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  • Airborne694859
    1 posts

    Anyone got a way around the glitch for 'The Mysterious Berserker'

    Njal is in the middle of the water and is not moving anywhere.

    Basically this has stopped the game for me

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 799 posts

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for your continued replies. Having read through the full thread I have noticed that there have been several points identified where it is possible to get stuck. It would therefore be helpful if further reports could be shared using the following template for our ease of understanding, and also the ease of presentation of the information to the devs:

    • The platform you play on (e.g. PC, PS5, Xbox One)
    • Task that you are struggling with (e.g. "Feed Bullhead to Njal" or "Follow Njal")
    • Link to short video clip demonstrating the issue (on YouTube or a similar site)
    • Confirmation of trying reloading a previous save / desyncing and resuming
    • Confirmation of whether the two workarounds previously posted (to use a boat or mount to lure Njal onward) worked or not

    We'd also appreciate it as my colleague Raziel mentioned, if any save files from affected PC and PS4 players could be submitted to us via a support case or Live Chat. These are incredibly useful for the devs to analyse and assess when developing bug fixes. If you do send your save files, please quote the case reference number here in this thread so we can check it and retrieve the files! Thank you in advance! 😄

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Ubisoft Support Staff 346 posts
    This post is deleted!
    Official Response
  • heylindsey
    4 posts

    @ubi-woofer I am playing on the xbox series x and I am not able to speak to Bjorn at all. There is no Y button prompt showing up when I approach him. I also cannot interact with the bear. I have tried loading pervious saves and it still happens. Nothing has helped, and ever since this started Eivor keeps repeating the hint about Bjorn Boodtooth "beserkers mjake fierce foes, but powerful allies" about every 30 seconds even when I am nowhere near the quest.

  • Alnar
    2 posts

    @heylindsey Hello

    I'm playing on the pc version of the game and I am unable to feed the fish to Njal. So I decided to go back to an earlier save and wait to do this quest when it is fixed

  • TheRacer24
    1 posts

    I cant even start this mission 😕

  • Skaw-X
    4 posts

    @candyflossbaby same issue here

  • heylindsey
    4 posts

    @alnar I had also tried loading previous saves when this issue first came up and it didn't fix it. I just got the new update and still the same issues haven't been fixed. 😒

  • KILLyoAZZ420
    1 posts

    Glitch with Njaal the bear wont let me interact with him

  • Gizmo2k
    13 posts

    @killyoazz420 Me too. Been like that since day 1 for me. The bear gets to the lake, then does his thing. Never leaves the lake, next stage never starts.

  • Erin7654321
    1 posts

    pc user here when i started the quest i did not have the horse nearby. I walked through the cave to the river bank and started fishing the bear wandered into the water In the water it has stayed could not be moved by horse or boat I have several fish but cannot interact with it There is no way to cancel and restart the quest I have too many hours into the game to go back to a previous save as a fellow player advised in the thread that things could become corrupted if it was completed so i left it for a fix

  • SMAJtastic12
    1 posts

    Hey guys!! I started off with one of the first missions and I’m at the part with feeding the polar bear but the bear is stuck in the water for almost 2 weeks now. I’ve gone on but I think this is hindering me from more missions. I need help!!

  • GhostlyMurloc
    1 posts

    I have found a work-around for people that are struggling as the bear randomly takes off in a random direction and gets stuck, as the horse will for some reason grab the attention/"aggro" of the bear and will have the bear attack it, or anything in sight, so my workaround was when it would go for the horse, whistle for the horse to follow beside me, whilst getting attacked by Njal, (Not hopping on the horse), and leading Njal to the area with the arrows in the tree stump to "fish for Njal".

  • Curtland420
    2 posts

    Njal the white bear got stuck by the water and I can't feed him or interact with him

  • Curtland420
    2 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • chenanJr
    1 posts

    Is there a chance the dev adding reset quest function to the game or just fix the bug at least. I am tired of dragging the bear and the bear just follow their instinct to catch the bird or fish. it too challenging for me to fight a quest bug.

  • SarahVerona1
    2 posts

    I finished the quest but am unable to recruit Bjorn, or give him the berserker flower ingredients I've found. He is just kneeling next to my long boat in the settlement, and the recruit button is greyed out when I talk to him

  • FearlessFlaw
    7 posts

    @ubi-woofer also the way of the berserker is glitched. The bear is stuck in the water and unable to be fed the fish. I encountered this and it appears it's not just mean. It's probably the bears path finding is glitched unfortunately

  • TangoFoxtrot23
    1 posts

    It's been a few weeks now and I still can not complete recruiting Bjorn and he doesn't stay assigned to the crew. Anyone know when this is going to be fixed?

  • Puck322
    1 posts

    @therealzdealz same. My bear is starring at a tree aboit 12 feet from the water. Won’t move.

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