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  • JCar4327
    599 posts

    @souldrinkerlp Oh, I get that. I agree that games need to be different, that's why most people play games is to experience something new. And I definitely agree that gear is not the only reward in a game; see my response above. I actually found all the random gear drops to be a nuisance because then I had to look and see if it this piece was better or is that piece better; kinda takes away from the whole immersion thing everyone complains about because you have to stop and evaluate your gear all the time.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @jcar4327 I have given up that in Odyssey because the gear meant bascially nothing. I want to do stealth in an AC game. That's what I came to expect from it. So as soon as I got a decent stealth armor buff I used that and nothing else till the end of the game. I had never a single problem playing. The only problem was the hours of time I lost dismantling gear for resources I needed to grind to upgrade my armor so I won't become weak when I level up as the enemies levelled up too.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @souldrinkerlp Yeah and here you lose time doing basicaly everything, Valhalla is grind AF comparted even to Odyssey ... but sure good game design lol

    And Valhalla world is so much copy paste omg, guys how can you be so blind I dont get it ... side quests shallow AF ,bring the crate to my house 5 meters away style .. yeah sure a lot of work put in those ... everything you do is behind puzzle or hidden underground ... wow not repetitive and copy paste at all lol ... all gear you find by going to the dot and loot chest also that is very uniqe and not repetive at all .. omg you hate Odyssey for being shallow, repetitve and grindy yet you defend game which is 10 times worse and all those aspects ...

    And story is not level gated are you serious????? There are like 321364165 power levels which is just another word for levels :DDDD

    Seriously guys .....

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @jcar4327 Yeah but they were also a lot smaller and shorter, not like here where you need hundrets of hours to complete all stuff and you only reward is "story" thats not good enough, maybe in a game where the story or the gameplay is something breathtaking and groundbreaking like RDR2 for example, but not in the Ubi game which is almost the same as ten others they made. And even RDR2 had much more loot, rewards and customization for exploring and playing the game.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @martygod12 There are exactly 400 power levels. You are basically disqualifying yourself for any serious discussion by that point.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @souldrinkerlp Woow youre right only 400 thats not grind at all lol

  • geoage095
    39 posts


    What are you talking about,the gear in Oddyssey was EVERYTHING! All gear was different whith a lot of pieces having different stats and perks so you could mix and match for your appropriate build,you could build and spec different if you wanted to go Fighter,Archer or Assasin build.

    You cannot do that in Valhalla,because perks are locked behind 4-5 pieces and to be honest there are NO builds in this game since you unlock the whole skill tree by maxing to 400. That's lazy and poo-thought design imo. The simply copied the Path Of Exile skill tree and simplyfied to the max!


  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @martygod12 It actually isn't 🙂 You get 2 power levels per level up, 1 power level for many of the mysteries. Some quests even reward you with 2 power levels. XP to next level don't increase. 1-2 quests = 2 power levels. It usually takes around 30 minutes to get 2 power levels. So you reach power level 400 at 100 hours. To reach it you have a diversity of stuff to do. Solving hunted site puzzles, going for outposts (you can decide between stealth or full attack, some you can even engage with your crew), solving other world puzzles to get loot, killing legendary beasts, the stone stacking puzzles (Cairn), the standing stone ring puzzles, the altars (and for these you have to do fishing for example), flyting is very entertaining, the anomalies have a pretty big reward, you can solve fly agaric puzzles or go a give peace to the lost drengr. You can also do the world events which only consists of max 5% of the things you talked about. I already pointed out extremly well crafted world events but you guys tend to just ignore that because you feel like you have to be right. Just like little children.

    Oh there are also the Treasure of Britain which shows how superior Valhalla is actually to Odyssey The caves they built are so much better than anything you can find in Odyssey and they all feel handcrafted.

    Can you count how often you encountered the following camp in your Odyssey playthrough? I stopped counting at around 100.

    And here is another world event besides the one of the monk who is out for revenge:

    Lunden is a dark place and people suffer because a famous music band doesn't perform any longer. You have to find clues to their whereabouts and convince them to rejoin to give the people some joy in their life. You won't get any map markers for it, you have to follow the clues there are. I won't get into more detail here.

  • SouldrinkerLP
    316 posts

    @geoage095 Oh wow, are you serious? I took the first gear which had a buff on stealth and kept it till the end of the game. Worked perfectly fine somehow. Weird. I thought it was EVERYTHING? Wasn't rewarding at all to have generic gear piece #190288338 in my inventory. Especially the bonuses repeated themself over and over again. It was pretty obvious there is a pool of 50 buffs they rotate through.

    But you probably also think Borderlands has gazillion weapons in it and not just like 5-10 weapon types with random stats. (I dont know about how many types there are in Borderlands 2 and 3. I skipped these games)

    So how engaging is a loot system where I can beat the game without even engaging with it at all? I also never died doing so. So it seems like you invested all that time without having any benefit from it 🙂 There is no PvP so there is no point in getting the perfect gear and 10 more dps when enemies have 1999000 HP.

  • JCar4327
    599 posts

    @martygod12 Valhalla is not grindier than Odyssey, not even close. And I have noticed some copy and paste in Valhalla, but not near the scale it was in Odyssey. I mean if you had 100 outposts in Odyssey there was maybe 4 - 5 different designs. I've noticed a lot more unique outposts in Valhalla than I have copy and paste outposts. Side quests in Odyssey were annoying because they would send you half way across the map to run back to the quest giver to just end up running across the other half of the map, I actually like that the quests are completed in a relatively short distance from the quest giver.

    And I never said I hate Odyssey, not once. I have like 10 - 12 play throughs of Odyssey. I enjoyed the game for what it was.

    To be quite honest I am pretty much done discussing this with you because you obviously are here just to complain about the game. I don't have the time to waste with someone who doesn't know how to enjoy a game for what it is and just complains because it's not what they want.

  • Cell1e
    167 posts


    I remember those games, the high score was the reward really, certainly things have changed a lot over the years. But its good you are happy with the game as is. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

    I for sure expect a lot more from games now than I did then but I also love games more now than I did then and I also am prepared to spend an lot of more of my income on a game now than I would then.

    The more gloss and glitz and cosmetic polish a game has, the more money I will invest in the game from buying dlc/expansions to cash shop armours weapons etc.
    It makes good financial sense for a company to cater to the many thousands of players like myself, Ubisoft knows this, they dropped the ball on this one really, lots of players unhappy, finishing and/or leaving the game (and cash shop) for other games instead of replaying it over and over and spending their money in the process to jazz things up on new playthroughs.(I treated myself to lots of nice skins playign and replaying Odyssy, a nice earner for Ubisoft for sure)

    I usually replay a game numerous times, buying armours and weapon skins/hair skins etc in the cash shop when I need something extra for my role playing experience. The way the game is at the moment this will be one game I wont be replaying/spending money on.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @jcar4327 So? I can say that you are here just to defend the game at all cost,because someone other dont share your opinion and dont like it, so whats your point?

  • DaelosTheCat
    166 posts

    After more than 60 hours I gotta say you are right. Exploration is not rewarding. Finding a chest with an ingot in it is just no fun. Or travelling around an area you've visited a couple of days back, find it re-populated by bandits and clearing their camp only rewards player with some resources they no longer need. It kind of sucks. I wish exploring and re-visiting areas would be more rewarding.

  • iamthespark
    6 posts

    I think the rewarding part for me is in the story. Not the story of the forgettable alliances I made, but with the settlement, my brother, Randvi, the townsfolk.

    There was a huge swath of time spent grinding through the alliances where the main story line with Sigurd did not process, and that was just heartbreaking.

    Really this game should have been 30 hours, not 70.

  • Frosthound030
    124 posts

    @etny2k go stand in the corner while the adults talk

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @souldrinkerlp Its like talking to a wall with you, only argument that you get the same piece of gear for the 4165156 time in Odyssey, are you blind or did you notice that in Odyssey there were over 70 different armor styles which all looked different the variety and amount of customization was insane in this game, in Valhalla you have [censored], nothing at all.

    And you dont get loot for doing most of things, 50 leather and iron in chest after you spend 10 minutes going for it is a laughable loot. You said you stopped counting enemy camps in Odyssey well I stopped counting times where some stupid chest was locked behing door in some room or underground and you had to figure out how to get in only to get 50 leather nad iron lol. How is that different? I find clearing enemy camps and getting gear all over again much more fun then solving a stupid puzzles every five minutes to get some mats.

    World events extremly well crafter? Cmnon most of them are childisch, stupid and over in 30 seconds, Maybe 1 of 10 is actually entertaining, but so it was for side quest in Odyssey and you get at least a proper reward for doing them, so again how is this better?

    You are so funny thinking you got some cool different game from Ubisoft, yet Valhalla is same grindy, repetitive game as Odyssey was only without loot, thats all.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    I've completed everything in the game at the present, aside from the little resource chests spread throughout the world and one or two offering altars which require too many fish. Some spoilers for gear.

    Gear List (not including store items I've acquired, duplicates, or the pre-order Berserker stuff): Gear will also change appearance when you upgrade its tier with Ingots, with the exception of some weapons which already have their highest appearance by default, i.e. Hemming's Axe, Mjolnir, Gungnir, Excalibur, Vordr's Bite, Lagertha's Axe, Spartan Shield, Sepulcher Axe)

    10 Capes/Cloaks (one of which you can only access in Vinland))
    12 Torso Armors (two of which you can only access in Vinland))
    10 Helmets/Masks (one of which you can only access in Vinland
    10 Bracers (one of which you can only access in Vinland)
    12 Pants (two of which you can only access in Vinland)
    16 Bows (5 Hunter, 5 Light, 6 Predator; and one of which you can only access in Vinland)
    4 One Handed Bearded Axes
    8 Light Shields
    6 Heavy Shields
    5 Spears (one of which you can only access in Vinland)
    7 Two Handed Dane Axes
    4 One Handed Hammers (one of which you can only access in Vinland)
    4 Daggers
    3 Two Handed Swords
    3 Flails

    To say I'm disappointed is putting it mildly. As much as I understand the frustration of Odyssey's gear system, it was a good system which offered literally tons of options in terms of builds, looks, and transmog. Not to mention it was a nice way to get money or basic resources. Out of all the armor sets in game, I don't even use a full set, since I can equip at least two and be alright with the basic perks. My issues with the current gear is that it looks terrible in it's Mythic Appearance. Hopefully they implement transmog soon because I'm not a fan of all this gold and pointed assassin tails on the bottom of the armor. Then there's the depressing lack of one handed swords, a basic fighting tool in any RPG game.

    Exploration is alright, but it's not great. Some things are kind of neat like the Cursed Objects, the standing stones can be a bit frustrating, and Cairns were the bane of my existence. But with as much exploration as we're supposed to do, the world feels empty and as many here put, it's unrewarding. Fun fact, you get a single piece of armor from the Order of the Ancients quest arc but you also have to kill the Daughters of Lerion in order to loot the chest for the armor you need to acquire Mjolnir. Three of the Zealots have items which are needed to eventually acquire Excalibur. Why only three drop something rewarding is stupid, same with all of the Order members. I honestly miss all the opportunity I had for loot via Odyssey's Cult/Order system on top of actual gear in legendary chests spread throughout the world. I just wish there was more in terms of armor and especially armor sets which are grounded in historical reality (I like the Einherjar Set on the Store for this reason, as it's a nice mix of chainmail, leather, and tunic; but it's needlessly covered in blood, which is stupid) I know this is mostly about gear for me, but gear tends to go hand in hand with exploration. They honestly should have shifted Ingots to raids and/or high level enemies, and used all of those chests for armor and weapons. That'd at least double the amount of armor you could get. We'll see how they'll be doing things with the raids and later expansions, but as it stands, this game desperately needs more armor sets, it's sad.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @fylkirpanzer Excellently written I could not have agreed more. Yet some people still dont understant why are so many other players upset with this game.

  • FylkirPanzer
    180 posts

    @martygod12 With as many complaints that Odyssey had (I personally loved everything about the game except for the lack of shields), I feel the Dev team here went to the complete opposite direction instead of seeing what works, and maybe toning it down "a bit", while implementing a happy middle ground. Instead they hit the inventory/gear system with an Isu powered baseball bat and removed tons of options. Why can't we get Anglo-Saxon armor? Why not get Zealot Armor? Or any of the tons of Vikingr running around with neat and decent looking armor, why can't we get that as well? It honestly boggles my mind why they did this.

    I'm really hoping that we get a lot more armor (and one handed swords) in later updates, on top of a transmog system. I'd love a gear dye system (as I dislike some of the metallic colors or tunic colors they went with) but that's wishful thinking probably.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 237 posts

    @fylkirpanzer Yes exactly what I said too, I am so glad that there are many others who see it same as me.

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