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  • AfrOmaN_NZ
    1 posts

    @valtyrnine I get the exact same thing. So annoying when I'm quickly trying to hit a weak spot in the middle of combat. Need to patch this.

  • ValtyrNine
    Original poster 87 posts

    @afroman_nz I really hope a dev will look into it because it's a serious issue that cost upwards of 20 minutes if you die from it and you're doing a raid on an especially high level settlement. Technically 40 minutes since it would take 20 more minutes to get back to where you died since you can't save during raids. I've lost time to this bug for sure from not being able to move properly with the camera angle locked on a certain spot.

  • Cat5ll
    1 posts

    Same sht, whenever I try to aim with the torch it gets stuck for 1-2 secs, before I had no issues with the bow, but now I get the same thing on the bow as well, what the hell. Fix this, I wasted too many boss battles on that bug while aiming on the week spots and not being able to hit .

  • Sapphire908
    10 posts

    Pretty much the same, but only when in fight. When i try to use bow during exploration with no enemies, its okay. When in fight with regular cannon fodder, its usually okay, but when i try it in bos (or demi-boss) fights, the game fucks up.

  • ValtyrNine
    Original poster 87 posts

    @cat5ll You can aim with the torch? I can't even move the aiming reticle of the torch to begin with, ever. I have to pre-position where I'm looking before I aim with it.

  • Alien10140
    1 posts

    @afroman_nz I get the exact same thing but I'm on PC. Makes Bosses like Spalda Fen where you have to counter then shoot them in the back impossible as almost a full second is taken up by aim lock when aiming your bow.

  • ValtyrNine
    Original poster 87 posts

    @alien10140 I am also on PC, just playing with a PS4 controller. It doesn't seem to be confined to a particular system or control setup.

  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    oh my god YES this happens to me while on PC (KB&M) too, it's so, so frustrating when you're fighting a boss that has weak points on the side/back, it's almost impossible to hit them

  • athenaky
    3 posts

    This is happening to me as well, PC with MKB

  • Salty504
    2 posts

    This. I try to aim while locked on an enemy and my bow just goes to a random direction. It's highly frustrating when trying to break armor in combat. This needs to be fixed.

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