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  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    For me the reason for the journey is the loot. So to enjoy the journey I need to have the expectation of some type of reward/loot. Especially the visually appealing ones like amours and weapons.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 240 posts

    @quor321 Well to enjoy the journey it must be actually rewarding which is not in Valhalla sadly, yeah the stories are nice but they it get tedious and boring doing side stories just for the dialog. I dont know they put so much effort into other parts of the game, i mean there is much variety as for enemies types, factions, side activities, stories, regions etc. so why they decided to give us so little variety in armors and weapons ? I dont understand this why in this area the game is so bland and limited, whereas in other areas can be so rich?

  • martygod12
    Original poster 240 posts

    Or the idea of improving raids. I feel that the raids in the game are well I dont want to say dissapointing, but Its the same as with other things in the game. I do enjoy the activity, the gameplay, but as usual the rewards are dissapointing. All you get from this big chests are just raw materials over and over again.

    What if also with raw materials sometimes as a reward comes a piece of armor and an armor set for each kingdom. By this I dont mean region but the whole kingdom, you know there are 4 kingdoms in the game (Mercia, East Anglia, Northumbria and Wessex). That would make 4 armor sets (plus shield and one weapon for each set) scatteret throghout raid points around map. All sets would be based on the apropriate kingdom, so this would made for a great opportunity to implement some Anglo-Saxon themed sets into the game and also make raids more interesting especially in late gameplay.

    Just another idea where armors or gear could be used as a reward.

  • Gravelmead
    62 posts

    @martygod12 Exploration in Valhalla, where exactly? Are you getting this game mixed up with Odyssey? Ha! Exploration in Valhalla, go on, pull the other one.

  • Gamebent
    26 posts

    @martygod12 I'll go ahead and say it
    The raids are boring and too pc. The same thing over and over with the only variety being the annoying "puzzles" for every single goddamned piece of loot.
    Getting desynch'd for killing priests, which was more common than not, is ridiculous. We should be able to slaughter every single person if we want, with the bad side being a bad reputation or some kind of meaningful punishment instead of "that's not allowed."

  • martygod12
    Original poster 240 posts

    @gamebent Yeah I didnt want to [censored] yet about another part of the game, but since you opened it yeah, the puzzles get incredibly annoying after a while, spending so much time finding out how to get into building or underground when again rewards in chests or other "loot" you can find there for you effort are almost none.

    I wont mind spending the time if I get a proper reward, but spending five minutes figuring out how to get into a building only to find a chest with leather and ore here? No thanks.

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Too many puzzles I think, Im glad Im not the only one who doesnt like puzzles in games. The occasinal one maybe but this is beginning to feel a bit like tomb raider and I hate having to break my game-play experience to go look something up on the net, especially when I have limited time to play and just want to continue on my journey.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 240 posts

    @cell1e Yeah I feel you man, as I said above if you have job, family, friends etc. and have only limited playtime you dont want to spend so much time solving puzzles especially when you get no proper reward for it. I really cant understant the decisions behind this game, they wanted to try something new I guess, but it just doesnt work. I know some players maybe like the changes, but for me Valhalla is really a step into wrong direction, and I hope they will not follow this pattern and design in future AC games. That would kill the series for me sadly.

  • KlausKniffler
    9 posts

    Totally agree - the lack of cool loot seriously impacts my desire to explore locations other than just to see what a certain landmark looks like up close.

    I can't tell you how disappointed I was to find the famous Sutton Hoo burial mound on the map, make my way there excited about what cool piece of armour might be there; maybe the beautiful helmet or the shield or maybe even the sword (as an upscaled two-hander perhaps ffs) and waddaya get? Some random bandit looking shield.
    Travel to the site of what's believed to be King Raedwald's grave, one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th Century and you get a terrible looking shield. A cheap kite shield no less, 150 years before they even appeared in England. At the burial ground of a 7th Century king. WAT.

    It's kinda depressing. I'm hoping they'll patch in more armour and weapon sets later on down the line.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 240 posts

    @klauskniffler I just loaded up Odyssey, there are close to 70! yeah 70! different armor styles in the game and thats not counting store sets and some armors which do not appear in the transmog menu untill you find them so there is even more. Compared to that Valhalla is a pathetic joke. There are historically accurate armors, there are some barbarian styled armors, some eastern (persian) styled armors, some more fantasy/kickass looking armors, there is just so much variety and customization in the game its sad when you see what Valhalla offers us in comparison.

    Oh well I guess I am back at playing Odyssey until Cyberpunk comes out. Droping Valhalla for now, maybe will try it later if some serious changes come, or if not I guess I will pass to next AC (lets hope a much better one)

  • Mirmidonas74
    27 posts

    @dreadgrrl I could not agree more. The Boredorm in all it's magnificence! I am not going to comment on the main tune/theme which puts all Vikings to sleep! It actually sounds a bit like the Titanic's theme lol.

  • Mirmidonas74
    27 posts

    @martygod12 Odyssey was a masterpiece of it's kind.

    All Ubisoft had to do was to keep the combat mode, the awesome graphics, the big clear sprites on screen which you had a clear view during the fights, and BRING back the hidden blade with the stealth abilities of Ezio.

    Ok, there's room for improvement little things here and there, but instead of that, Ubisoft decided to play Russian roulette and blow up almost everything.

  • martygod12
    Original poster 240 posts

    @mirmidonas74 Yeah I honestly dont know what they were smoking when they were making desicions about Valhalla. Everything in the game is like "lets be so different from Odyssey at any costs!!" and I honestly dont know why, why they have to change so many things and so drastically, since majority of players liked Odyssey so why change so much things. Almost none of the changes they made in Valhalla are acutally good. Really it is a piece of garbage compared to Odyssey and Origins.

  • Mirmidonas74
    27 posts

    @martygod12 That's my question as well. A Big Why? Have you checked the Audience rating summary on Google? The game can't surpass the embarassing 3.8 score in 2775 ratings. The lowest of all AC games so far on Google. OUCH!

  • martygod12
    Original poster 240 posts

    @mirmidonas74 I am not suprised, even when you look here at the forum or around the web, many people are displeased with the changes, especially the loot/reward system and a lack of content in that area. And the overall "beta" state of the game. Sure there is definitely a lot of players who likes it, but I dare to say that more of them dont. Lets just hope that some of that criticism will be heard and they wont make the same mistakes in the next AC game.

  • iamthespark
    6 posts

    [I have finished the main story, below may be spoiler]

    I agree with the majority of the posts here, and I am a person who enjoyed Valhalla more than Odyssey. The things that irked me weren't about specific features, but about tying the features into the story:

    1. Tattoos: What's the point of body tattoos if there are no cut scenes or armour that can showcase them?
    2. Loot: It really isn't worth figuring out how to break in a house for something that isn't narrative-based or of low quality.
    3. Sheer Map Size and activities not connected to main narrative: Large worlds are great to explore, but there is no reason other than grinding to truly explore this world. I would have liked companions to join me and comment on all the unique things that were found.
    4. Travel Time: I would tag my target and have the horse/boat follow the path to the objective. Then I would just walk away to do something else IRL. Without a narrative for exploration, the space between objectives becomes a loading screen.
    5. Feasts: It would have been a perfect opportunity for narrative developments with the townsfolk, Sigurd or Romances, but nope just a cutscene to a buff.
    6. Randvi Romance dialogue options: these options and the outcomes are the same for the entirety of the game.
    7. Assaults: After my 4th assault I was tired of them.
    8. Character Development: Eivor does grow as a character, but I didn't feel that I shaped that growth.

    I skipped the grind and played on easy. I don't have time to sink into a game that doesn't have a strong story - that's what casual games are for.

    I support this game, and am glad I contributed to it with my cash. There's a lot of potential for the series to continue to improve.

  • Gamebent
    26 posts

    @etny2k Don't interrupt the adults when they are speaking

  • speedynl21
    79 posts

    i did finish the main quest line, but thats it, i don't even bother with asgard because its bugged, (wel not only asgard, but the hole game)

    i gave up on exploring after spending 5-10 min to figure out how to get to a chest and got 1 ingot, wow

    events(blue dots) i gave up on those, most are plain stupid, can you carry a crate to my house ( 5 meter further)

    myst( white dot) i gave up on those after the first 1, chased a paper hafway true town and for wat a tatoo

    myst animals wat the point of defeating them ?, you get a tatoo, and at the end a axe that i already have, + the tropy's don't even show in longhouse

    settlement wat the point of it ?, it don't add anyting to the game, no benefits exept feat buff

    roman mask you get some dum statues and a shield at the end, wow great stuff

    raiding, wats the point of doing them, you only get some building material, for wat i know rading shoud reward silver/gold/jewels to, and let me kill those damn priest

    ship/sailing, the ship in ody was so much better, here you can't barly see your crew, not to mention you barly hear the song
    even decorating the ship is a waist of time

    opal dealer, remove him he don't even speak to me

    ect ect

  • Cell1e
    174 posts


    Yeah Im skipping most of those tihngs too, they just feel like meaningless time fillers that are extremely unrewarding. I like skins, armour and weapon skins and plenty of them. Hairstyles too, definitely not bothered with tattoos or those boat upgrades, as you point out you just cant see them.

  • geoage095
    39 posts


    I agree with everything. 80 whole boss-fights and you only get rewarded by beating 3 of them (the witches). A major step-down from Origins and Oddyssey.

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