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  • Xl_H3llFlR3_lX
    2 posts

    This is still broken and I'm 60hrs into the game !!!
    Can't go any further and have not been able to for about 30hrs plus of that in game time !!

    Is there actually any real answer to when this is being fixed rather than constant palming it off !?
    Games broken in many more ways than just this major way and for a game franchise I normally love as well as vikings which I've waited for since what feels like forever to say it's a massive disappointment is and understatement.
    I've tried everything every little fix to get past this bit and get ubba to talk to me but nothing and now I have a duplicate item in my armour ????

    !! Send help !!

  • GeorgeLane76
    2 posts

    Like should I just stop playing this game because of the speak with ubba glitch ship on land can't speak to him. Kinda ruining the game and making regret the game and season pass purchases

  • Femti_Kroner
    1 posts

    Same issue. Cannot speak with Ubba at all.

  • Petteflet88
    348 posts

    @belfahl exactly... in a strange wat I feel betrayed... I play AC since 1, Altair, but I never felt so let down as now.

  • DirtySwaggEr93
    25 posts

    Come on ubisoft for goodness sake

  • MKS_Chicken
    7 posts

    Stuck in the Sons of Ragnar main quest and can't talk to Ubba

  • MKS_Chicken
    7 posts

    @mks_chicken Play on PS4.

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    Hey there, I am sorry that you are unable to progress! Would you please verify your game files and check again? If the issues persist, could you please provide a video of the boats, as well as attempting to speak to Ebba?

  • Agent.Mohr
    2 posts


    That many questlines broken preventing progression?

    @Ubisoft you should be ashamed releasing this product.

    Having to explain to my little girl that she can't progress in the game is chore I'd be better off - one thing is minor stuff that is bugged but main quests?

    6 posts

    I’m know 48 hours in to the game done every side quest I can collected all the wealth and stuff but I still can not do the sons of Ragnar quest this is stupid know it’s been over a week fix it our refund us all

  • Petteflet88
    348 posts

    Ubisoft does not care. They are probably working on new skins etc., more moneyz.

  • BillyRaiders24
    1 posts

    Can't speak with ubba on sons of ragnar quest. Tried suggested workarounds with no luck on progress. Any idea on when Ubi will fix this?
    Love the game otherwise.

  • broyak
    8 posts

    55 hours in... Power 160 and I’m stuck on this stupid quest line because some idiot at Ubisoft hasn’t deemed it important to fix a bug that was reported 8 DAYS AGO!!!!! What’s it gonna take? A massive wave of refund requests?

  • Talant616
    2 posts

    Can we at least get an acknowledgement from Ubisoft support that this issue's being addressed, and potentially an ETA on when the fix could be available? I'm tempted to get a refund at this point, and then waiting for the game to go on sale before hopping back on.

  • DHangelfan16
    24 posts

    At this point, it's obvious they don't give a rats [censored].

    I'm having the same problem as everyone, and none of the solutions work.

    I've been playing since the original, when I was 15 years old.

    This will be my last AC game.

    How can you release a product that you know is broken, unless you're just a morally corrupt and evil entity?

    I can't believe I've just wasted my time and money, just be silently told to go [censored] myself by this company.


    They are literally thieves. They stole our money for a broken product. And don't tell me "aLL gAmEs HaVe gLiTcHeS!"

    I can't remember the last time I truly encountered a game breaking glitch outside of a [censored] PC port to console or something like that.

    You all should be ashamed, Ubisoft. Ashamed.

  • DHangelfan16
    24 posts

    Oh, but if anyone is interested, I do have a bunch of screenshots of ships glitching out on their sides and turned over.

    You know, in lieu of a WORKING GAME.

  • Rinadon93
    14 posts

    @ubi-swaggins how long is this going to take. Havent been able to complete the sons of ragnar quests since launch. People are loosing it at the moment if you guys care to acknowledge us the customers.

    1 posts

    @shredhard me paso lo mismo, todavía no lo solucione.. tu pudiste hacerlo ?

  • mookitheking
    3 posts

    Try to change language. I'm French and play in French. I have the same bug for the quest of the ragnarsson. I change language and I'm able to talk with ubbe

  • overksam
    7 posts

    PS4 user here.. also just standing infront of Ubba with the nice text "Speak to Ubba." and nothing to do.

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