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  • dantrex
    8 posts


    Hello the thing is working I can continue to play on geforce now. However the game is really choppy or even almost unplayable.
    I have a fast connection (Bell Fibe) 1 GB.

    I regret my purchase a little. it would have been a better decision to buy it on my xbox one. Hopefully someday buy games will be cross-platform. You buy the game and you can play it on any medium.

    What to do: wait for optimization on geforce now or pay another $ 94 to play it on xbox ???: (( Thanks for the anwser)

    I listened to the news this evening and I am very sorry for the situation you experienced today on rue St-laurent.

  • xNeera
    5 posts


    I tried your suggest too and unfortunately it didn't work for me. I'm hoping that my pc requires some combination of graphics settings or something like that to be able to push past this bug, so I keep trying over and over again. Hopefully I can get past it soon!

  • KiraOB69
    1 posts

    i'm trying to play the game but every time i start the cutscene where i met this guy and girl during unwelcome quest i get stuck and can't move at all !! i tried to restart my game like 5 times and same bug happens !!
    here is a picture and video of that bug

  • jian-bing
    1 posts

    Stuck at "unwelcome" quest...


  • JadeDejavu
    1 posts

    Each time the cutscene for finishing the mission (when you free the prisoners in the longhouse) finishes, the game reverts to the gameplay HUD. Though, Eivor is unresponsive to any inputs and NPCs are stuck in place aswell. I tried reloading previous saves, both earlier in the mission and before leaving norway, but the issue still occurs
    computer specifications: Windows 10 64 bit (10.0, Build 18363); AMD FX(tm)-8350 8-Core Processor ~1.70GHx; 32768MB RAM; NVIdea Geforce GTX 960

    (edit: I don't know how to get the link to work, but I did send it to your twitter support team)

  • StephenKearns1
    1 posts

    Character becomes stuck once the dialogue stops, have tried loading previous saves but seems to consistently happen.

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1168 posts

    Hello everyone,

    I have merged a few threads into this one so that we can try to keep as much information as we can centralised.

    Regarding the bugs with the "Unwelcome" mission, as my colleague Swaggins has advised, the team are working on this and we hope to share more information soon. In the meantime, please give the workarounds posted a try, including to ALT+TAB out and back to fullscreen, or to up your graphics settings to high / ultra and then try again to pass through the sections. Please let us know if these workarounds allow you to pass the issue, or if it persists - a short video demonstrating the issue would be much appreciated in such cases!

    Official Response
  • Mikkihirtti69
    1 posts

    I have lite issues unwelcome missions.. When the monolog ends after that it freesing i can eat but i can't move.. why??

  • Kuratoro
    97 posts

    @jadedejavu Yup, this is a common issue. Try this workaround:

  • Kuratoro
    97 posts

    @jian-bing Yuppp, This is a common issue! Try this:

  • Yoga030391
    2 posts

    I'm having same problem
    even from begining of the the game, it freeze so many times
    my PC

    CPU i5 6500 3.2 Ghz
    RAM 32GB
    GPU : NVIDIA 1060 Ti 6GB

    I'm planning to stream this game, but cancelled becouse of this problem
    hopefully it can be fixed soon

  • RenoxDashin
    23 posts

    @umnekogay At this moment, just go do something else and let it sit, after about 5-10 mins it'll eventually load.

  • RenoxDashin
    23 posts

    @ubi-woofer As far as I can tell, the only people affected by this are people using a variation of the i5 processor. 4 people so far confirmed. at least one mission per alliance arc, also when you try to start a feast. Its something to do with the cutscene transition. My CPU drags and my comp gets slow, and after about 5-10 mins of being stuck without being able to move, it will finally load.

  • RenoxDashin
    23 posts

    @renoxdashin If this does NOT work.... When it loads and you are unable to move or do anything. Let it sit for 5-10 mins, it'll eventually load. just takes forever. I hope they fix this soon

  • Nopeland
    1 posts

    I can't even pass the first 2 minutes of the the game! constant freezing,this is insane! 100 euros for nothing. I can't even get a refund!!!

  • saimabro123
    1 posts

    Glitch at unwelcome quest can’t move

  • OmNomJamie
    3 posts

    I keep having this issue with the unwelcome quest where i enter the longhouse, the cutscene plays, it loads for a bit and then eivor is just standing in the longhouse, unable to move or access the map or anything. Nothing i've tried works, not starting the quest over, not loading a previous mission. Nothing. Just the same bug, over and over and over and over again. Please, i am at a loss of what to do...

  • OmNomJamie
    3 posts

    @xzxz5011 this doesn't work for me

  • dafman76
    1 posts

    Im lager der Ragnarsons nach befreiung

    (die Gegend -Räuber könnten sich in den überresten des langhäuser verstecken )

    nach den zwei Händlern kommt ein ladesequens ,dann steht die drei ineinander und kann sich nicht mehr bewegen

    Biitte um hilfe ,

  • Daethz
    3 posts

    @two-jay my game is also broken, all posted workarounds not working, tried like ten times now in different ways
    this game is literally unplayable now lmao
    100% gamebreaker

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