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  • Netspook
    261 posts

    I've seen some complaints about stutters after playing prolonged sessions, which sounds like some memory leak thingy, but I'm not convinced it's a widespread problem. If it was, there would be many threads about it and that's not the case. Personally I have no such issues at all.

  • Dragon_master28
    4 posts

    @yrsulafosg your definitely not alone with this....after updating everything, uninstalling and reinstalling and trying every fix i came across valhalla is still unplayable for me...and according to the system requirements i should be able to play this game on high with no issues....yet it barely runs on the lowest setting....very disappointed with ubisoft over this...definitely wont be pre ordering one of their games again.....seriously what is going on with devs these days? its like they don't hire or use game testers at all anymore...for what testers got paid for testing games and finding bugs and game breaking issues prior to launch its not like it was costing studios a ton of money, especially considering how many people i've seen demanding refunds....its like all they care about is pre order sales numbers, instead of releasing a functioning game

  • yrsulafosg
    Original poster 7 posts


    I just uploaded a possible solution on Youtube, give it a look, it might help you. But if you haven't played much the progression of the game might spoil you regarding to location.


  • Ganossa_
    58 posts

    @yrsulafosg stutter is fixed by installing the latest NVIDIA driver. I had the same issue but otherwise the game runs buttery smooth at highest settings.

  • yrsulafosg
    Original poster 7 posts

    @gcc1984 the update they made when the game got released or one they've released now? 😊

  • Ganossa_
    58 posts

    @yrsulafosg NVIDIA v457 in my case.

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    yea 157.30 works fine, but it bring my gpu load up to 95+
    i had 1 version lower before and that 1 gave a load of 60
    wonder wat nvidia did or din't do, and or [censored] up again

    also the game runs fine on my low/mid syst, win 10 2004, i5 8400, gtx 1660 ti, mix of low/high settings 1080

  • Etny2k
    16 posts

    @speedynl21 If you GPU is running at 60% its a cpu bottleneck. You want your GPU at 99% when gaming.

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    nah not my cpu(they match each other fine for all other games), ody runned at 98% with the older driver, but the same driver have a problem with valh, or the otherway around, still need to check how ody runs now with the latest driver

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    dum forum, can't edit a post after 5 min
    wel with the latest driver ody runs like valh, 60% load, on 1080, when upping to 2k it go up to 95+
    wis nvidia made a real good driver for 1's, then i can stick to that 1

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