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  • Horacio_L
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Malek125
    3 posts

    Had the same issue thinking my new RX 6800 XT was broken ... also had the crashes in other games like Horizon Zero Dawn (essential in all DirectX 12 games). Than i remembered having the same issue with FarCry Primal and my old GPU. The problem was not DirectX but rather with the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

    So i did the same as last time and removed all "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable" via Control Center -> Reboot --> Reinstall the 2015, 2017 and 2019 version (all in one) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads

    Playing now for 6 hours straight no crashes 🙂

  • BendelaBoombr
    42 posts

    @malek125 did you install them all? or could some specific give me names and order?

  • Malek125
    3 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Malek125
    3 posts

    @bendelaboombr I just installed these two, they include 2015, 2017 and 2019 version:



  • jeu_sim
    2 posts

    Same problem here ... reinstalling C++ didn't work for me. The support suggested me lots of "cleaning, scanning, updating ..." but the game continues to crash every 30 min or less.

    Will we have to wait for a patch ?

  • VorHed
    1 posts

    Same problem , I tried almost everything but still constant crashes after about 10-30 minutes , RX 6800 XT and i7 8700.

  • AngryJay13
    2 posts

    I have been having the same issues with my AMD system while playing WarZone and Valhalla. I was getting Gamemanagerservice. when i contacted razer they suggested i turn off my windows defender and run synapse in admin mode. I also moved some ultra settings down to High and i havent had a crash yet.

  • longjohn119
    535 posts

    @angryjay13 Don't turn off Windows Defender, just make an exception for the game folder ..... Razer telling you to turn your virus scanner completely off is malfeasance on their part

  • yosh2512
    5 posts

    If the Driver or System not crash, than it´s not an Hardware Issue. It´s Game or API related. Keep in Mind that the Windows Error Reporting Message only says that there was an minor Issue between the Game and the DX12 Api that causes the Game to crash. Maybe it has to do with the old Windows 10 Standby Memory Problem. Look into Taskmanager how much Memory is free and not cached for the System. There are two third Party Tools that could refresh the sys Memory but if you don´t want use it, restart your PC and check if the Issue is still there.

    Check your Event Viewer, there are no warnings/criticals Admin or Sys Entrys for this Error. This change when you have Messages like "Live Kernel Event" ,a Display Driver Crash or the whole System freezes, than you should check your Drivers and Hardware but if not, don´t waste your Time.

    I have crashes since the latest Update. For me it´s the Game and i must wait for a fix.

  • wundermittens
    2 posts


    I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked but this did.

  • Ubi-Spud
    Ubisoft Support Staff 688 posts

    Hey folks, I'm really sorry you guys are experiencing these crashes. If you have gone through the FAQ, please feel free to send us your system files via a case so we can try to identify the issue for each of you to get you up and running.

    I really appreciate the workarounds suggested in this thread as well!

    Official Response
  • Mdaw11
    3 posts

    Hey all

    Got a 3070 and valhalla is doing this at random.. im wondering if its my card or the game. Sometime I can play 8 hrs no crash and sometimes 30mins (I ONLY CRASHED IN ENGLAND MAINLY)

    i7 10700k
    16gb ram
    RM850W Corsair GOLD


    Anybody else with a 30 series card able to play without random display driver crashes?

    Ive reinstalled windows twice and swapped out mobo and cpu recently with no change.

  • longjohn119
    535 posts

    @mdaw11 My latest build of Skyrim SE with 375 mods went 44 hours before I experienced my first CTD and at least another 20 hours since without another crash ..... I wish I could make Eivor look this good (and it didn't cost me a cent) ... and use a one handed sword


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