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  • mistermcshark
    1 posts

    This bear won't move or do anything. I am aware that I'm supposed to catch a fish to give to her but the dialogue hasn't come up and she's just standing there. Any way to fix this?

  • kinbumi
    7 posts

    I would advise not completing this quest right now. After I did I lost access to multiple settlement improvements. Can’t use the barracks, Hunter, horse, or ship builder.

  • ReaLadiesMan217
    2 posts

    @mistermcshark Im having the same problem. I dont wanna progress to far in case i have to restart. this really sucks.

  • iTzBoy
    1 posts

    Same here. So annoying.

  • Mondracc
    3 posts

    For me the bear is stuck inside cave ceiling and I cant interact at all after talking to Bjorn.

  • AgitatedNatedog
    2 posts

    On xbox series x this quest is stuck on "follow the bear njal" and we are at the last but all the bear does is attack fish and birds. (I cannot feed it).

  • Tar-Naugrim
    52 posts

    @agitatednatedog Had the same happen to me, I reloaded from an autosave the game made and next time I killed a fish I had an option to talk to Njal and feed it.

  • Guisjaart76
    1 posts

    @svarainiokas I have exactly the same issue here

  • DEDg34r
    2 posts

    @agitatednatedog i am having the same bug, it seems as if something agro'd me in the water and hes constantly at the shore attacking the fish. The only result i get is a ton of dead fish laying in the lake and even if I personally kill them I don't get a response from the bear. My mission continues telling me to follow him. I am fast traveling to Norway and returning to see for a fix because saving and reloading the game hasn't seemed to work.

  • CypegEaT
    1 posts

    @smatter_tipzie I've exactly the same problem. Keep me updated if you get the solution to this please!

  • DEDg34r
    2 posts

    @dedg34r I made a small clip of what the bear is doing for me for any Ubisoft Admins that want to see how it looks. Just a little 2 minute clip.


  • Siimy1
    2 posts

    @smatter_tipzie Same for me too 😞

  • Mirmidonass
    1 posts

    @svarainiokas outside the bjorn cave on the river bank has a boat. tried to push the bear to land.worked for me!!!!!!

  • swiley99
    1 posts

    Hi, I have a problem with a quest in the Game. I can't progress in the game because off one bug and I can't find and help to skip it. In the quest The Mysterious Berserker, I need to follow the bear and I need to feed him a fish but after im fishing it i can't give it to the bear... I was supposed to press triangle ( PS4) but is nothing... I tried everything restarting the game or reload the mission but is the same.... please I will need some help because otherwise I can't progress in the the game and im not happy to pay 60£ for a game and not be able to play it. Kind Regards, Adrian.

  • fabrefekete
    1 posts

    Mine is stuck, not in the water but in the middle of the shore, I think that's because she picked a fight with herons on the shore and now she won't move, whatever I do. Hope it'll be fixed soon. She is not even attacking the fish, just standing there, roaring from time to time.

  • kizza0721
    63 posts

    Have you unlocked the fishing line yet? I caught the bear some fish with that and then interacted to feed her.

  • Agarwaen_42
    9 posts

    @vorayne Same for me, no answer yet, the first of you and me who have an answer tells the other one ! 😉

  • radivda
    1 posts

    I have problems with continuing on charter 3 on a cruel destiny it gets bugged when im fighting and when am gong to find grom in the church i get in There but cant do nothing, i Just stand still , the controller does not work on anything. This is on the ps4 version bought digital on ps.store

  • guest-SHmHgbyF
    2 posts

    @smatter_tipzie having the exact same issue.

  • binterz81
    1 posts

    I'm also stuck here but I managed to get past the fishing, and fought off all the Mercian soldiers but now I can't do anything else. Keeps saying to kill the soldiers but they're all dead. On ps4

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