quest items and keys that are just for a single-use and still fill up my inventory. It is just annoying at this point and feels like a beta inventory system. Pretty amateurish and badly done and put together. Six month after release and we still need to beg the devs to fix basic stuff like that.

    I also think that they focus more on the dlc now. The main game will be forgotten now. This is why i wished that they delay the DLC more to fix the main game first. The point where the DLC comes out, the devs will focus more on new bugs from there, instead of improving the fundamentals for the DLC's.

  • ImaginaryRuins
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    Yeah I kinda worry that this would happen: getting ignored. I guess I can live with that, but still that is such a shame. Thanks for the replies.

    (I would not be surprised that the no. of bugs and glitches can be so high that the team has to rewrite quite a lot of the original coding, almost like remaking half of a game)

  • guest-nVX9hobB
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    Hello again! All of this information is excellent, thank you! I very much appreciate the detail surrounding each item and/or key as this can assist the Game team with recreating these scenarios. I have been continuing to forward up what each of you have provided, and will update this thread once I receive more information from the Game team. If you think of anything else, please do not hesitate to add it and I will send that up as well. Thanks again everyone for your assistance in trying to resolve these stuck Quest Items and Keys!

    Still have quest items in inventory that are not needed. At least let us “interact” with quest giving npc’s to get rid of inventory. In odyssey you let us do it and Alexios would just say “it’s already done”

  • Kormac67
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    @guest-nvx9hobb It's obviously "by design" to keep the quest items clogging up your inventory. Like in Odyssey.
    At least the treasure hoard maps were fixed at some point, I've gone through them recently and have got rid of all of them.

  • bielik01
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    I think at least keys are removed now from inventory if used to open chests, but are you going to release a fix to clean our inventories of other used items, based on one's game status?

    But I just noticed I have Hero's Sword AND one of the Duntulm Camp Chest keys... (so the other one is gone from my inventory). Please, look into this. You can have a look at my cloud save.

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    Items that, for the most part, have no point so simply clog up the inventory. As I mentioned ages ago, Aelfred ends up giving Eivor a cross - where's that? Also as mentioned, it's the one item from the quest (other than gear) that I remember. The two items that end up in the Ravensthorpe longhouse, the pumpkin and the healing book - why them? Why not others? Can you not put in some kind of room (upstairs in the longhouse?) where all these items get stored like all the previous games?

    Collectibles . . .
    Note Targeting Eivor
    Revenge Note
    Revenge Note
    Mysterious Note
    Duntulm Camp Chest Key
    Ghost Auroch Trophy
    Pruvinis Chest Key
    River Raid chest key (12)
    Beardney Camp Chest Key
    Swamp Chest Key
    A Telling of Cu Chulainn
    Carnagan Chest Key
    Legend of the Morrigan
    Balor of the Fomorians
    Tara Hill and the Lia Fáil
    Tuatha Dé Danann
    Loch Clunbre Hideout Chest Key
    Wenloch Abbey's Door Key
    Dertemor Chest Key
    Armory Key
    Skegi's Beard Chest Key
    Ulkerthorpe's Captain's Chest Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 7
    Ochre Caves Chest Key
    Spalding Bandit Lair Door Key
    Isurium Aldburg Chest Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 8
    Belesduna Camp Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 9
    The Rigsogur, Page 10
    The Rigsogur, Page 6
    The Rigsogur, Page 4
    Evesham Abbey Key
    Captain Key
    Mysterious Key
    Ravensburg Door Key
    Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them, Part III
    The Rigsogur, Page 5
    Eatun Barn Key
    Meldeburne Door Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 3
    Beodoricsworth Door Key
    Ledecestre Door Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 1
    Ornir's Key
    Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them, Part II
    Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them, Part I
    Utbech Chest Key
    Walden Church Door Key
    The Rigsogur, Page 2

    Quest Items . . .
    Cattle Meat (1)
    Stained List of Ingredients
    Venutius Tomb Artifact
    Cassivellaunus Tomb Artifact
    Boudicca Tomb Artifact
    Bernard's Latin Scroll
    Saint-Étienne Balcony Key
    Diplomatic Writ
    Finely Written Letter
    Strange Letter
    Blood-Dipped Dagger of Deliverance
    New Assistant Directions
    Grass-Stained Letter
    Guard Letter
    Bloodied Crest (1)
    Woolly Letter
    Ulfberht Sword Map
    Ulfberht's Myth Clue
    Lugh's Myth Clue
    War Letter III
    War Letter II
    War Letter I
    Freyja Idol
    Final Words of Thorgest
    King's Pass
    Kill Order
    From the Court of Dublin's Glorious King, Bárid mac Ímair
    Letter from Beoswith the Bard
    The Krakumal of Ragnar Lothbrok
    Quill's Hideout Key
    Annotated Manuscript
    Goodwin's Research
    The Quill's Manifesto
    Running Diary
    The Magas Codex, Page VI
    Seer's Concoction
    Hemming Jarl's Grave Good
    Pict Chief's Spear
    Worn Pictish Heirloom
    Saint George clue
    Saint George clue
    Gwilim's Pouch
    The Magas Codex, Page III
    Hunter's House Cage Key
    Dugr's Clues
    Rouecistre Blockade Tower Key
    Stenwege Camp Inner Compound Door Key
    Pictish Orders
    A Mysterious Password
    Official Seal
    The Magas Codex, Page II
    Central House Key
    The Magas Codes, Page V
    Mad Ramblings
    Briton Dagger
    Tool Order
    Arrow's Recruitment Coin (1)
    The Magas Codes, Page I
    Waterlogged Note
    Cordelia's Dagger
    East Anglian Arm Ring
    Regan's Dagger
    Goneril's Dagger
    Editha's Crosier
    The Magas Codex, Page IV
    BBB Membership
    King Burgred's Offer
    Pending Deliveries
    A Warning to Warlocks
    Valuable Ring
    A Mild Hunt
    King Aelfred's Orders
    Exotic Spices

  • bielik01
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    @spirantcrayon22 I also have extra Cattle Meat 🤣
    I thought I could use it in current Yule festival, but quest didn't take what's already i the inventory into consideration.

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    I also wondered about that when I re-did the quest.

    If I get asked for more details on that list I'll scream.

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    Syndicate had cupboards on the train with quest items. As I wrote earlier, this would be good for Valhalla. Upstairs in the longhouse, have a bookshelf for the codices, fish books, that kind of thing. A couple of sets of shelves for quest items, like the two in Eivor's bedroom, only for all of them, include the Arrow coin and bloodied crest, not the cattle meat though.

  • Coggz7
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    @ubikobold hell all my quest items are still in my inventory even though every single thing is complete. 80% trophies complete. And only reason it's 80 is because the rest is wrath of druids. All raids complete. All stories. All fish. All tombs. Only reason I come back everyday is so I can spend 30 minutes, killing people and do Reda's objectives. I went through awhile going to each quest item that I have stored and everything is complete. But everything is still in my inventory. Tried to take pictures, but couldn't get size down small enough. I have Viking Legend trophy so that really explains everything. "Win Every Trophy". 1 platinum, 1 gold, 14 silver, 35 bronze. But everything remains in my inventory.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 5802 posts

    Hello there!

    I apologise for the delayed response. I can confirm that the development team are aware of multiple types of item (such as keys and notes) remaining in a player's inventory after they have been used in-game. They're still investigating this issue further, and we don't yet have any updates to share from the investigation at this time.

    I've passed on the reports that have been shared with us within this thread so these can be used in the ongoing investigation. I've also shared the feedback about introducing an in-game storage system to try and mitigate inventory clutter. Once we have any updates to share, they will be posted in the News & Announcements forum via patch notes.

    Thank you! 😊

    Official Response

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