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  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @krvpt 23 days actually that Ubba stands still 😅

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2906 posts
    Best Answer

    Hey everyone!

    I apologise for the delayed update. I'm sorry to see that some of you still encountered issues following the hotfix my colleague Ubi-Woofer mentioned earlier within this thread. Thank you for continuing to update this thread and for sharing your experiences with the issue.

    This issue was marked as resolved by the development team following the deployment of TU 1.1.1. If you are still unable to talk to Ubba following this update, please can you provide a video within the thread so we can pass this to the development team for further investigation. Thank you! 😊

    Tsarchasm5 - It looks like this thread addresses the missing treasure hoard in Eurvicscire. This issue should also now be resolved with the update of TU 1.1.1. I recently collected the treasure hoard in Eurvicscire myself! If you're still unable to find it, please can you update a more relevant thread (such as the one linked), or open up a new one. Thanks!

    Official Response
    94 posts

    @carolteixeiral 90 hours here 😂I might just leave it til I get the ps5 at this rate

  • Illmatic1994NaS
    7 posts

    killing the order ??
    are they not connected to the main story quest ?
    are you telling me that you can already kill all order members (templars)
    without coming further in the main story ???
    why is this game still called assassins creed although the conflict between assassins and templars has nothing to do anymore with the main story ??
    @ubisoft not only you need to fix the game ..
    you have to fire whoever is creative director!

    94 posts

    @illmatic1994nas you can kill most but not all, I think I've done maybe 20 in total, I'd check the count but I'm in work but it's definitely over half of them

  • Panchicken
    9 posts

    Same problem with sons of Ragnar!
    also it’s unreal to find Zealot Cola, I run 2 days around his spawns and fast travelling near the area, nothing works, ubisoft, it will be the last of your games that I buy if you will not say when you will fix it, you have 24 hours, and I’m going to get this valhabug back to the store.
    for understanding I wait 4 days for seers solace bug, than waiting for 19 days for sons of Ragnar! It is not game, Tetris - this is a game, your game is not a game, just a joke

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @panchicken you also had seer bug?? Pffff.... i feel you man. I am waiting 23 days now for ubba to talk back. At this point it is in the box, nothing left to do till fix

    94 posts

    @petteflet88 I have the cauldron bug, the Ubba bug and the key from Maximilian doesn't appear where it should be, it also crashes when I fight a certain zealot, I can't remember which one it was but I can check later and no it's not cola before anyone asks

  • imogengracex
    5 posts

    Yeah cola has never spawned for me either.
    I’m level 230ish 84hours in, all other zealots dead. Odd that people have the same issue.

    also I used to have the boat in the road but I went and killed all the horses and now the boat isn’t in the road anymore, I think there is a dodgy spawn point right on the bend of that road. I also have the random blue marker in the rock next to ubba.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @ilikepaninis i have the sons of ragnar bug, the wealth bug in Vinland and a fishing bug 😅

  • Panchicken
    9 posts

    @petteflet88 yes man from the release of the game I’m waiting of something, okey for truly once son of ragnar start to bugging for me, I went to loot everything, now I’m on 110 hours, 390 power level and looted every location in the game, it will be very easy gameplay for me in the main story that’s left😅

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @panchicken yeah me 100 hours in, level 366 haha... main story will be a formality! 😉

  • Ozzie669920
    4 posts

    I've never been so disappointed in an AC game since now. I had this problem at the very inception of the game's launch. I asked around, attempted to fix the problem myself but the "fix" if it can be called that which I've gotten frequently back is to simply "reset" my game and lose a considerable amount of progress. This is a shambolic mess. I and others shouldn't have to "reset" our games to fix a buggy main quest that shouldn't have been released to players in the first place.

    I wouldn't have nearly as minded as much if customer support had - you know, done the decent thing and kept people informed and in the loop.

    But, no. It's basically the equivalent of digging their metaphorical head in the sand. I also get that the arts team is separate so new skins were going to be released anyway. BUT, everything should have HALTED and these game breaking bugs should have been fixed. Ironic that Ubisoft released a trophy with a title "it's not a glitch, it's a feature." HA. The [censored] temerity.

    Learn from EVERYONE on this thread future gamers. Do not purchase another Ubisoft game.

    Reminds me of the analogy of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow got stabbed by the traitorous Nights Watch and got resurrected by the red lady and when he woke up - he said the fated words of "my watch has ended."

    To put it in layman's terms ^^ We the players are Jon Snow, the Nights Watch are the greedy corporation of Ubisoft - and the red lady equivalent for us players is Cyber Punk.

    Ladies and gents. "Our Creed has ended."

  • Panchicken
    9 posts

    @ilikepaninis key from Maximilian? I loot one cave, don’t remember where, and the marker of key was there but there where nothing on his place, and where must be the door that it’s open, there are rocks, I thought it’s a main company key, maybe yes?

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @ozzie669920 damm... you hurt me with "our creed has ended" but I feel you are correct. This was also my last AC game... played since 1 but this 23 days gamebreaker killed my interest. My creed has ended 😞

    94 posts

    @panchicken it's the mission where


    I've seen on Reddit that others also have the same issue, thank you anyway though for trying to help 😊

  • Panchicken
    9 posts

    @ilikepaninis aaa, understand now, with this beta test game, I can be not right, but some bugs that I met, I thought that it’s a latest main story content😅

  • messyjessy505
    1 posts

    Same issue.

    94 posts

    @messyjessy505 welcome to the we can't play the game club 😂I manage like an hour of side stuff at a time before it feels tedious without story missions

  • Deadmennwalking
    21 posts

    I also have the Sons of Ragnar chapter 1 speak with Ubba bug.
    no quest marker
    I have spoken to ubba and his brother down at the docks and replied that the yet to be "king" was already planning his succession by us taking his son into the battle. The quest still requires me to talk to Ubba.
    Approximately 80 hours game play, level 110+.
    Looted all wealth in repton except 1 underground item, looted most of the items in ledecestrescire. Looted almost all items in grantebridgescire and have completed that areas quest and now have an alliance with grantebridgescire.
    Just prior to attempting to do the speak to ubba part of the sons of ragnar quest I completed the The Way of the Berserker quest and made Bjorn part of my crew.
    Prior to attempting to speak to ubba I had previously traveled back to norway, killed a few reindeer, then travelled back to england.
    I have also got the Mild Hunt quest bug. Before leaving norway I collected the 3 reindeer antlers but still had no quest marker to hand in the 3 reindeer antlers. I have since travelled to england and back to norway, collected more reindeer antlers but still have no Mild Hunt quest listed nor a quest marker, so unable to donate antlers. Prior to getting the quest I had already killed the legendary Elk.
    I have also got a Bakers Plaint quest bug. Built the bakery, spoke to Tarben, he asked me to help retrieve some grain, agreed I could help, got error CE 34878 e, quest is no longer available and Tarben does not wish to talk to me.

  • R0CKB0TT0M
    2 posts

    @ubi-woofer Still having issues with this quest on XB. Boat in pathway, marker above Ubba but cannot talk to him.undefined

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