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  • revforlife
    12 posts

    Just adding myself to the plethora of players frustrated by this glitch...And it has been more than a week since it was first reported. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for those who have had this game since day 1 and have been stuck trying to get Ubba to say something. Patch 1.03 does not seem to include this issue. Hope there is a 1.04 real fast.

  • chimi6969
    1 posts

    This mission are buged. I can't talk to Ubba. What can I do to fix it?

  • Angel8919
    1 posts

    I've had the same problem. Loaded a previous save file and went back , talked to ubba and then we procedded with the mission. Lost 3 hours of gameplay, but luckily didnt need to restart.

  • CashlessCobra28
    3 posts

    Yep. Same problem here. Xbox One. Been waiting days for a patch to fix this. Afraid I’m going to have to start over completely but don’t want to run into same issue again.

  • Irodeyourmom
    2 posts

    Honestly I'm here too. I have 2 games u bought in the last month and one I can't play at all, and the other has a game breaking story bug where I'm sitting with my thumb up my [censored] now waiting on them to fix it.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    Still going on. 10 days. So many People.

  • EmoKid199387
    19 posts

    I hope when they do fix it they dont make the people like me and everyone else who are so upthere in levels that we have to start over that would be the worst cause I'm sure all of us would be mad and want a refund

  • Rinadon93
    14 posts

    @emokid199387 F this im getting refund.

  • iamcalice
    3 posts

    the worst thing is that unfortunately im sure that even if it gets fixed there will be other quests with problem so maybe ubi take kinda your time on this one cause if you guys release a patch and ubbe's quest or other aren't completely fixed for everyone..
    I mean if you decide one day to give us a patch for ubbe's quest, better be the last time im in here searching for help because of a main quest bug in such a big game saga
    so hope you guys fix at least all main quest bug even the randvi bug I heard of

  • Agony567
    16 posts

    They will neve fix this they are just lying look Twitter AC official and ubisoft,they speaking about how game is perfect and no problems,people who own's it cannot give review,we dont have Steam anymore.
    If we have this game via steam till today it will be down voted alot

    New guys buying game and after 1 day they are here cuz of bugs

  • SLXW75
    13 posts

    UBISOFT PLEASE!!!! tell us what you are going to do!!!

  • Sierra53
    3 posts

    @dcruse0484 ah, okay - I didn't realise I hadn't triggered it. I went to bed and tried playing the next day and it was bugged - guess I got lucky!

  • broyak
    8 posts

    You what's even funnier now... Now I can't talk to Reda either..... He has a Mission Icon over his head and it won't let me talk to him.

    2 posts

    Having an issue here as well. I got to the "Talk to Ubba" part of the quest, but decided to roam around for a few hours doing other things like raids, side quests, etc. Went back to the quest, but there is no tracker, no one to talk to at the docks in Repton, & a boat full of friendly raiders at the docks. I can go in the boat, but can't interact with it or anyone in the boat. Dunno if Ubba is in the boat because there's no tracker at all, no interaction icon anywhere. Nothing that helps me continue the quest. Also, when I go to my quest journal it says "Talk to Ubba" but on the tracker, even when tracking the quest, it says "Press = to select a new quest to track." & there is no tracker icon for it on the world map or compass.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @gagmr we are already waiting for 9 days. Welcome to the wait-club.

  • gsewhiteout
    2 posts

    Any word on a fix for this ?! I cannot progress any further and it is getting frustrating

  • TruncatedGnu29
    2 posts

    Fist game I am over 70 hours In power level 280. Started a new game was able to do the sons of Ragnar quest. This game been out for over a week and this was an issue at day one I spent over around $120 on this game and had to restart my progress because of a glitch this is the most stupid thing I have expired in a long time.

  • Petteflet88
    346 posts

    @truncatedgnu29 haha, 11 days! 😅

  • Soul_Seeker666
    2 posts

    Come on Ubi, this seriously needs a fix already!!

  • Soul_Seeker666
    2 posts

    I’m in the same boat. Was really looking forward to this game and was enjoying it until I hit this bug. Now I’m reluctant to keep playing until they fix...but so far no idea when that’s going to happen 😞

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