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  • dbgager
    158 posts

    @sillyjoey Not having that issue at all. Maybe you should not try to run all settings maxed. Especially shading.. It makes little difference in th evisuals.

  • SillyJoey.
    Original poster 2 posts

    @dbgager The fact that you have to turn settings down with a setup like that says most of it doesn't it? I am not even trying to hit a high framerate here. Just 60FPS should easily be achieveable with this setup.

  • CnRJay
    4 posts

    @sillyjoey turn the anti aliasing to low and thank me later. instant fps boost, with no visual difference.

  • detroitin2019
    99 posts

    this. But only because we can’t turn it off.

  • mwo1480
    7 posts

    @dbgager even on low setting the performance is unstable, after hour game will stutter like crazy needing to restart game to fix it, this is not how a nextgen game should work
    rtx 2070 super
    ryzen 7 3700x 8-core

  • atBrenthor
    9 posts

    @mwo1480 Have your turned anti-aliasing to med/low? For high res like 2k and 4k you don't need AA and this game is pretty crisp, regardless. Other than that, set shadows and clouds to High/Very High. That should net you a solid 60fps. It can help, too, sometimes to add in a frame cap using riva tuner or something.

    The myth of playable 4k/Ultra/60fps is honestly just that, a myth. For the most part Ultra settings expend large amounts of GPU resources to provide significant improvement to insignificant things. A good example in most modern AAA games is shadows. Often the main difference between high and ultra will be shadow resolution. While playing a game there is a next to 0% chance you will notice the difference between 2k res shadows and 4k res shadows, yet the GPU resources needed to give you that extra visual fidelity can be 5-10% (again just an average). Would it be nice? Sure. Does it genuinely enhance the experience in any way? No.

    I don't want to go as far as to say 4k/Ultra/60fps should never be attainable on up to date hardware, but for the most part these features aren't going to receive any sort of optimization until until entry or mid level machines can start using them so that translates to devs essentially just turning a big dial that says GRAPHICS all the way up and calling it Ultra, and not providing any sort of method to reduce the resource load. Take RTX. In it's current state it's next to fully unusable, BUT now you can buy a $500 Xbox that does ray-tracing. Now there's real incentive for devs to come up with methods to make it look good for less resource costs. What were Ultra settings 2 years ago are now baseline.

    Long ramble but the point is, a modern AAA game on high/very high settings will look functionally the same as one set to Ultra unless you decide to start zooming in on screenshots so having Ultra as your baseline target for EVERY setting is gonna leave you disappointed 100% of the time.

  • Ganossa_
    58 posts

    I have everything maxed out on RTX 2080 and no issues which is amazing for those visuals.
    Currently, the only problem is the stuttering that occurs after playing for some time probably due to some issue with clearing memory.

  • mwo1480
    7 posts

    @atbrenthor yeh tried everything low including anti-aliasing and shadows/clouds, game is fine for 1 hour after start thn starts lagging no matter what settings, looking at reddit and this forums it seems that it isnt a graphical issue, but game desing that causes the bad performance for some, pretty sure origins and odyssey had the same problem first weeks of launch

  • atBrenthor
    9 posts

    @mwo1480 That sounds like an issue with memory not unloading properly. You could try setting the program to high-priority in Task Manager, which has been known to fix that issue for some games in the past, but odd are you'll be waiting for a patch.

    Just out of curiosity for your system RAM do you have an XMP profile enabled, or if not, do you need one? I can't see that being the cause of your issues but computers are basically magic and nonsense so sometimes it's the weirdest thing causing you problems.

    Other than that I guess the only thing to recommend would be a clean install of windows but that is a nightmarish undertaking.

  • PierreAngelique
    18 posts

    It runs well for me in the wilderness but as soon as I hit a city the fps tanks. I set AA to low and Volumetric clouds to medium and it helps but in the city's its really not playable. Have a 2080 xc and an 8700 non k, playing 1440p. To bad they partnered with AMD because this game could have really used DLSS. @sillyjoey

  • Drageiver
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Lord_WarpGuN
    18 posts

    @cnrjay this

  • TheCosmicBob
    73 posts

    I'm on PS4, and have noticed that several times in cut scenes dialog is way out of synch with the character. I did not see that ever happen in Odyssey or Origins. I'm running from a disc, but the game is installed on the external HD.

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