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    @magmort82 right with you dude, I won't be wasting my money again

  • californiaking2
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    I'm a level 270 now. Been waiting weeks for a patch or some type of fix on this. Now I go to each region and slay people like cake. Dregurs and Legendary animals I kill without losing any damage at all. And to think I will have to go back to play level 20 missions and just utterly destroy? It takes away the fun of stealth tactics completely.

  • Recon4thCav
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    Still no update on this fix? Why am I not surprised? This is hilarious. They are making EA look good now. To the people waiting on the fix, I feel bad for you. Hope you learn Ubibug only cares about that dollar.

  • Spier1991
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    Im only guessing here but it looks like this bug will be fixed in the next patch. 2 maybe 3 weeks until the patch goes live, thats my assumption since the last patch took that long.


  • Deusnorthwind
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  • kerkhofsd
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    Stopped playing because of this bug and bought Ghost of Tsushima instead. Best decision ever.

  • Petteflet88
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    @deusnorthwind hell yeah!!

  • Petteflet88
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    @kerkhofsd ooo man, ghost of tsushima is a masterpiece. Enjoy it man!! 😄

  • Nemrod85
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    And i am the next one with the issue. I am so disappointed

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    have @ubisoft fixed the sons of Ragnar glitch yet as still can not talk to ubba after the cut scene ????

  • Petteflet88
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    @nemrod85 welcome! We are here for 29 days now 🙂

  • Petteflet88
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    @streety14 nope, off course not. Dont have that much faith in Ubi, they will dissapoint you 😉

  • BeardiusMaximu5
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    Same story here. I'm playing on PS4. About 25hrs in and game was broken. I went to Norway and opened up a lot of that map. Went back to England, took the quest and Ubba is still standing there with a quest marker on him (sometimes) but is always unable to interact with. Looks like Ivar went inside a hill. Sometimes the boat is in the road, sometimes it's not.

    Now I'm roughly 32hrs in. I went and did both other contracts with success and I'm now nearly level 80 but still no fix. Can't progress in the story and I'm actually getting fearful of solo'ing the rest of the map in case it causes more issues with the storyline.

    The only plus side is that by the time this is fixed I'm gonna be one-shotting everyone as we finally raid.

    I did see Ubisoft has this on a list of known issues somewhere but it's at the bottom of that list. I hope they are prioritizing story progression over other things like fancy new title screens.

  • Allrox
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    Same here.


  • Petteflet88
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    @allrox i am so happy for the people who just join this. Some of us are here now for 29 days! This is the saddest release I have ever seen.

  • Deusnorthwind
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    This is where I am and still stuck in this quest, come on @Ubi-Woofer !


  • Thelise
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    Still waiting. My husband is over 100 hours played now, over 300 power level... He's currently clearing all wealth, mysteries, and artifacts from every area. He got Excalibur, has 4/5 Thor gear (that final piece is locked behind progression because like many of you with the Sons bug, Cola doesn't render in game for him)... It's just a bad time. We started the game on Xbox One, and last week switched to the Xbox Series X. There was a teeny hope that maybe the new system would help, and it did not.

  • Petteflet88
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    @deusnorthwind wow... [censored] did you do for 126h 😮

    @thelise throw it away.

  • Petteflet88
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    This post is deleted!
  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1195 posts

    Hello everyone,

    The issue with speaking to Ubba in "The Sons of Ragnar" is scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming update. The issue has been moved from the "issues under investigation" section of the Known Issues list to the "issues addressed in future update" section, and we'll update both that thread and this one as soon as we know more about when the fix will go live.

    The development team no longer need additional resources to aid them in addressing this issue, so while you are welcome to continue discussing the issue / your experiences in the thread, you do not need to prepare video footage / save files for us anymore. Thank you to everyone who did take the time to submit images, videos, save files and workarounds for our review - they have been integral to the investigation and have helped the developers to prepare a fix.

    Your patience in this matter is much appreciated as ever, and I hope to share some additional information about the fix soon. In the meantime, I'd also like to ask that this thread is not derailed by posts relating to other topics. I've removed several and made them into their own topics for the various issues so far, and would encourage anyone else experiencing a different issue (e.g. that you cannot locate Cola the Zealot) to post on a more appropriate thread. Thank you!

    I'll address some specific replies to the thread since my last post below -

    @avillania I'm very glad that you found a workaround for the issue and were able to progress since. Thank you for sharing it in the thread! I hope it might help some other players.

    @danosc I've already forwarded feedback to the developers about adding a "restart quest" function to the game - thank you for sharing your support of this here as well.

    @Crombinator73 Cases are automatically closed after four days of no response on your side - it doesn't mean that we aren't still looking into the issue 🙂 Once we have an update, we will communicate this.

    @Ozzie669920 We continue to provide updates as soon as they are made available to us - I am sorry that there is not more we can do for the moment. As soon as we have an update, we will post again.

    @ILIKEPANINIS Please remember to use spoiler tags! I've added one to the appropriate post for you, but just for the future, it's the small eye icon next to the one for emojis 🙂 In terms of compensation, this is something that is entirely determined by the Valhalla team and isn't something I can comment on. If any compensation is announced, I will let everyone know.

    @Recon4thCav @Petteflet88 I'd like to ask that you limit the speculation on what our updates will contain before they are officially announced / the patch notes become public, as this can cause confusion and disappointment. I cannot say when this issue will be fixed as that information is not yet available; but I can confirm that our next patch is due in mid-December.

    @Petteflet88 I'd also ask that you refrain from posting unrelated content in this thread, including external videos and articles. It is fine to discuss the issue but derailing the thread with unrelated discussion makes it difficult for us to address the issue and the comments left. I've also seen you post the petition on Change.org across multiple threads and it is starting to border on what we would consider spam under our forum rules - please bear this in mind, as sanctions may be placed on your account if it continues.

    @revforlife I hope to be able to share more details soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime!

    @ShopsLA Thanks for sharing the Known Issues update in the thread 🙂

    @BeardiusMaximu5 The issue's placement in the list is not reflective of its priority - the quests are just ordered by the time they were added / moved from under investigation. Don't worry, this quest is very much a priority for the team.

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