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  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    The more I play, the more side quests I complete, the stronger my feeling that all the side characters are completely disassociated from the game world. While the main story is somewhat believeable and relatable, the side quests are pure fantasy junk more suited for games like Divinity. I just hope the next game in the series takes a more consistent tone.

  • Rhinala
    2 posts

    I love the crafted quests in odyssey, they are so much better then what I see in Valhalla. People here tend to point to the radiant fluff with the white icons. Those quests help level up and gain resources and money, they never bothered me and helped me reach the gold cap.
    Quests with golden icons are interesting, like the kid that made friends out of mud and the slave that never wanted to be released. Some side quests shed some light on the main quest, like the quest about Barnabas nephew.

    The more I play Valhalla the less I want to continue playing that game.

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts
    The more I play Valhalla the less I want to continue playing that game.

    For me the side quests are not game breaking. But they are most definitely immersion breaking.

  • Flanker1Six
    39 posts

    @daelosthecat Pretty typical for an Ubi game and Ubi game plot. It's likely an effect of their corporate desire to make their product apealing to as wide a customer base as possible. Jack of all trades and master of none. Massive Illegal immigration, warfare, murder, [censored], economic/cultural disruption/destruction, .........................pretty much defines an excellent base for a adolescently orientated game. Hack off all the heads and limbs you want......................but Holy Jebus................................wasn' that Farting Girl making those guys puke In Ledecestre some seriously no **** comic relief?! UBI game = immersion breaking all too often.

  • Infinite_Gnosis
    4 posts

    Back in the days Assassin's Creed used to have a more serious, mystical and atmospheric tone, almost giving you the feeling that you were actually transported back in time. For me it felt next level. Something I never experienced before in gaming, combined with a story better than most AAA movies, but nowadays Assassin's Creed has lost that sense of immersion and has become less serious and far less reality based and believable. The storyline also turned from genius into a joke. I guess it's because different people are in charge now with different life philosophies and creative visions. Well.. at least they brought back Jesper Kyd back into the mix for the soundtrack.

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    I feel like ALL the side quests are comic reliefs. And comic reliefs aren't bad. Like Marcos in Odyssey. But if ALL the characters were Marcos, the world would not feel believeable at all. And this is the problem with Valhalla's side quests. They are all comic reliefs.

  • Netspook
    261 posts

    I feel sorry for those families in Norway with Viking lineage that they are disrespecting. If they want to preach tolerance and inclusion they still need to respect other cultures and not falsify settings.


    I'm one ot those you talk about, descending from vikings. And I don't feel any "disrespect" at all. But at least here up in Northern Norway we don't take ourselves too seriously, and are certainly not easily offended.

  • DaelosTheCat
    Original poster 167 posts

    Here's something that came to mind. A game that most modern action-RPGs want to be like - The Witcher 3. It too had comic reliefs. Like when you had to chase a goat. But those were few and far between. What if between story quests, all you did was chase goats and cats and dogs? That's how side quests in Valhalla feel to me.

  • longjohn119
    629 posts
    Both of you should learn more about the northern culture back in that time. Vikings were much more tolerant and inclusive than you think.
    And regarding the funny quests: It's entertaining. This is a game and not a historic lesson at an university.

    I don't mind the depiction of vikings. It's the side quests that bother me. They don't need to be absurd to be entertaining. Again, take The Witcher games. All the side quests are meaningful, fun and entertaining and none of them resort to juvenile humor and farts.

    There were some funny quests in Odyssey too (The horny old woman, several Alkibiades quests, a couple of quests in Pephka, the Supedio quest) but they were spaced out and weren't every single quest ...... While there were a lot of basically dumb quests in Odyssey there were some real gems and the first one that comes to mind are the ones with Kyra, plus Leandros in Pephka, the Dagger quests on Euboea, the quests with Mikkos on Lemnos, the Eppie quests in Boeotia, etc that actually told a story .... What they needed was more of them and less fetch quests but not what they did in Valhalla .....A few here and there interspersed with some meaty quests like the ones I mentioned would have been a better solution .... Replace the fetch quests with these light hearted ones but also have some more complex quests .... Instead they went over to one extreme

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